Abortion by pill causes “considerable pain” says manufacturer of drug

“There is considerable pain with the procedure.”

Lester Hyman, a spokesman for the manufacture of RU-486, (the abortion pill) a Roussel–Uclaf

The drug also caused significant side effects:

“An analysis of adverse drug reactions done in 2006 found more than 600 serious side effects of the drug between 2000 and 2004. There were more than 200 serious or life-threatening hemorrhages and 46 instances of infection. 11 of 17 undiagnosed ectopic pregnancies ruptured…”

“RU-486: What You Don’t Know” Heritage House ’76 2014

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97% of women say their abortions were painful

97% percent of aborting women in one Montreal study reported pain, with 61% reporting moderate to severe pain. Adolescents in the Montreal study were nearly twice as likely to report severe pain as older women.

Source: E. Belanger, “Pain of the first trimester abortion: a study of psychosocial and medical predictors,” Pain, Volume 36, Number 3 (March 1989), pp 339-350. For an earlier study with similar results, see Phillip G. Stubblefield, et al, “Pain of first-trimester abortion: Its quanification and relation with other variables,” American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Vol 133., No. 5 (March 1, 1979), p. 489.

Info provided by National Right to Life

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Planned Parenthood records show that abortion is traumatic

“Recently, pro-life workers in Houston discovered several thousand clinic visit records, medical charts, internal minutes, and memoranda, letters, confidential surveys, and financial statements in the trash of a Planned Parenthood abortuary.”

[They discovered]

“More than a 3rd of the medical charts recorded “severe” or “very severe pain” for the women during their abortion procedures. Almost 5% of the women were said to have “screamed” during their operations. Another 11% “cried,” 10% “overreacted,” and 5% “complained.” Almost 10% experienced “nausea” or “vomiting,” and another 10% “fainted” or “fell unconscious.”

One chart described blatantly unsterile operating procedures. Another detailed the doctor’s brutal and abusive behavior. Still another called into question the racial motivations of the clinic personnel.”

This comes from Robert Ruff Aborting Planned Parenthood (Houston: New Vision Books, 1988) pages 92 – 96. It was quoted by George Grant in Grand Illusions: the Legacy of Planned Parenthood (Franklin, Tennessee: Adroit Press, 1988, 1992.

The clinic workers also may disparaging remarks about the patient’s. You can read some of them here


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Clinic worker on women and abortion pain

From one abortion provider:

“…Some women experience abortion as painful. How much so depends on factors such as gestational age of the pregnancy, type of procedure (suction or extraction), sedation used during surgery, available support, and mental preparedness. As a health worker I try to help clients become as calm as possible in order to diminish the fear which I believe increases physical pain. But the fact that abortion is sometimes painful is not reason enough to say a woman shouldn’t have one. “

Lynne V. “What 1,000 Abortions Have Taught Me” Feminist Women’s Health Center http://www.fwhc.org/abortion/1000ab.htm

10 weeks unborn baby

Do the babies feel pain during abortion? Go here to read doctors’ opinions

Read more from this clinic worker:

On how many women keep their abortions a secret

On women who want to see the remains of their aborted children

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Pain control and abortion

A study of abortion providers on different drugs to alleviate pain in surgical  and medical abortions concluded:

“Our patients are still experiencing a significant amount of pain so more research is needed in pain control in abortion.”

Wiebe ER, Rawling M. Pain Control and Abortion International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics 1995 July; 50 (1): 41 – 6

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Type of pain experienced during abortion

One study that relied on questionnaires showed that the total pain scores (given by women having abortions):

“found that the average abortion pain ranked higher than that experienced by people suffering from fractures, sprains, neuralgia, arthritis, and was equal to that reported by amputees experiencing phantom limb pain and patients with cancer.”

Belanger E., Melzack R, Lauzon P. Pain of the First Trimester Abortion: a Study of Psychosocial and Medical Predictors. Pain 1989 March; 36 (3): 339 – 50

This study seems to indicate that many women find abortion extremely painful.

And they are often quite painful for the baby:

seven weeks
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Anecdotal Evidence of Pain

“Little is known about the accuracy and extent of information given to abortion patients about the level of pain to expect… Consent forms give the impression that the sensation will resemble heavy menstrual cramps. But this is not what women report. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the pain levels during abortion can reach the severe range.”

Elizabeth Ring-Cassidy and Ian Gentles. Women’s Health after Abortion: The Medical and Psychological Evidence Second Edition (Toronto, Canada: The deVeber Institute for Bioethics and Social Research, 2003)116

Read women’s stories of abortion here

see pictures of an abortion in progress


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Abortion and Physical Pain

“We were surprised to note that the majority of women reported moderate or more discomfort during the procedure; we had not expected as many women to report severe pain.”

Borgatta L, Nickinovich D. Pain during Early Abortion Journal of Reproductive Medicine 1997 May; 42 (5): 287 – 93

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