Abortion Provider: Stanley Brown

On June 6, 1993, abortionist Stanley Brown tried to run down 79-year old Mrs. Margaret Cowell with his car. Brown had his medical license suspended for two years by the by the State Board of Health in 1988 for leaving preborn body parts in women’s uteruses; perforating uteruses; acting as both anesthesiologist and surgeon; administering the wrong anesthesia; performing tubal ligations without the consent of the patients; for having gaps and blanks in his medical records; for falsifying diagnoses to insure payment; misjudging a 17 week preborn baby for a 10 week baby, and other violations.

References: Rev. John T. Murphy, “Violence and Disruption Report,” December 15, 1994; Rev. John T. Murphy, Save the Babies Foundation newsletter, November 1994, page 2.

Credit: Abortionviolence.com



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