“A Baby Charnel House”

“And scattered throughout, in cabinets, in the basement, in a freezer, in jars and bags and plastic jugs, were fetal remains. It was a baby charnel house.” –

on abortionist Kermit Gosnell, Report of the Grand Jury, Court of Common Pleas, First Judicial District of Pennsylvania, Criminal Trial Division, MISC. NO. 0009901-2008, January 14, 2011, p. 2

18 weeks
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One Doctor’s Experiences With Babies Born Alive after Abortion

A doctor who has cared for premature babies described experiences he had while still a resident.

He assisted a doctor in performing hysterectomy/TAB- a procedure where a pregnant uterus is removed as a type of sterilization and abortion in one.

“I already had assisted on two other hysterectomies, one for endometrial cancer and the other for a benign tumor. I had been taught during the first two cases to “always open the uterus and examine the contents” before sending the specimen to pathology. So, after the professor remove the uterus, I asked him if he wanted me to open it, eager to show him that I already knew standard procedure. He replied, “no, because the fetus might be alive and then we would be faced with an ethical dilemma.”

A couple of weeks later, now on the obstetrical service, I retrieved a bag of IV fluid that the resident physician had requested. The IV fluids were to administer prostaglandin, a drug that induces the uterus to contract and expel. The patient made little eye contact with us. A few hours later, I saw the aborted fetus moving its legs and gasping in a bedpan, which was then covered with a drape.”

He then goes on to describe how a fellow resident spoke about a new procedure called a D & X abortion (dubbed partial birth abortion by pro-lifers.) He relates his reaction and what transpired when the abortion was performed on a handicapped baby in the third trimester.

“The resident described how he was going to deliver the body of the baby and then, while the head was entrapped, insert a trochar (a long metal instrument with a sharp point) through the base of the skull. During the final portion of this procedure, he indicated that he would move a suction catheter back and forth across the brainstem to ensure that the baby would be born dead. Several of the pediatric residents kept saying, “you’re kidding” and, “you’re making this up” in disbelief…

Later, that afternoon, the obstetrical resident perform the procedure, but unfortunately the infant was born with a heart beating and some weak gasping respirations, so the baby was brought to NICU: He was a slightly premature infant, who weighed about 4 pounds or 5 pounds. His head was collapsed on itself. The bed was a mess from blood and drainage. I did my exam (no other anomalies were noted)…. then pronounced the baby dead about an hour later….

No one held this baby, a fact that I regret to this day. His mother’s life was never at risk.”

Hanes Swingle “A Doctor’s Grisly Experience With Abortion” the Washington Times, July 23, 2003 page a 18

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