Abortionist comments on aborting couple

Abortionist Henry Morgantaler wrote about one couple who came to him for an abortion, which he did. He discusses the case of “Mary Ann” who, along with her boyfriend, is a medical student. They plan to marry:

“Their relationship is good and stable, but their careers are very important to them both and they feel that a failure in the birth control method they were using should not be allowed to alter their plans for the future. They intend to have two children, but much later on in their lives. Abortion seemed a logical solution to their problems…

When a couple chooses to prevent pregnancy by using a method of birth control and the method fails, it is logical for them to opt for abortion. When a woman is responsible enough to take precautions against pregnancy and these have failed, it is only fair and just that she be given the opportunity, through terminating her pregnancy, of setting right the accident.”

Henry Morgentaler Abortion and Contraception (New York: Beaufort Books, Inc., 1982) 39

14 week preborn baby
14 week unborn baby

Morgantaler did abortions at this stage.

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Author: TA Smith

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