Abortionist admits she’d let a baby born alive after an abortion die

Abortionist was asked about what she would do if she was doing an abortion and a baby was born alive.

“I’ll tell you what I would do if this impossible scenario [of a live birth after during an abortion] were to happen, however: I would do whatever the patient wanted me to. The newborn would be unable to make medical decisions for itself and therefore medical-decision making would legally fall to the parents.”

If the parents wanted to kill the baby then, it look like Torres would do the killing.

She then says:

“Even in cases of 3rd trimester abortion, the fetus is euthanized. This is not only due to the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, but it is also humane medicine. It would be very traumatic to the mother, father (if present), and caregivers (physicians, nurses, etc) if during the induction of the abortion the baby were born alive then left to die. How horrific! Despite popular opinion, we are not monsters. We are physicians who seek to minimize the trauma of this difficult decision.”

Leah Torres “END OF LIFE CARE BEFORE IT BEGINS” April 2, 2013

Personal blog, visisted 3/16/2018

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Author: TA Smith

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