Abortion Survivor: I Was Born in a Bedpan

An article in HLI reports (the newsletter of Human Life International, a Catholic pro-life group) held a conference for people who survived abortions – not the women – but the babies, who were born after an unsuccessful abortion attempt. Some quotes from the article:

Joshua Vanderveden
Joshua Vanderveden

“We weren’t given alternatives. Nobody offered me any choices,” said Linda Noie whose son Joshua Vandervelden survived her attempt to have him aborted 13 years ago. Linda and Joshua told the media and conference attendees how they now live next door to, and picket at, the abortion mill where Linda underwent an abortion procedure.

Joshua was asked by a reporter what his reaction was to the pro-abortionists’ criticism that he was being exploited. “I’m glad to be alive,” he replied.…

Pat Case of Southern California described how her mother tried three times to abort her. Not aware of this fact, Pat struggled for years with low self-esteem, at one point attempting suicide. During her period of recovery, she learned of her mother’s attempts to abort her – and the reason for her poor self-image.

While it may be a stretch to connect the unknown abortion attempt with Case’s psychological problems, brothers and sisters of aborted babies have reported suffering similar emotional trauma.

Marilyn Miller’s mother tried to abort her in the seventh month of pregnancy, but the attempt failed. “I was born in a bedpan,” she told the Canadian media. Now 43, Marilyn is a behavior modification specialist from Pennsylvania who has two teenage children of her own.…

A favorite of the media and conference goers was Lauren Pulliam, a beautiful, charismatic and highly kinetic 17-month-old charmer from the Houston, Texas area. Lauren’s grandmother, Patricia – a counselor at Birthright – described her daughter Kristin’s abortion procedure after receiving “counseling” at a Planned Parenthood abortuary. When the abortion failed, Christa became fiercely determined to keep her baby.”

Vernon Kirby “Abortion Survivors Take Center Stage” HLI Reports June 1992

There were other abortion survivors from different countries such as Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Columbia.

Read more about survivors of abortion procedures here.


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