Abortion Is a Blessing

“I, along with countless other people, believe abortion is a positive moral good and a blessing for women. It’s an act that empowers them, literally saves their lives, saves their existing or future children’s lives, protects and improves their health and that of their families, gives women back their chosen lives, enables them to pursue their career and educational aspirations, improves their economic prospects, allows them to better themselves, gives them a level playing field in the public sphere with men, and enables them to truly attain and exercise liberty and other constitutional freedoms. How can anything that saves women’s lives and gives them hope and freedom be “bad”?…Abortion is inextricably intertwined with pregnancy and motherhood – that is, good mothers will have both babies and abortions.”

Joyce Arthur, Pro-Choice feminist, Open Letter to William Saletan. “Your’s is a “War” We Cannot Support” January 29, 2006. See http://www.prochoiceactionnetwork-canada.org/articles/arthur-saletan.shtml

12 week abortion

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One Response to Abortion Is a Blessing

  1. Alyssa Humphrey says:

    This is the most absurd thing I have ever read. This is sickening. Satanic. Murder. Everything terrible. “Good mother’s will both have children and abortions” this person is an absolute nut. Psychotic!!! Abortion is murder. End of story.

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