Abortion Supporter: Baby Is Part of You

10 weeks

“A baby is a part of you, which leaves the decision of its life in your hands. If you do not feel that you are able to support this new life, then you should have the right to not do so.”


Pro-choice supporter, from National Abortion Federation Website, touted as the Voice of Abortion Providers site

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One Response to Abortion Supporter: Baby Is Part of You

  1. Jordan Updegrove says:

    In what way is the baby a part of you. It has a separate beating heart, different DNA, and at about 16 weeks along it even starts kicking and moving. Your body doesn’t have these things and your body doesn’t control its movements. There is no reason to believe that it is a part of you. An astronaut depends on their suit to keep them alive when they’re in space but in no way are the suit and the person one thing.

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