Abortion pill’s creator calls it “an appalling psychological ordeal”

Edouard Sakiz, Chairman of Roussel Uclaf, the creators of the abortion pill sometimes called RU-486:

“As abortifacient procedures go, RU-486 is not at all easy to use. In fact it is much more complex to use than the technique of vacuum extraction. True, no anesthetic is required. But a woman who wants to end her pregnancy has to “live” with her abortion for at least a week using this technique. It’s an appalling psychological ordeal.”

Quoted in Renate Klein, Janice G Raymond, Lynette Dumble RU-486: Misconceptions, Myths and Moral (North Melbourne, Australia: Spinifex, 1991, 2013) Kindle edition

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1 Response to Abortion pill’s creator calls it “an appalling psychological ordeal”

  1. Morris says:

    It’s amazing – they can see the psychological damage done – but are not able to come to the conclusion that abortion must end. If living with the psychological trauma for an extended period is an ordeal then it leads one to question why it is an ordeal? The self realization that there’s a reason these mothers are troubled by what they are doing should make them question their entire viewpoint. These moms are troubled because they are ending the lives of their unborn children.

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