Post-abortive women compares her abortion to rape, turns to alcohol to cope

One post-abortive woman told her story:

“The abortionist and the nurse attendant were cold and unfeeling. Though I was tearful and panicky before and during the procedure, there was no exploration of what I was feeling or experiencing.

The procedure itself was painful as I felt severe pinching and pulling and sharp stabs during the suction abortion. I saw the blood in the tube. I heard the suction interrupted by clumps of tissue. This was emotionally traumatic.

After the abortion, I was changed. My previous sunshiny personality was overtaken by grief. I emotionally flatlined. My child was lost forever.

Prior to the abortion, I had never drank or smoked. I was an A and B student, homecoming queen, served on student council, and marched in the band. I was in a happy two-year relationship with my high school sweetheart.

But after the abortion, we both struggled with anger and guilt over what we had done. Our relationship imploded. I turned to alcohol to help numb my pain and succumbed to a promiscuous lifestyle. I did not feel worthy of dignity after the abortion.

The medical procedure itself felt like a violation. I am not embellishing to say that the abortion I underwent felt like a medical “rape.” The abortionist’s instrument, coupled with the insensitivity, disdain, and lack of respect given to me during the procedure by the medical doctor was a trauma in itself.”

Susan Justice “Retired nurse: Abortion promised an answer, but created trauma in my lifeLive Action News April 30, 2021

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Author: TA Smith

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