Pro-lifers pull aborted babies from dumpster

From Carole Novielli, Saynsmthn’s blog

We knew the abortion clinics could be throwing the aborted babies in the trash. So, how would we know which clinics were disposing the babies illegally? There was no way to know- we’d have to go to various ones and pull the trash to see.

That was a daunting task. But finally, our work paid off.

It was a Saturday afternoon when we approached a clinic located in a strip mall. The abortionist shared the dumpster with other business owners and we received permission to remove some discarded wood from the trash. Our real goal though, was the clinic’s trash- BINGO!

We grabbed several bags over a period of time, until, one day, we discovered that inside the bags were the containers that held babies aborted by suction abortion.

first hand 1

Then came the task of opening up each and every gauze sac. I stilled myself to open each one , knowing what I might see – not knowing how I’d react to it.

first hand 2Several did indeed look like ground meat.

To see their fragile little bodies so ground up that no distinguishable pieces remained was not entirely a surprise – after all – these were early abortions and babies that had been violently sucked out through a tube and into these jars.

[webmaster note; At six weeks and before the baby’s body is so small and delicate that it is ripped completely apart in an abortion, leaving no recognizable remains. The baby at this stage looks like this:


Yet when hit with the powerful suction machine, it is torn apart and nothing recognizable is left.]

Then…after carefully slicing one gauze sac, there it was. The fully formed arm of an aborted child.

first hand 4

Then a leg, another leg, ribs, skull, etc

first ahnd 5

first hand 6


As we rummaged through the bags we could see the medical records of the women whose children lay torn in pieces.

The cold-hearted abortionist had discarded the bodies of these dead babies in the trash along with their mother’s medical records with no care or concern for either.

At the bottom of the bag, we found a large foot which a pathologist later confirmed was from an unborn baby approximately 5 months gestation. The remaining body parts of that child were not in the bags we had.

first hand 10

As we meticulously went through the bags from that abortion clinic, I found myself feeling detached- I was looking squarely at the tiny remains of babies who suffered a horrific death and yet I had little emotion. After all, I had to finish the job I set out to do, I had to continue looking through the bags and opening each and every sac. Was I heartless? Uncaring? Unfeeling? Or was I being scientific and doing a job that had to be done?

I wrestled with this for a few days. And then….

The day arrived for the funeral for these little babies. We told no one who found them. In reality, those who attended did not care about the details – they cared only about giving these precious unborn children a decent burial. They wanted them remembered – their lives must count !

I attended the funeral like a pro, covering it for a pro-life magazine I wrote for at the time. As a journalist, I stood on stage watching people tearfully come forward and lay a rose – the symbol of life- on the small casket we purchased to place the tiny pieces of their broken bodies in.

first hand 11

One moment I was snapping pictures and the next….the next moment I was sobbing uncontrollably in the arms of an usher who was standing beside me on the stage. He must have seen a look in my eyes because his large torso was a comfort as I completely lost it and wept like a mother who just received the news that her beloved child was dead.

The tears and groans continued for a while and took me by surprise. After all, I was a professional, I was detached, I was looking at this from a journalists point of view – I was HUMAN!

As I write this today, I feel a lump in my throat as the memory of what I saw wells up inside me. I often think about the idea that abortion does not affect those who participate in it – the mothers, doctors, nurses, and clinic staff and I have to conclude that it absolutely does affect them.

As a young girl, I used to watch documentaries about the Nazi Holocaust and the Jews they slaughtered mercilessly.

Most people watched those films with great interest in the stories and facts they document.

But, for me, when I watched them, I recalled asking in the midst of my outrage, “ Who took those pictures?”

I remember thinking that had those pictures never been taken, society would not be sitting here today in absolute horror of what took place.

I knew at that moment that I wanted to document the abortion holocaust, and by the guidance of God, in some small way, I have.

first hand 12

Source: Carole Novielli  The day I saw abortion first hand Saynsumthn’s Blog

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Video: Womans Choice Abortion Clinic Investigation

In this video, Citizens for  Pro-Life society show you what was thrown in the dumpsters at two abortion clinics in Michigan.

I’m sure that going through the dumpster was something the pro-lifers hated doing. I’m sure they felt dreadful gathering up the remains of these aborted babies. These children, so carelessly discarded, deserve more than a filthy dumpster as their private resting place, though.  The babies found here would be buried. The video is to show the reality of abortion in all its hideousness.


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Woman aborts baby at home; Police describe “sad little face”

20 week old unborn baby, at the same age as the baby killed
20 week old unborn baby, at the same age as the baby McCormack killed

An article in The New Republic described how Jennie Linn McCormack aborted her late term unborn baby with pills she purchased online. She did not want to pay for an abortion in a clinic, which cost about $400 to $2,000, (depending on how far along she was) so she found cheaper drugs online. She delivered her dead aborted baby. The baby was fully developed and between 19 and 23 weeks.

She hid the body in a box but it eventually began to decay and attracted attention. According to Detective Brian McClure, who saw the dead baby:

“We see dead bodies, daily, weekly, in all different stages…But seeing a recognizable baby in a garbage bag, frozen, outside, in a garbage pile, decomposing ….”

Detective Val Wadsworth, a father of four, said:

“I wouldn’t wish anyone to that scene or investigation…We unwrapped it and released it to the funeral home, and the next day was the autopsy…When they had it thawed out and laying on the table, it was just sad. Sad feeling. Sad little pathetic face. It was just terrible.”

Jennie Linn McCormack “The Rise of DIO Abortions” The New Republic Dec 21, 2012

Abortions at five months are legal everywhere in the United States. Babies are regularly aborted at this age, often with the technique below, the D&E abortion.


Here are some ads from clinics advertising abortions at 20 weeks and beyond

ad 2

ad 1



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“bag of baby parts”

In 1992, the remains of aborted babies were discovered. Instead of incinerating the bodies or sending them to apathology lab, the abortion clinic merely dumped them. The babies ranged in age, some of them up to 5 months old. From the article:

Perfectly formed hands of a baby at 5 months
Perfectly formed hands of a baby at 5 months

“Sherri Finik, director of Oklahomans for Choice, a private, nonprofit abortion provider in Tulsa, stressed that the Shawnee incident is “a unique and rare occurrence. It should never have happened. It distresses me that people will not understand that this is not a common occurrence… It makes people question the practices of respectable and professional abortion providers. We would never do anything like what we’ve just seen.”

The Rev. David Monahan, spokesman for the Oklahoma City Catholic Archdiocese:

“The discovery of the fetuses has made the abortion issue “a little more real to us and brought it to our consciousness.

“Especially when I heard the man on television say “I saw little fingers….

Hand of a baby just 12 weeks after conception
Hand of a baby just 12 weeks after conception

“Abortion happens very quietly and out of the way, and we don’t see much evidence of it. We hear the debate going on all the time. This kind of thing brings home what’s happening in our state – how gruesome it is and in my opinion how demoralizing it is.”

Foot of a baby aborted at 5 months
Foot of a baby aborted at 5 months

Robin James, general manager of KQCV Christian news talk radio:

“The doctor said it was a bag of tissue, but the fisherman said that it was a bag of baby parts – that’s the reality.”

“Foes in Abortion Issue Irate Over Fetal Remains Finding” Daily Oklahoman (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) April 17, 1992

Read of more cases when the bodies of unborn babies have been dumped or discarded in dumpsters

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On collecting “fetal tissue”

One article discussed the H. Ronald Zielke Brain and Tissue Bank for Developmental Disorders, hosted by the University of Maryland School of Medicine. It contains fetal tissue.

“According to the bank’s 234-page “Catalog of Available Tissue,” updated July 1, it also stores tissue from hundreds of fetuses, including those with chromosomal disorders, anencephaly (a brain malformation)—and many with no disorders at all, marked as “control” tissue and spanning ages 10 to 39 weeks.”

the-1-week-fetus (1)

How does it get this “tissue”?

“Jennifer Boulanger of the Allentown Women’s Center in Allentown, Pa., said her clinic supplies tissue to the University of Washington. She said her clinic is not paid for the donations, but the university provides her staff with the supplies needed to collect and ship the specimens….To ensure tissue freshness, “the specimens are FedExed overnight” to Seattle, …The recipient, named misleadingly the Birth Defects Research Laboratory at the University of Washington in Seattle, has been sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for over four decades. It’s known within the research community as a top government distributor of fetal tissue. Last year the Puget Sound Business Journal stated the lab “in 2009 filled more than 4,400 requests for fetal tissue and cell lines.”…  To date, it has retrieved the products of 22,000 pregnancies. According to a description the lab provided in its most recent grant applications, an increase in nonsurgical abortion methods has “created new obstacles to obtaining sufficient amounts of high quality tissue. To overcome these problems and meet increasing demand, the Laboratory has developed new relationships with both local and distant clinics.”

Daniel James Devine “The Demand for Death: Medical Research & Fetal Tissue” Religion Today August 08, 2011

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Pathologists describe dissecting the bodies of aborted babies

In an article entitled “What Happens to Unborn Babies After Abortion? Pathologists Share the Horrors” in LifeNews, writer Jonathon Van Maren reveals a horrible conversations that took place on a forum board for pathologists. Pathologists deal with the remains of surgeries, and these ones have had to inspect during their careers. The quotes were taken from the message board here.

From one pathologist:

16 weeks – legal to abort all over the country
16 weeks – legal to abort all over the country

“Anyone get tripped on these? I’m talking especially the big ones, where you can actually make out facial expressions like they knew they were being hacked the hell up (im serious). I almost went bonkers once over one, that is some scary crap. Am I the only pathologist who freaks when a 0.5 cm eye ball comes rolling out of bag and stares right at you…I know we are thinking this, just no one in pathology is talking about it.”

He/she also said:

“One incident really freaked me, it was a boy fetus, at least 3+ pounds, around 24+ weeks. It sat decomposing because the rest of the staff was AFRAID of it, Im not joking. Then the chief of staff told me to deal with it because I was the FNG (f-kcin new guy) so I went to work. Pulled out 2 well formed arms and then the torso, headless. The head was at the bottom of the container, when I pulled it, he had this expression of such utter horror it flipped me wayyyy out, my PA saw it and ran, literally left work and went on disability (Im serious here). It was like a headless screaming baby, like it had been born at least for a split second to realize it was screwed and let out one agonal yelp. The story of this reverberated around the department, someone actually accused me of doing what should have been a ME case and threatened to call the medical board! Im not joking, I woke up once shortly after that in a cold sweat with piss running down my leg….not pretty.”

24 weeks
24 weeks


Baby had only eight weeks – no perfectly formed arms and legs, complete with fingers and toes
Baby at only eight weeks – no perfectly formed arms and legs, complete with fingers and toes

“Totally trippy man. We get a fair number of fragmented fetuses from abortion procedures and they come in a container with formalin. The fact that they’re all hacked up is disturbing to begin with. Of course, there is the whole eyeball issue which freaks me out as well.”

He/she also says:

Well, all you can say in a lot of these final diagnosis reports are that the fetus is fragmented, you don’t know what the sex is (unless you’ve found the gonads and histologically they’re confirmed as balls or babymakers), you’ve identified some organs, and you give the estimated gestational age based on foot length. I dunno what else really…I haven’t had too many of these cases but all of these reports with my name on it are pretty simple writeups.

Foot of a baby aborted at 16 weeks
Foot of a baby aborted at 16 weeks

A third pathologist said:

“Most of my abortion-path anecdotes come from my PSF. Here one of the residents grosses most of them in as part of some project he is doing, and we are more than happy to let him.

1) Anencephalic baby, otherwise intact. Those are disturbing to look at. Saw quite a few and they never really get comfortable to look at.

12 week hand
12 week hand

2) When doing one POC that was about 12-15 weeks, somewhere around there, I put through the entire hand into a histology block, so that I could see what a developing hand looked like. The histotech freaked out when she saw it and I wasn’t allowed to do that again. So I stuck later to doing things that weren’t recognizable, such as the full cross section of the 8 week fetus anencephalic head, and the full larynx, etc.

3) The strangest are when you get the macerated contents, and you are able to recognize a few parts here and there – usually a leg or an arm, sometimes the heart. But it’s odd when you can’t find a large portion of it.

Visible parts of aborted babies from 6 to 14 weeks
Visible parts of aborted babies from 6 to 14 weeks

4) There was a stillborn birth at about 12 weeks or so and it was sent to the morgue for some reason, and never claimed. A couple of months later the family decided they wanted an autopsy. So I had to do an autopsy on a mummified 12 week fetus. They had bothered to put the little bonnet on its head, but otherwise it was shriveled and brown.

16 weeks
16 weeks

5) 16 week or so fetus, the POC is sent down as one specimen, and there is a second specimen labeled “heart.” They wanted us to identify if there were any clear cardiac anomalies. It was about the size of a marble. I took it to the dissecting scope and found the PFO but that was about all I could tell.

6) about a 12 week fetus, sent down POC and wanted to know if it was an imperforate anus.

Unborn baby at only seven weeks after conception
Unborn baby at only seven weeks after conception

On a related note though, eyeballs are the specimen that freaks me out the most. Cutting into an eye makes me squeal. I remember doing it the first time in anatomy lab and I felt like I was sticking a knife into my own eye.”


“I usually like chow down on White Castle while my trusty lab assistant has to stack all the baby body parts, limb amputations and reduction mastectomies into the incinerator. It has almost a Nazi concentration camp feel it all sometimes, one of my assistants today tried to joke about this leg and aborted fetus we were transporting, I snapped “have some f-ing respect!!” then started laughing too, you cant help it. Its so unbelievably insane. Nothing med school prepares you for.

Leg of aborted baby at 12 weeks
Leg of aborted baby at 12 weeks


Another pathologist:

I had a holoprosencephaly case too, with the proboscis. I handle the aborted fetuses okay; the only thing I really dislike is having to stick my finger in the mouth to check for cleft palate. That gives me the willies.

One pathologist (the fifth one quoted) had no sympathy for the aborted babies and was not horrified by what he saw:

In any case, no, abortions don’t freak me out whatsoever. Maybe if a twin IUFD case showed up and one was giving the other a Dirty Sanchez, well, perhaps then I would take pause. Until then, no amount of googly eyeballs or tiny jaws dislocated “mid-scream” does anything to humanize the little sacks of neverweres for me.

There are quite a few things that I find disturbing, but few of them spill directly out of the womb.

Jonathon Van Maren “What Happens to Unborn Babies After Abortion? Pathologists Share the Horrors” LifeNews 10/23/1

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Abortionist Kept Dead Babies in Storage Unit

Joseph Booker Jr., abortionist, kept bags of aborted babies as souvenirs in a storage unit. LifeNews tells the story:

“In December 1999, three dozen bags of aborted fetuses and other remains were found buried in a shallow grave behind a business in the Gulf Coast city of Ocean Springs. An investigation revealed that the fetuses came from a storage room Booker had rented in nearby Gulfport, a city where he had performed abortions at a gynecology clinic….

Someone purchased the contents of the storage unit, sight unseen, at auction and moved the items to a storage unit in Ocean Springs. Some of the items smelled and the new owner directed an employee to get rid of them, apparently not knowing they were fetuses.”

Steven Ertelt  Abortion Practitioner Dies Who Kept Bags of Aborted Babies as Souvenirs” 11/25/13

Remains of first and 2nd trimester abortions – this was similar to what greeted the eyes of those that opened the garbage bags.

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The street of dead fetuses

Richard Selzer tells the following story:

“In our city, garbage is collected early in the morning. Sometimes the bang of the cans and the grind of the truck awaken us before our time. We are resentful, mutter into our pillows, then go back to sleep. On the morning of August 6, 1975, the people of 73rd St. near Woodside Avenue do just that. When at last they rise from their beds, dress, eat breakfast, and leave their houses for work, they have forgotten, if they had ever known, that the garbage truck had passed earlier that morning. The event has slipped into unmemory, like a dream.

They close their doors and descend to the pavement. It is mid-summer. You measure the climate, decide how you feel in relation to the heat and humidity. You walk toward the bus stop. Others, your neighbors, are waiting there. It is all so familiar. All at once you step on something soft. You feel it with your foot. Even through your shoe you have the sense of something unusual, something marked by a special “give.” It is a foreignness upon the pavement. Instinct pulls your foot away in an awkward little movement. You look down and you see… a tiny naked body, its arms and legs flung apart, its head thrown back, its mouth agape, its face serious. A bird, you think, fallen from its nest. But there is no nest here on 73rd St., no bird so big. It is rubber, then. A model, a… joke.. Yes, that’s it, a joke. And so you bend to see. Because you must. And it’s no joke. Such a gray softness can be but one thing. It is a baby, and dead. You cover your mouth, your eyes. You are fixed. Horror has found its chink and crawled in, and you will never be the same as you were. Years later you will step from a sidewalk to a lawn, and you will start at it softness, and think of that upon which you have just trod.

Now you look about; another man has seen it too. “My God,” he whispers. Others come, people you have seen every day for years, and you hear them speak with strangely altered voices. “Look,” they say, “it’s a baby.” There is a cry. “Here’s another!” and “Another!” and “Another!” And you follow with your gaze the index fingers of your friends pointing from the huddle where you cluster. Yes, it is true! There are more of these… little carcasses upon the street. And for a moment you look up to see if all the unbaptized sinless are falling from limbo.

Aborted baby: 24 Weeks

Now the street is filling with people. There are police. They know what to do. They rope off the area, then stand guard over the enclosed space. They are controlled, methodical, these young policeman. Servants, they do not reveal themselves to the public master; it would not be seemly. Yet I do see the pallor and the sweat that breaks upon the face of one, the way another bites the lining of his cheek and holds it thus. Ambulance attendants scoop up the bodies. They scan the street; none must be overlooked. What they place upon the litter amounts to little more than a dozen pounds of human flesh. They raise the litter, and slide it home inside the ambulance, and they drive away. You and your neighbor stand about in the street which is become for you a battlefield from which the newly slain have at last been bagged and tagged and dragged away. But what shrapnel is this? By what explosion flung, these fragments, that sink into the brain and fester there? Whatever smell there is in this place becomes for you the stench of death. The people of 73rd St. do not then speak to each other. It is too soon for outrage, too late for blindness. It is the time of a unresisted horror.

24 weeks

Later, at the police station, the investigation is brisk, conclusive. It is the hospital director speaking “… Fetuses accidentally got mixed with the hospital rubbish… Were picked up at approximately 8:15 AM. By a sanitation truck. Somehow, the plastic lab bag, labeled Hazardous Material, fell off the back of the truck and broke open. No, it is not known how the fetuses got in the orange plastic bag labeled Hazardous Material. It is a freak accident.” The hospital director wants you to know that it is not an everyday occurrence. Once in a lifetime, he says. But you have seen it, and what are his words to you now?

He grows affable, familiar, tells you that, by mistake, the fetuses got mixed up with the other debris. (Yes, he says other, he says debris.) He has spent the entire day, he says, trying to figure out how it happened. He wants you to know that. Somehow it matters to him. He goes on:

Aborted fetuses that weigh 1 pound or less are incinerated. Those weighing over 1 pound are buried at a city cemetery. He says this. Now you see. It is orderly. It is sensible. The world is not mad. This is still a civilized society.

Aborted sometime in the second trimester

There is no more. You turned to leave. Outside on the street, men are talking things over, reassuring each other that the right thing is being done. But just this once, you know it isn’t. You saw, and you know.

And you know, too, that the Street of the Dead Fetuses will be wherever you go. You are part of its history now, its legend. It has laid claim upon you so that you cannot entirely leave it – not ever.”

Richard Selzer “Abortion” Mortal Lessons: Notes on the Art of Surgery (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1976) 153 – 155

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Aborted babies burned with dead animals

“Pro-abortionists do not want the remains of aborted babies (especially late-term aborted babies) to fall into the hands of pro-life activists who then can reveal the bloody reality of abortion to the world. In Wichita, Kansas, and other cities, pro-lifers have discovered aborted preborn babies as large as six pounds (full-term) being burned as garbage along with dead dogs, cats, and birds thrown out by local Humane Society offices.”

Dave Andrusko. “Fetal Bodies Incinerated Along With Animal Remains in Wichita, Kansas.” NRL News, August 18, 1983, pages 1 and 11.

Read one woman’s testimony about finding aborted babies in the garbage here

Read about an abortionist to used to meatgrinder to dispose of babies

Read about aborted babies found in a dumpster in Michigan

Read about aborted babies found in a field in California

Read more about babies dumped it into trash here and here

This aborted baby was found in the garbage outside Dr. Hodari’s abortion clinic. He was photographed by Monica Miller
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Child’s bloody remains found in garbage

Unborn baby’s legs at 12 weeks. Abortion is legal at this time in every US state

Monica Miller describes finding pieces of aborted babies in a garbage dumpster outside an abortion clinic:

“About the child’s head, pooled in dark blood, were his torn arms, legs, a hand, a foot, and part of his rib cage…”

Monica Migliorino Miller Abandoned: the Untold Story of the Abortion Wars (Charlotte, North Carolina: St. Benedict Press, 2012) 145

Read more here.


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