Ultrasound technician Shari Richard speaks out about abortion and ultrasounds

10 week ultrasound

Ultrasound technician Shari Richard describes how effective ultrasounds are in changing the minds of women considering abortion.

“In my own career as an ultrasound technician, I’ve been told to turn the ultrasound monitor away from pregnant women so that they wouldn’t decide against an abortion (I refused). That’s because 90% of women change their minds about having abortions after viewing their babies via sonogram.”

She goes on to tell the following story:

“For 10 years I have been an ultrasongrapher and I have witnessed the development of pre-born children. I am convinced that if every mother could see her baby on ultrasound, the abortion argument would be over. A look through the window reveals the true victim of abortion. This is why ultrasound images are often censored, for example…

In 1990, I testified on fetal development before the House and Senate committee considering the “Freedom of Choice Act.” I brought an ultrasound videotape of fully formed fetuses as young as eight weeks after conception. Representative Don Edwards (D – CA) tried to prevent me from showing the videotape.”

Shari Richard “Now Wombs Have Windows” All about Issues vol 5 # 2

Today’s 3-d ultrasounds are even more remarkable.

Read more about ultrasounds and abortion here.

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Sarah Terzo is a freelance writer and journalist who works for Live Action. She is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians and Consistent Life.
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2 Responses to Ultrasound technician Shari Richard speaks out about abortion and ultrasounds

  1. Sue L says:

    Shari is amazing and what a great article. The ultra- sounds tell the story of a life in the balance. If more mother to be, saw the images of how alive their babies truly are, they would not have an abortion.

    To some, the mere mention of an ultra- sound and they become completely vindictive to anyone mentioning it. I know, I mentioned it to a very far left friend and she told me ” you’re wrong!” and proceeded on with her condescending rant about , how I’m against women and stupid. These rabid feminists , show no mercy to the unborn or those who merely mention ultra sound as a good idea.

    It’s great to see someone who believes a pre abortion ultra sound is a good thing.

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