Abortion for happier families

“And what of the children of unwanted pregnancies? Many are born to single mothers or families that are scarcely able to support them. Many others are victims of abuse or neglect. … We do not mean to callously suggest that these children would have been better off if they had never been born. What we do mean to say is that if every woman had a choice about whether to allow each embryo to develop into a child, we would have better social services and happier families.”

Colin McSwiggen, Fatima Hussain “Opinion: A fundamental right for women” The Tech Nov 5 2010

To abort because a baby may be abused is illogical, as abortion itself is child abuse.  To brutally tear apart a baby because he or she may not live in a “happy family” is wrong.

aborted at 10 weeks

aborted at 10 weeks

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