Abortion clinic gives lower dose of pill to drive profits

An abortion clinic owner increases her profits the following way:

“Now, clinics are grappling with the mifepristone dilemma. Owners feel they have to offer the recently approved abortion pill, formerly known as RU-486, because women are asking for it and seem to expect it. But its price — $270 for three pills — will be a problem. Many owners say that if they charge what it costs to provide the three pills plus the three office visits, the lab work, and the counseling, they will lose customers to competitors who say they will keep the price much lower.

Some have found creative solutions. Ms. Chelian said she is considering offering women just one pill instead of three and to have them sign a form saying they understand that one pill is not the approved dose but that studies have shown that one pill is effective. Then she can charge them just $80 more than for a surgical abortion.”

Gina Kolata “As Abortion Rate Decreases, Clinics Compete for Patients” The New York Times December 30, 2000

Even though giving one pill is not medically recommended, the abortion clinic manages to stay competitive and is able to sell abortions to women by keeping the price down. This shows how abortion clinics are really businesses. They are willing to cut corners with medical care in order to stay competitive and make money

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