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This video, produced by Abort73, shows the remains of abortions. The majority of these babies, callously called fetuses by pro-choicers, were killed in the first trimester.  Only the last baby in the video was aborted in the second trimester.

Abortions like the ones in this video are legal in every state in the US up until 20 weeks and in some states all the way up until birth. Even in states that prohibit late abortions, the Supreme Court Case Doe v Bolton set up a legal technicality that can allow later abortions to be performed.

Why are abortions done?

Here are the statistics:

from 1980 to 2000 –99.31% of abortions annually were for non-therapeutic reasons

5460 were for health of mother — that is .36%

3640 were for fetal defects — that is .24%

1,506,770 are for social cases- that is 99.31%

Although exact statistics on the numbers of more recent abortions are not available, the rate is most likely the same.  99.31% is a good ballpark figure.

Marybeth T. Hagan  “Abortion: a Mother’s Plea for Maternity and the Unborn” (Liguori, Missouri: Triumph 2005)

Less than 1% of all abortions are done for rape or incest so….

98,31% of all abortions are done because the mother does not want the baby and does not want to put him or her up for adoption.

Do these statistics surprise you? Do you believe abortion should be legal? Express yourself in the comments section below.

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