Abortion guidebook explains how to make husband think abortion was a miscarriage

The Medical Abortion Training Guide, which instructs would-be abortion providers on how to give the abortion pill, gives the following hypothetical example to students:

“A 24-year-old woman has three children. She wants to get the “abortion pill.” She plans to tell her family that she is having a miscarriage, and does not want to tell her husband or anyone else that she is having an abortion. She had her period about nine weeks ago. ….

You perform a bimanual exam and the uterus feels about nine-week sized.”

Question asked student:

“Do you feel confident she is within the eligible range for MA? [Medical Abortion, i.e. Abortion by Pill]”


“The woman is a candidate for MA…. The woman should be reassured that it is impossible to tell the difference between a spontaneous miscarriage and a medical abortion, but that entails hiding the misoprostol and ensuring that no one tells the husband that the woman was seen in the clinic where abortion services are provided.”

K.L. Turner, ed. Medical Abortion Training Guide (Chapel Hill, North Carolina: Ipas, 2013)

The abortion facility sees nothing wrong with deceiving the woman’s husband and family about the abortion.

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Author: Sarah

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