Abortion guide published by Playboy describes abortion

In a book entitled The Abortion Guide: A Handbook for Women and Men and published by Playboy Paperbacks, there are descriptions of abortion procedures. This is what Playboy thinks women and men need to know about a first trimester procedure:

“The length of gestation is one factor that bears upon dilation. The longer a woman has been pregnant, the more tissue there is to be removed…

The cannula is inserted into the uterus, the suction machine is turned on, and the contents of the uterus are withdrawn. The sensation produced is again cramping, mild to severe and similar to that of menstruation. There may also be a tugging or pulling sensation.

After suctioning, the uterus may be explored with a curette (a spoon -like instrument) to make certain it is completely empty. Suction may be continued for another minute or so, and this completes the abortion procedure… The procedure may last from 2 to 10 minutes.… Any lingering cramps will subside in about 20 minutes.”

The book describes a D&E this way:

“Dilation and suction are employed as they are in early abortion. In addition to suction, however, forceps (grasping instruments) are used to remove fetal tissue… The contents of the uterus are removed by suction and forceps, which are used alternately until the uterus is completely empty… The tugging and pulling sensations are greater than in early abortion, and there is a greater sense of pressure. Heavier cramping occurs near the end of the procedure as the uterus begins to contract.”

Carole Dornblaser and Uta Landy, PhD The Abortion Guide: A Handbook for Women and Men (Rockville Center, New York: Playboy Paperbacks 1982) 130, 131-132, 135

Compare/contrast this to former abortionist Anthony Levatino’s descriptions of abortions.

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