Abortion Provider: Ronald Tauber

Abortionist Ronald Tauber was convicted in 1982 of first degree criminal sexual assault and second degree criminal sexual misconduct. On July 14, 1980, he kidnapped a six year old girl “and did engage in sexual penetration with said victim.” Tauber was convicted after the state proved he had forcibly transported the girl in his car against her will.

Tauber admitted exposing himself to the girl and placing her hand on his penis. He also lifted the child’s undergarment to expose her vulva. Tauber released the girl when she began to cry. He was charged November 10, filed a motion of insanity March 15, 1982, was ordered to undergo a psychiatric examination relating to the insanity claim on March 30, and was arrested again April 22, 1982 on a charge of “indecent exposure, assault with intent to commit kidnapping, and assault with intent to commit sexual penetration of a female minor in Birmingham, Michigan.” He spent seven years in prison on these charges.

He also admitted that, on December 7, 1981, he engaged in masturbation in his car while children were exiting Cody High School. The Board dropped the revocation proceedings because Tauber was expected to be incarcerated beyond the expiration of his medical license.

He had previously killed 34-year old Gloria Small in a botched abortion in Florida, and admitted to exposing himself to more than 700 women and young girls. Amazingly, despite his sordid record, he is still currently licensed to commit abortions in New York State.

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Credit; Abortionviolence.com


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