Woman describes abortion “counseling”

One woman went to Planned Parenthood and was told she was pregnant. This is the “counseling” she received:

At her initial appointment with Planned Parenthood, she and her boyfriend were told they couldn’t have a baby because “you’re too young, you have no money, you aren’t married.

They said we couldn’t tell our parents because it would disappoint them. I said I would consider placing the baby for adoption. The counselor’s response was, ‘Oh, my God, you could never do that. That’s the cruelest thing you could ever do to a baby.’ I started crying and said, ‘I’m adopted.’ Her response was, ‘I don’t care; that’s still the cruelest thing to do to a child.’

Dunn said she and her boyfriend were given no information about fetal development, alternatives to abortion or the physical and emotional risks of abortion.

“There were no connotations of anything bad about the abortion, only about having the baby. I was crying and pacing around the room, and the counselor was yelling at me — she raised her voice — ‘You can’t have a baby.’ … There was not a drop of compassion; she was very cold.”

“Woman Silenced at New Jersey Senate Hearing Shares Her Story” Found here.   Visited August 16, 2018

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Blob of tissue at four months?

Victoria from Pennsylvania told the story of her third abortion. Her Planned Parenthood counselor told her her child was a “blob of tissue”, even though she was 4 months along:

“My last abortion was done at four months. I felt there was no way out, I felt trapped. I was dropped off at Planned Parenthood, and went in alone, and petrified.

At that abortion mill, I was told that “it’s the best thing to do, you won’t feel anything” and it’s only “a blob of tissue.” The nurse escorted me to the “procedure room.” The room was cold, with a distinct smell. While waiting for the pain meds to kick in, I saw in the corner a large canister with a long tube and attached on the end was a very sharp object. Then I heard the sucking machine. The doctor took that tube with the sharp object attached and shoved it up inside of me with such force that I couldn’t breathe. The pain medicine never kicked in. I was crying, telling them the pain medicine isn’t helping. I felt everything. I begged the nurse to help me, to stop. The pain was unbelievable! No one listened. They just continued to suck my baby through that tube into pieces.”

Janet Morana Shockwaves: Abortions Wider Circle of Victims (New Jersey: Catholic Book Publishing Corp., 2017) 21 – 22

blob of tissue?
4 months- Blob of tissue?
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Greenpeace supporter has abortion, comes to regret it

Carole K. tells her story:

“I was supporting Greenpeace and I didn’t eat meat. I was vegetarian because I thought it was appalling and barbaric to kill an animal… So I stopped eating meat. I supported Greenpeace and I was against the war in Vietnam…

When all my friends – who were involved in these same things – found themselves pregnant, they all had abortions… All my friends told me how “far out” abortion was. One girl had had an abortion while tripping with LSD to rock music, and she said it was really far out. I didn’t know anything about abortion; but they said it was a step forward for humanity and a step forward for women. So I thought when I got pregnant, well, this must be something that’s consistent with all of these compassionate people’s values, or they wouldn’t have abortions.

When I went for counseling, I was told I had three choices. The first was to have the baby, keep it, and be tied down for the rest of my life and lose my boyfriend. The second one was to have the baby, give it up for adoption (which was emotionally impossible), and never get over it. These sounded like bad choices.

Choice number three was to have a safe, simple, legal abortion, go on with my life, keep my boyfriend, and go on like it never happened. This sounded like a good choice.

I asked a little bit about the baby. They said, “Oh, it’s not a baby. It’s an indeterminable cluster of cells.

Years later:

“So one day in my third pregnancy I went to the mailbox, and there was a mailing from the National Right to Life Committee. I didn’t know who that was. I don’t know who put me on the mailing list. But I got an envelope, and this picture was inside. And it said, “Did you know this is how big you were when you were 11 weeks old?”

Now, the baby I aborted was 11 weeks old, and can you imagine what this did to me when I saw this baby with the hands and face, sucking his thumb? And they told me it was a cluster of cells… And I was supporting Greenpeace and not eating meat because I was so compassionate and couldn’t kill a cow.

At this point I came face-to-face with the fact that I killed my baby. It was a devastating moment in my life…..

I can try and talk to other women, other young girls so they can see the truth. So that they’ll know. Because if there had been somebody outside that hospital the day I walked in, if they had had a picture of this baby, I would not have had an abortion, and my life would be so much better – and I wouldn’t be obsessed with who that baby was, because I’d be loving that child.”

Paula Ervin Women Exploited: The Other Victims of Abortion (Huntington, Indiana: Our Sunday Visitor Inc., 1985) 50-55

Legs of baby at 11 weeks
Legs of baby at 11 weeks
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Post-Abortive woman called counseling in clinic “a joke”

A woman named Meredith, who took the abortion pill, says that the “counseling” she received was a joke:

“That was really a joke. We didn’t talk about planning. And I certainly wouldn’t call our conversation counseling. It was just an opportunity for the clinic to take care of a few technicalities – like signing a liability release form and an insurance waiver. I feel that if someone would’ve taken the time to talk to me, if only for a moment or two, I would’ve been able to make a more responsible decision. As it was, I was on an emotional runaway train, and the clinic staff merely added fuel to the fire.”

George Grant The Quick and the Dead: RU-486 and the New Chemical Warfare against Your Family (Wheaton, Illinois: Crossway Books, 1991) 24

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Abortion clinic worker denies that preborn baby has a heartbeat

Sarah Allen shares her abortion experience:

“The councilor [sic] asked me if I wanted an abortion & I said yes. I was not told what would happen during the procedure. . . . He told me where to sign. Even when I was in the little room to get the ultrasound so they could see how far along I was, the girl didn’t speak to me. She was talking to a girl, training her I guess, and I looked at the monitor & asked ‘Where’s the heartbeat?’ All she said was ‘There isn’t one.’ And she turned the monitor so I couldn’t see and ignored me the rest of the time.”


New research shows that a preborn baby’s heart starts beating as early as 16 days after conception.

Before this new research, the time given for the babies heartbeat was about 21 days. Here  you can see a video of a baby’s heart beating at four weeks after conception. Surgical abortions are usually not performed until the seventh week. It is impossible that her baby did not have a heartbeat.

 6 weeks
6 weeks
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Woman told her baby was “just tissue”

One postabortion woman named Jennifer says:

“I was told my baby ‘was just tissue the size of a peanut.’ It was easy and slight pain like menstrual cramping. No, I had no idea I would be depressed for six years.”

Amicus brief submitted in the Supreme Court case WHOLE WOMAN’S HEALTH v. HELLERSTEDT


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They wouldn’t let me see the ultrasound

One woman named Mary who had an abortion says:

“They [clinic workers] don’t go into specific detail. I think that would scare you and you would back out. I also was not allowed to see the screen during the ultrasound and they did not share the results with me. The pain I endured from the time the dilation began and then through the actual procedure was alarming and VERY unexpected.”

Amicus brief submitted in the Supreme Court case WHOLE WOMAN’S HEALTH v. HELLERSTEDT,

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She saw her aborted child’s head

Lorijo Nerad, 28, Michigan-based national president of Women Exploited by Abortion (WEBA), told her abortion story:

“If I knew what I know now, I never would have had my abortion. I thought it was the only way out. I was 18 years old…My husband was unemployed…and we were on welfare. The caseworker thought I was irresponsible. She called Planned Parenthood and made an appointment for me to have an abortion. I was scared to death they were going to cut off our payments. I talked it over with my husband and he said, “Choose. It’s either me or the baby.” I felt trapped, scared and alone.

I was almost three months pregnant when I had the abortion. I was given a pamphlet that showed a drawing of a little blob of jelly inside of a womb and I thought, “Oh great, that’s what it looks like. I’ll go for that.” They didn’t inform me of the development of the child, and there was no discussion about the emotional or psychological problems.

3 months

My obstetrician did the abortion in the hospital. I had no anesthesia, no local, no tranquilizers. I lay there on the table and cried. A sheet was draped across me, and the doctor wiped pieces of the baby on it. Two weeks later I was in severe pain, just horrible. I went to the bathroom and there, in the toilet paper in my hand was my baby’s head—a little bit smaller than a golf ball and all black and tarry. They hadn’t removed it during the abortion. I called the doctor, and he said it was normal, throw it away, no big deal.”

MARILYN BALAMACI, et. al. “Eight Other Women’s Stories” People Magazine August 05, 1985


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British woman discovers abortion is killing when her baby survives abortion attempt

A woman named Margaret tells the story of her abortions. and how her daughter was born:

“The first time I was 26 and involved with a married colleague, and after three months I found out that I was pregnant.

At first I thought I was having a child with the man I loved, but when he came back with the news he was going to get back with his wife, that’s when it changed from being a baby to a problem.

I didn’t think I could cope. There were emotional influences, being ashamed, telling my parents that I was pregnant, and having to leave work.

I was feeling fear and panic. I was reacting to a crisis and I had never had a crisis like that in my life.

My life was out of control and I wanted to get back to normal.

I went to the British Pregnancy Advice Service for counselling. I asked if at ten weeks it was a baby and they said, ‘No, it’s just cells.”

Preborn baby at 9-10 weeks
Preborn baby at 9-10 weeks

I felt like it wasn’t a baby and that was my get-out clause; I wasn’t doing anything wrong.

Afterwards I was emotionally numb and although I didn’t have an emotional breakdown, I became anorexic. I was promiscuous for some time. But at the time I didn’t think it had anything to do with the abortion.

But nine years later there was an almost repeat – I met a guy at work and I didn’t know he was married.

The second time we went out we had intercourse and I took the risk of unprotected sex as I thought as an older woman I couldn’t possibly become pregnant.

But I did. Two weeks later I realised and had that same feeling of panic, I couldn’t believe I was back in this crisis.

I had an abortion, but ten weeks later my period hadn’t come back, I went back to the doctor who said I was still pregnant.

They sent me for a scan and that is when my denial ended. When I saw that baby with its heart beating, I knew that nine years ago I had destroyed a baby.

Before my daughter was born four months later I was worried how I would love it, but when she was born the feelings were just amazing.

I realised that I had been reacting out of fear and not really thinking. I was in denial: ‘It wasn’t really a baby but cells.’

Women deserve more than abortion in a crisis. There are other options, why should the death of a baby be the only answer?”

Abortion stories: Relief and regretBBC News 24 October 2007

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Woman describes her experience at abortion clinic

Victoria, who compiled a book of women’s stories about about abortion, wrote:

“I telephoned the clinic and was told by the clinic that because I was so early in my pregnancy, I wasn’t carrying a “real” baby. Her exact words were, “it’s just a blob of cells. “It” hasn’t formed into a human being.”

6 week preborn baby
6 week preborn baby. Surgical abortions are not performed before this time in many clinics

The woman on the other end insisted that I have the “procedure” performed right away, the sooner, the better. She always referred to it as the “procedure” never mentioning the word abortion. She said I was only “terminating a pregnancy.

She instructed me to bring cash only to my visit. Checks or credit cards were not accepted.”

At the clinic:

“When my fictitious name was called, I quickly got up and went into the first of three rooms. This was the office of the cashier. She sat me down, shut the door and matter-of-factly asked, “You have your money with you?… I need the full $350, cash only, as I told you over the phone. Remember, if you change your mind while you’re on the table, you don’t get your money back. There are no refunds here. Do you understand this? I nodded again…

I asked again, “Should I really do this?” She seemed nervous. Maybe I was about to change my mind and she wouldn’t make her “quota” for the day.

I guess she wanted to reassure me when she said, “Look, when you leave this place, never think of this day again. Just forget about it. You’ll be fine and you can always have more babies later. You’re too early in your pregnancy to even think of this as a real pregnancy, let alone a real baby. Remember and never forget, we’re only terminating a pregnancy.”…

It was obvious she’d done this before. Her “speech” was so rehearsed…

They asked me not to speak to any of the other women. It might be too uncomfortable for them… We were all sharing the same fate, yet none of us could even look at one another.”

Victoria Koloff They Lied to Us (Worldcomm: 2011) 11 – 13

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