A Fetus or a Baby

“Besides, a fetus is not a baby. With its assault on basic science, including evolution, and its intentionally misleading and grotesque signs, the fundamentalist movement has misled many into imagining that aborted fetuses are cute little babies just waiting to be cuddled….Since there is no way these fetuses could become fully formed, independent human beings except as a subordinate part of a woman’s overall biological processes for nine months, declaring that they all should be preserved means reducing women to incubators and slaves to their biology. ..The simple truth is that a woman who cannot control her own reproduction has no more freedom than a slave. And if half of humanity is not free, then no one can truly be free.”

The World Can’t Wait: Drive Out the Bush Regime” Last Clinic Standing by Sunsara Taylor, 7/13/06

10-week-old aborted baby

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One Response to A Fetus or a Baby

  1. Jordan Updegrove says:

    But you are free. Free to chose when to have sex and when you do decide to have it you can relize the consequences involved. And even though it needs to be kept alive by its mother that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a separate entity. Just because an astronaut needs their suit to stay alive in space doesn’t make them a part of that suit. They are merely using it to not die. However if you were to take them out of it they would surely die a horrible painful death.

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