Formerly pro-life doctor decides to open up abortion clinic, wants to make more money

The reason why Dr. Mila Means wanted to open up an abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas:

She looked at the finances of her solo family practice and figured she might be the poorest doctor in the state. Though she lives modestly, she has had continuing problems managing money: her credit card companies have taken her to court, and her checks occasionally bounce. Determined to work alone, she did not have enough patients to cover the bills.

Offering abortions seemed the easiest way to keep the doors to her small office open, she said. The need was also there, she felt.”

aboted at 15 weeks
aboted at 15 weeks


She bought much of Dr. Tiller’s medical equipment and office furniture for $20,000. Her goal was to continue her family practice and also start performing abortions of fetuses up to 15 weeks.

So here we see that money was the motivating factor for a person who wanted to open up an abortion clinic. Abortion is very lucrative for those who own and operate the clinics.

Ironically, Mila Means was once pro-life – before the lure of easy money turned out to be too much to resist. The article goes on:

By her own admission, it was a sharp reversal for Dr. Means, 54. Though she had grown up supporting abortion rights — she remembers her father instructing her that she would have to have an abortion if she got pregnant in high school — she eventually became a regular churchgoer who taught abstinence classes to Christian youths.

In 2001, she even interviewed to work at a local pregnancy crisis center that counsels women not to have abortions (she did not get the job, according to both parties, because she expressed her belief that abortion was acceptable in cases of rape or incest). A decade later and no longer a regular churchgoer, she disavows her old views as the result of “religious brainwashing.”

A number of the doctor’s patients left when they found that she would be performing abortions

About 100 of her patients switched to other doctors. Among them was Susan Lear, the head of the Pregnancy Crisis Center of Wichita, who had interviewed Dr. Means for a job there a decade earlier.

Susan Lear tried to convince Dr. Means not to perform abortions:

At her last appointment in December, Ms. Lear said, Dr. Means spent more than 40 minutes explaining her change of heart on abortion, speaking in a confessional tone. “I heard a person who step by step by step had gotten to this place,” Ms. Lear said. “She was on a mission, she knew what she was getting into.”

“I said, ‘You’ve made the loneliest choice,’ ” Ms. Lear recalled telling her.

A. G. SULZBERGER “Wichita Doctor Takes Up Fight for Abortions” New York Times July 9, 2011

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