Aborted Babies Flushed Down Toilet

Former clinic worker Kathy Sparks discusses what was done to aborted babies at the clinic where she worked

“At the time I worked there, they only did first trimester abortions; they didn’t have the facilities to do second trimester abortions. But oftentimes, second trimester abortions were performed and these babies we would not put in the little jar with the label to send off to the pathology lab. We would put them down a flushing toilet. They had a toilet that was mounted to the wall, and it was a continually flushing toilet; it didn’t have a lid or a handle. That’s where we would put those babies. They knew they couldn’t turn them in or they were going to be found out that they were doing abortions which were too late term…The ones that were small enough, which would be 12-13 weeks or less, we would put in a jar, label them, and put them in a big box to go off to the pathology lab.”

Testimony of Kathy Sparks “Meet the Abortion Providers. Convention” by Pro-Life Action League, 1993

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