Abortionist on Women’s Feelings Postabortion

Dr. Suzanne T. Poppema is a nationally-known abortionist who wrote a book entitled Why I am an Abortion Doctor.
From her book:

“We hear from many women that the grieving process actually ends by the time they leave the office. This is because the vast majority of women feel relieved at the end of the procedure. They can go on with their lives, which is precisely why they come to us. No matter how women choose to work through accompanying their decision to abort, the fact remains that they seek us of their own volition. Those who don’t come in to abortion clinics obviously have made the choice my husband and I made when we decided to have our children. Whatever their reason for either decision, their choice requires no explanation, much less an apology.”

Poppema acknowledges that some women cry in the clinic. She ascribes these women’s tears to relief and being moved at the kindness they are shown in her clinic.

Suzanne T. Poppema and Mike Henderson, Why I am an Abortion Doctor (Amherst, NY: Prometheus Books) 1996 p 127

Is this true? Do women  seldom regret their abortions? .Read some testimonies of actual women here

Read about mental health studies of women who had abortions here


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