A Preferred Women’s Health Center Yelp Review

One abortion clinic, A Preferred Women’s Health Center in Raleigh, NC 27606, gets a bad review on Yelp:

The website looked wonderful, and makes one feel that even though the decision is a hard one, you can go in and get it done. Until you show up there. Downright grungy. The staff is cold, unemotional, unresponsive to the emotional feelings of the women who are going there. I was given an appointment to be there at 9am, it took until 10:15am for all the work to be completed, confirm the pregnancy and decide which option I wanted to take – surgery vs the pill. I was then told the dr was not in, will be there at 11am so I could either leave or wait. Chose to leave, and returned at 11am. Was told the dr was still not in. At 11:35am, my husband went to ask if the dr was in, was told he was, and I was asked to come in and wait in the hallway. Sat there for over 30 mins while waiting nurses discuss some guy inheriting boat loads of money and how they would like to be a bitch to this guy. When asked how long it would take, was told the dr was reviewing my chart but no update after that. Finally, around 12:15pm, was given the shots and cleared to leave. The nurse administering the shots was preparing the bandaids to be applied by opening the wrapper and then attaching the sticky side on to the counter, which was then put on to my skin after the shot ( in hind sight, I should have said something but was too traumatized then). At the end of the shots, she wished me, in a very happy tone ” have a great rest of the week”. Umm…excuse me – I just made the most difficult decision of my life, and you just have me a shot that I had authorized, and you can see I am crying…and you are still wishing me a great day???

The staff was dismal. Obviously the HIPAA law does not matter to this clinic. All the patients are made to sit in this row of chairs in the hallway, with others sitting there. Staff will sit next to you and ask questions that they fill out, in normal tones so that everyone else sitting there can hear – I knew the women sitting next to me were 9 weeks, 7 weeks pregnant, whether they had STDs or not, when their last periods were and other details like that. There was one woman who was being asked the questions by the ultrasound tech, and she said ” I am so scared”. The ultrasound tech, in a very dismissive tone, told her ” you will be all right” and continued right on with the questions. The tone was not soft, complete apathy was displayed with some brusqueness.

During the ultrasound, I was asked to “drop your underwear and pants and lie down”. There was no wrap to put over me. I have never been examined in such a manner, where I was made to feel so degraded and humiliated….

So I called the main line and spoke to a “director” there and expressed my concerns. She sounded suitably shocked at the information and said she would get back to me on this. And, that was it. I had two weeks to wait before I went back and never heard back. Just a simple ” I have shared your feedback with my boss/owners and we are sorry” would have been great, but nothing. I called and left two messages – nothing.

Called another abortion clinic to see if they would do a follow up check up, and they said they could not due to their rules. So, went back in there. Thought things were a little better. Staff was silent this time, no loud talks. I was actually given a sheet this time to cover myself up this tie for the vaginal ultrasound. The technician was a little rough with the ultrasound stick, but I lived through it. She cleared me, and I left. Will never return.

I request EVERYONE considering going there to rethink this. DO your research, check out the staff before deciding to use them.

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