Abortion Provider: Tati Okereke

Abortionist Tati Okereke was arrested after a Christmas Eve party in the Buffalo Hyatt Regency and charged with second-degree assault, first degree sexual abuse, first degree unlawful imprisonment, possession of illegal drugs and hypodermics, resisting arrest, and obstruction of governmental administration.

The abortionist’s former girlfriend was found handcuffed to a bed, with drugs and needles scattered on the floor nearby.

Police had to forcibly subdue Okereke when he was arrested. In 1982, he was charged with two counts of sexual abuse, but was acquitted by a State Supreme Court jury.

The New York State medical board investigated numerous allegations including fondling patient’s breasts, and injecting patients with medication making them groggy, then engaging in sexual intercourse with them against their wills. One of these women testified that she could not move but kept crying “What are you doing?,” and another patient testified that after examining her vagina, the abortionist licked his fingers. She said the doctor tried to pay her off to keep her quiet following the incident.

According to documents obtained by The Buffalo News under the Freedom of Information Act, Okereke was also charged by the State of New York with raping two patients and then trying to bribe them to buy their silence; drugging and then trying to have sex with his receptionist at an office Christmas party at the Hyatt Regency Buffalo Hotel on December 24, 1988; dispensed narcotics to himself and failed to account for very large quantities of controlled substances; prescribed Valium and diet pills to underweight women and women with a history of drug abuse; and lied on staff membership applications to Buffalo General Hospital, Buffalo Children’s Hospital, and a Maryland hospital; and continued to treat patients after his medical license was suspended in March 1988.

New York Health Department attorney Paul R. White said that “Dr. Okereke is a pathological liar. The guy is either incapable or unwilling to tell the truth.”

After more than seven years of legal maneuvering, Okereke’s medical license was finally revoked in 1989.

Later, Okereke he pleaded guilty to soliciting a prostitute on May 3, 1991.

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Credit: Abortionviolence.com



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