Abortion Provider: Milan D Chepko

Milan D. Chepko, who performed abortions at the clinic New Women Medical Center, was arrested and charged in Federal court with forcing minors to engage in “kiddie porn” movies, producing the movies, conspiracy with others to produce the movies, and shipping them across state lines. The movies involved children of four years of age in many cases being sodomized by adults, having sex with adult men and women, and also depicted oral sex between men and very young boys.

According to an affidavit filed in Federal court, Chepko’s van contained evidence that he and his correspondents “… are members or supporters of the National and International Diaper Pail Foundation, in which the members are infantilists who enjoy wearing diapers, defecating in the diapers, and smearing the defecation on the body while masturbating. They are also interested in the defecation of small children.”

The charges against the abortionist included inducing or coercing a minor to engage in sexually explicit conduct for the purpose of producing movies, knowingly shipping the movies across state lines, and using a false name or making a false statement to a U.S. agency.

Federal authorities found child pornography in Chepko’s house, including videos with titles like “Diaper Dump.” An FBI affidavit also states that Chepko admitted to mailing and receiving through the mail child pornography. The tapes contained scenes with children as young as four years old in sexual conduct with adult males and females. One incident allegedly involved children and adults engaged in sodomy. Chepko was also fined for taping FBI telephone conversations in the investigation of the disappearance of a Jackson, Mississippi woman.

Milan Chepko was convicted of two counts of interstate transportation of child pornography, one count of mailing obscene matter, one count of conspiracy to distribute obscene videotapes, and one count of using a false name to rent a PO Box. A federal judge barred Chepko from practicing medicine, contacting minors, or have anything to do with members of the Diaper Pail Fraternity. He was sentenced to 13 months in a federal jail and fined $6000. He served only 10 months.

The abortionist’s medical license was revoked in Georgia in 1990, in Mississippi in 1991, in North Carolina and New Jersey in 1992. His medical license was permanently revoked at the Federal level on January 17, 1991.

In 1993, Chepko was back in federal court, charged with a 1992 scam to get a court-appointed lawyer for free. He wanted to fight to get his medical license back. He told court officials he was broke, but it turned out that he had buried more than 1/2 million dollars in cash in his backyard. He was quoted saying, “I do not think I did anything that was improper or illegal.” Chepko went back to prison for 10 more months.

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Credit: Abortionviolence.com


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