Abortion safety consultant OKs clinic with 17 pages of health violations

LifeNews describes terrible conditions found in one abortion clinic:

A June 1, 2012 inspection of the Amethyst Health Center for Women in Manassas found 17 pages of deficiencies including infection prevention citations, storage and dispensing of drugs citations, quality assurance citations, maintenance citations, and local and state code standards citations.

Even more disturbing:

Incredibly, this came just two months after a 3/27/2012 meeting of the abortion center’s “Quality Assurance Committee” including “Administrator/Owner, Medical Director/Physician, Counselor, LPN, CNA, and a consultant” concluded, “The staff was polled regarding any concerns about patient care and nothing was identified … No concerns have been identified and no measures need to be implemented at this time by the Quality Assurance Committee.”

Steven ErteltAbortion Clinic Doesn’t Clean Blood Splatters on Table Between Patients” LifeNews 9/14/12

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Author: TA Smith

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