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Botched abortions happen. In a few cases the 911 tapes of calls from abortion clinics have been released to the public.

Transcripts of 911 calls are notoriously hard to acquire, but I have managed to find several. Here are some 911 call transcripts from botched abortions at clinics:

Aware Women’s Center:
Transcript of March 29, 1997 911 call
Dispatcher: Fire/Rescue.

Aware Woman: We need a transport, we have a possible perforation and we’d like a transport with no lights, no sirens.

Dispatcher: Okay, ma’am, we are 911. We have to come emergency.

Aware Woman: Okay, so you have to have lights and sirens.

Dispatcher: Yes ma’am.

Aware Woman: Okay.

Dispatcher: And what’s wrong with her?

Aware Woman: A possible perforation.

Dispatcher: What’s that?

Aware Woman: Where the uterus has been perforated. She was having an abortion.

Note: the clinic worker told 911 to send an ambulance without lights or sirens. A loud, flashing ambulance is not good for an abortion clinic’s image.

Again, from Aware Women’s

Transcript of December 12, 1997 911 call
Dispatcher: Fire/rescue.

Aware Woman: Hi, we need an ambulance up at Aware Woman, it’s 1564 Dixie Way.

Dispatcher: Okay, what’s going on?

Aware Woman: We have a patient with a real low blood pressure – 54 over 30.

Dispatcher: Is she a surgery patient?

Aware Woman: Yes.

Dispatcher: Is she post-surgery today?

Aware Woman: Yes.

Dispatcher: How many hours?

Aware Woman: Let me see when she had her surgery? She had her surgery . . . she was done with surgery at 12:35 – so about 2.5 hours.

Dispatcher: But she’s responsive?

Aware Woman: She is responsive.

Dispatcher: Okay, and your name?

Aware Woman: My name is (blanked out).

Dispatcher: We’re on the way. If she gets worse before we get there, call right back.

Aware Woman: Okay, thank you.

Dispatcher: Unh huh, bye.

Aware Woman: Bye,bye.

(Hang up)

Also from Aware Women’s:

Transcript of July 4, 1997 911 call
Dispatcher: Fire/Rescue.

Aware Woman: Hi, we need an ambulance at Aware Woman – we have a patient with heavy bleeding.

Dispatcher: And your number.

Aware Woman: (unintelligible) Bye Bye.

Pro-lifers outside an abortion clinic in Hyannes saw a woman loaded into an ambulance. They were able to obtain this copy of a transcript.

Transcript of 911 Audio Tape – September 13, 2007

The following is a Hyannes fire department recording of a 911 request for medical aid at 68 Camp David Street, Hyannes on Sept 13, 2007 at 5:49 pm. The incident number is R273209

Hyannis Dispatcher: 911. What’s the location of the emergency?

Caller: I’m at 68 Camp Street. I’m here at the Women’s Health Center.

Hyannis Dispatcher: The Women’s Heath Center?

Caller: Yes, at 68 Camp Street, Hyannis.

Hyannis Dispatcher: Okay, and what’s going on there?

Caller: Uh, well, this girl aspirated. She’s not breathing.

Hyannis Dispatcher: Okay. What’s your name?

Caller: —

Hyannis Dispatcher: —, what’s your phone number.

Caller: It’s —

Hyannis Dispatcher: 7088. I’ll have rescue right there.

Caller: Thanks.

19 year old Christin Gilbert died from complications from a third-trimester abortion she received at Doctor Tiller’s infamous late-term abortion clinic in Wichita Kansas. Both she and her baby were physically healthy before the abortion. Gilbert, who was mentally challenged, had been a victim of rape. Her family no doubt thought they were doing what was best for her when they took her for an abortion.

911 Dispatch: “911 Wichita.”

Marguerite (Tiller’s office): “Uh, Yes, this is Dr. Tiller’s office, we need an ambulance.”

911: “And what’s the address?”

Marguerite: “It’s 5107 E. Kellogg. But please, please, please–no lights and no sirens.”

911: “Ma’am, I can’t control that. And, uh, what’s the problem? Tell me exactly what happened.”

Marguerite: “Okay, this is the correct number for the ambulance, right?”

911: “Yes, ma’am. What’s the problem? Tell me exactly what happened.”

Marguerite: “Okay, all I know is that, is that it’s a patient who has to go to the hospital.”

911: “Okay for what reason, ma’am?”

Marguerite: “Hold on just a minute and I’ll…”

911 dispatch is then put on hold by Tiller’s office for 44 seconds.

Marguerite: “Sir, I’m sorry, I don’t have that information. All I know is that we need a transport to the hospital.”

911: “So you have no information as to why?”

Marguerite: “No sir, I don’t. I was asked to call.”

911: “Okay, so do you need the police over there?”

Marguerite: “Oh no no no.”

911: “Well see, that’s why we ask you these questions — so we know how to respond and what units to respond. If you can’t give me that information…”

Marguerite: “…we need a transport to the hospital..”

911: “And what’s your name?”

Marguerite: “My name is Marguerite.”

911: “And what is the phone number you’re calling from?”

Marguerite: “684-5108.”

911: “Alrighty. Thank you.”

Note again that the clinic worker asks for no lights and no sirens.

According to an investigation made into Cristen’s death, the young woman had actually been in cardiac arrest when the 911 call was made- long beyond feeling pain, and allowed to lie there dying while the counselor put 911 on hold for 44 seconds. Here is a copy of the respondent’s notes on the call. They said that “Cp refused to give information.”

Here is a picture of the ambulance that took Gilbert away


Lou Ann Herron lay bleeding in an abortion clinic recovery room while her abortionist had lunch and ordered staff not to bother him. Finally, they called an ambulance Here is a partial transcript.

911 Dispatcher: 911. What is your emergency?

Clinic worker: Well, one of our patients is unconscious. She’s lost quite a bit of blood and she’s pale.

911 Dispatcher : Is she breathing OK?

Clinic Worker: No, she’s not.

911 Dispatcher: OK, do you have oxygen on her?

Clinic Worker : No, we don’t.

911 Dispatcher : Do you have oxygen available?

Clinic Worker : Hmm. Can we get it on? I don’t know if we have any in there. Could we have you come to the side doors, right on 10th street, and try not to use no sirens?

Herron died from her injuries.


A transcript of a different kind is this one made to the Orlando fire department. When a young woman’s baby was born alive at a Florida abortion clinic, staff refused to give the child medical care or to call 911. His distraught mother called a friend and asked her to call 911 on her behalf. You can read about the incident here. This is the transcript.


OFD: Orlando Fire Department.


OFD: Thank you what is the address of the emergency?

Friend: 609 West Virginia Street. The EPOC Center.

OFD: 609 West Virginia? One moment please.

Friend: Let’s see … I don’t have the address on me. A friend of mine called form the abortion clinic and her baby was born alive.

OFD: Okay. Do you know the closest intersection. Did she call you on a phone?

Friend: Right, she called me off her cell phone.

OFD: Okay. Did you ask her to call 911? Because …

Friend: She asked me to call because she was back there with no kind of … They were just telling her to leave it … this is gross but … leave it in the toilet, you know, and let it die.

OFD: Is she in a house?

Friend: She’s in the clinic, the abortion clinic.

OFD: Okay.

Friend: Correct. EPOC. Center. Oh my God! I’m freaking out!

OFD: Did she call from a cell phone?

Friend: She called from her cell phone.

OFD: Okay. What did you say? She was having … the baby just came out?

Friend: Right. She as getting an abortion and the baby came out and it was still living. And they’re wanting it to die.

OFD: Okay. And she’s inside the clinic?

Friend: Correct.

OFD: Okay. Let me give a call to the county. Hold on. Actually, do not hang up. Just hold on the line, okay?

Friend: Okay.


OCFR: Orange County Fire and Rescue

OFD: Hi can you look up a couple of addresses for me. I have a 911 caller on the line with a baby. She’s in an abortion clinic and the baby is born and it’s still alive. They don’t know for how long.

OCFR: What would we be going for?

OFD: Uh, it would be for an obstetrics. It’s a female that’s in the center, I guess for … it’s an abortion clinic but the baby was born, and it’s alive at this moment and they don’t know for how long.



OFD: Orlando Fire Department.

Friend: I need an ambulance to 609 Virginia Drive in Orlando.

OFD: 609 Virginia Drive?

Friend: Correct.

OFD: Okay, and what going on there?

Friend: Uh, it’s the women’s clinic. Uh, my friend was having an abortion and the baby was born alive.

OFD: Okay, you said the baby was born?

Friend: Correct.

OFD: Okay, hold on one second for me.

Friend: Okay.

OFD: 609 Virginia Drive?

Friend: Correct.

OFD: What’s the business name?

Friend: Uh, EPOC Clinic for Women. E-P-O-C.

OFD: EPOC Clinic for Women? Okay. Is there a phone in the building?

Friend: Yes.

OFD: Okay, can you call me from that or just pick up that phone and dial 911?

Friend: Uh, well I’m not there. She’s there. She called me and they’re not allowing her to use the phone there.

OFD: Okay.

Friend: But they’re wanting the baby to die.

OFD: She wants the baby to live?

Friend: Correct.

OFD: Okay.

Friend: She was expecting it to not be alive, and it is.

OFD: Okay. I’m going to get help out there.

Friend: Okay.

OFD: Just stay on the line with me.

Friend: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

OFD: Okay the baby’s been born?

Friend: Correct:

OFD: How long ago, do you know?

Friend: Uh, she just called me. It wasn’t 10 minutes ago. And said that the baby was born and it was alive and they were wanting her to leave it in the toilet. And uh … just let it die. And uh … she’s not wanting that to happen.

OFD: Okay, we do have help on the way like I said. We’re going try and call the center as well as have someone on the way.

Friend: Thank you very much.

OFD: Your welcome.


OFD: Hi. Can you respond with us to 609 Virginia Drive?

Ambulance: For?

OFD: Uh, this is supposed … This is the EPOC Center E-P-O-C Center for Women. We are going for a lady that is in an abortion clinic. She says that the baby has been born ten minutes ago, but the center wants to kill the baby and will not let the mother call 911.

Ambulance: Woah!

OFD: Uhm hmm! So we have a third party calling because the mother did call 911 … uh …call a family member.

Ambulance: Okay, so we are the way now. Alright. okay.

OFD: Bye!

Sadly, the child did not survive, despite the mother’s wishes

Here are some more 911 calls:


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