A conversion outside an abortion clinic

This is from an article about abortion clinic manager turned pro-lifer Abby Johnson. She relates a story of conversion.

She described one encounter with a man named Tom outside a different abortion clinic after Johnson had begun pro-life activism. Although Tom regularly showed up alongside the pro-life protesters, he was not with them: in fact, he held up a piece of posterboard with the word “pro-choice” on it. Johnson spoke to Tom and learned that he was the grandfather of an aborted child.

“And I thought, okay, this is a man that’s hurting, and we need to reach out and minister to him,” she said. She took the opportunity to share several news articles on abortion, saying, “I want you to do the research on this yourself.”

“He read them over,” said Johnson. “He came back the next day. And he walked up to me without his sign, and said, I just wanted to let you know that I’ll never be coming out here again as someone who’s pro-choice.”

“What we write, what we say, our actions, are bringing about conversion, and it’s happening almost every day.”

Kathleen Gilbert “Pro-life TV ad cut abortions at clinic by almost half: former Planned Parenthood director” LifeSiteNews May 10, 2012

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Author: TA Smith

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