“Abortion Gets Abused” Says Abortion Provider

16 week twins – legal to abort in every state

From one abortion provider:

“… I think from a straight moral point of view I probably would object to abortion. Because I love kids. From that point of view every fetus is a potential child, and morally I just really don’t think that should be done. Socially there’s a great need for abortion, purely because there’s a large group of women who for various reasons will get pregnant and they don’t want a child.… Of course, there’s abortion that gets abused. Women who come back three, four, and five times. This is another one of the boundaries a place in my own personal feelings. I would just not do it, I would probably refuse to do the abortion after two.”

17 weeks

Magda Denes, PhD. In Necessity and Sorrow: Life and Death in an Abortion Hospital (New York: Basic Books inc 1976) 146

If abortion is simply the removal of some cells, the termination of a pregnancy, and is morally benign, why should having more than one disturb a doctor?

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