Abortion Clinic Gives False Information to Women

“The information provided [by abortion providers] is often unreliable or exaggerated. Consider this text from a “frequently asked questions” Web site – “Making Your Decision” – published by Early Options, a Brooklyn physician’s office:

“It might help you to know that if you are in the early stages of pregnancy, you are not yet carrying a fetus or baby. In fact, if it has been less than 7 weeks since your last period, your pregnancy consists of nothing visible to the eye except a tiny, empty sac in your uterus. By 8 to 9 weeks, your pregnancy is the size of a pea.”

seven week-old unborn baby

In the article that cited the above, abortionist William Harrison comments

“there is actually a very visible embryo in that sac as early as four weeks.”

Holly Auer “Rhetoric from Both Sides Muddles Decision Process” Buffalo News November 24, 2002

A law in Georgia was approved that said abortion clinics must provide materials on abortion risks, the development of the baby, and alternatives to abortion to women and allow them to view them if they chose. Then there was a waiting period is women were allowed to consider this information. NARAL Pro-Choice America, pro-abortion group, opposed this law:

“It’s a ruse to say that clinics do not already have informed consent,” said Becky Rafter, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Georgia. During public hearings on the bill, some abortion clinics provided documentation to legislators showing they already inform women of the medical risks of abortion.”

Carlos Campos “Abortion waiting period approved; Aim to let women change their minds, advocates ” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Atlanta, GA), March 5, 2005 pA1

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