55 of 70 studies show link between breast cancer and abortion

Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, president of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, reported at a National Press Club media briefing that

“there are 70 published studies examining the risk of induced abortion and breast cancer of which 55 show a positive correlation and 33 are statistically significant.”

“Epidemiologic Studies: Induced Abortion and Breast Cancer Risk, updated September 2012,” Breast Cancer Prevention Institute

Lanfgranchi also says:

“The overwhelming evidence from worldwide epidemiologic studies shows that abortion is a cause for breast cancer.”

Dr. Angela Lanfranchi In “Abortion as a Cause of Breast Cancer” presentation at National Press Club, December 4th 2012

Quoted in Brian E Fisher Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women (Frisco, Texas: Online for Life, 2013) Kindle edition


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Author: Sarah

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