Abortionist Says He Loves Inflicting Pain on Women

Former clinic worker Joy Davis  described what it was like working for a particular abortionist

“I was very uncomfortable around Dr. P, so I decided not to work for him any longer. He invited me to go out to dinner with him to discuss it. I went to dinner with him to discuss how I felt about the way he treated his patients, and how he acted. He stated to me that he loved inflicting pain on women, which was the reason he did not use any medications for pain.”

She mentioned another doctor from Tennessee that had told her

“that he did not have any respect for women, that he never respected a woman, and that he certainly didn’t respect women that let him come in there and let him do an abortion on them.”

. “Achieving Peace in the Abortion War” by Rachel M MacNair, Ph.D., published by the Feminism & Nonviolence Studies Association January 2009. (http://www.fnsa.org/apaw/)


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The Abortionist Who Hated Women

The LA Times reported March 22, 1992,(Patients allege gynecologist hated women) that abortionist Ivan C. Namihas might harbor a hatred of women. The article, Patients allege gynecologist hated women, presented interviews and court documents indicating that Namihas allegedly impregnated at least two of his patients, and that he reportedly told one woman, whom he treated for more than 10 years, that he became a gynecologist so he could vent his anger toward women.

A patient and temporary employee of abortionist Ivan C. Namihas, said in an affidavit that she “felt he had problems with women in general because he talked about how much he hated his mother and bad relationships he’d had with girlfriends and his wives.”

Another patient of abortionist Namihas said, “He told me the reason he became a gynecologist was because he hated women and he could use a knife to cut them.”

In the Patients allege gynecologist hated women: 3-22-1992, a former employee says abortionist Ivan C. Namihas, “seemed to get some perverse pleasure” from inflicting pain on patients and several women told grisly tales of enduring excruciating procedures without anesthesia.

Assistant US attorney Jonathan S. Shapiro said, “The term abuse of a position of trust, seems to have been coined for Dr. Ivan C. Namihas, MD. Arrogant, cruel, and greedy, he carried out a particular form of fraud against his victims.”

See Us Attorney’s Bulletin (USA) Bulletin: June 1997 Volume 45, Number 3 (http://www.justice.gov/usao/eousa/foia_reading_room/usab4503.pdf

From Life Dynamics

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Dr. Brian Finkel Comments on Women

In the Phoenix New Times June 17, 1999, article, Trash-talking abortionist Dr. Brian Finkel has a message for pro-life zealots: “Kiss my ass” Finkel boasts:

“Back in the good old days, honey, I could open a woman in less than a minute and a half. It was while I was working on the abortion floor that I learned that women will do whatever it takes to have an abortion.”

Finkel was later convicted of sexually abusing patients in his office.

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Abortion Doctors Vicious, Sadistic with Patients

From Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who presided over 60,000 abortions until this pro-life conversion. When he began working at an abortion clinic that he would eventually manage, nurses and counselors told him that two abortionists on staff were:

“vicious, even sadistic with the patients… They would use unnecessarily large instruments on women with first pregnancies, or refuse to use the local anesthetic, or show the fetal tissue to the patient when she had not asked to see it. They were sometimes so impatient that they would shout at the patients if they squirmed on the table.”

Bernard N Nathanson, M.D. with Richard N Ostling. Aborting America (Garden City, New York: Doubleday & Company, 1979) p 110

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