Woman Comes in for Her Ninth Abortion

The New York Newsday reported this while doing a story on abortion in America:

“It is 3:30 and Nancy Todd, a social worker at Sanger, is exhausted. Today she saw a 14-year-old girl who came in for an abortion but knew nothing about what the procedure entailed. There was a woman in her late 20s who came in for her ninth abortion, with whom Todd had a long discussion about birth control.”

Newsday (New York) “Abortion in America, Focus on the City; Sanger Center’s Moments of Pain, Conflict, Relief”: April 5, 1989

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Clinic Workers “Agitated” By Woman Having her Fifth Abortion

Lou, an abortion clinic employee:

“When she came in today for her fifth abortion, a number of staff members were visibly and audibly agitated. They clearly were upset that all of the previous discussions about birth control seemed to have fallen on deaf ears.”

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Quoted by Life Dynamics

Doctors and  other people who work in abortion clinics deal with the reality of abortion every day. They are the ones that see the bodies of the aborted babies and the blood. Therefore, the common pro-choice rhetoric that abortion is a benign procedure that does not kill a baby rings false to them after a while. Why else would they be concerned when women are casual about having abortions?


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Feminist Angry at Abortion for Birth Control

One feminist was shocked by a woman she encountered in an abortion clinic:

“In the pre-operation room of the clinic, I met a woman who already had 5 children and she was going in to have her 4th or 5th abortion. When my mouth dropped open, she asked me what was wrong. I told her she was an embarrassment to women all together. Making a bad choice & trying to correct it is one thing, but using abortion as your birth control method is a complete different story!”

Feminist Womens Health Center.org “Krystal’s Story” 8. Abortion Clinic Days Blog “Cultural Differences” Tuesday May 3 2005

The pro-choice feminist party line is that abortion is not killing a baby, it’s just a simple medical procedure that makes a woman “unpregnant.”If it’s such a simple procedure, no more morally significant then getting one’s tonsils removed, what’s the problem with using abortion for birth control?

Quoted by Life Dynamics

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Abortionist: A Lot Of People Use Abortion As Birth Control

Another abortionist is quoted saying:

“A lot of people think that you’re mainly helping middle-class girls who’ve gotten in trouble. We see them, and quite a few, but percentage wise, not that many. Unfortunately, you see a lot of people here who use abortion as birth control.”

“Cleveland Doctor Deals with Controversy on a Daily Basis” Daily Kent Stater April 23, 2007

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Abortionist Angry at Women Who Come in for Repeat Abortions

One abortionist was quoted saying:

“What makes me angry is people who aren’t being careful about birth control, who don’t make an effort to get a birth control system in place for themselves and have had several abortions. But it’s usually those people who also make me think, “Oh great! They’re not having a child” — even though I think it’s an awful way to do your birth control. I firmly believe that I cannot use my own value judgments in deciding when it’s right for a person to make this decision or not, however. Ultimately it really is the woman’s decision and she is the person who has to carry all the consequences.”

“An Intimate Conversation with a Woman on the Front Lines of America’s Most Emotionally Charged Debate” Salon Magazine June 1997

One has to wonder why this doctor feels angry at women who come in for repeat abortions. If abortion is not killing a baby, but simply the removal of some cells like having one’s tonsils removed, why is it a big deal of a woman uses abortion for her birth-control method? Abortion is a bad thing – the abortionist tacitly admits this – when she reveals her contempt for women who have more than one.

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Abortion Clinic Employee Struggles Not to Judge Women

An abortion clinic employee on women who have repeat abortions:

“I had to work through my own issues with women who had multiple abortions. And I did become moralists and judgmental. My first cut off was two. It’s gone up to four. I am going to be honest and say that’s hard for me. I wish I could get past the four…if it was 14, I know I would have a very hard time sitting across from this woman and trying to be as pleasant as possible. I don’t think her problem is pregnancy or her problem is repeat abortions. But she has a problem. This is self-destructive behavior.”

“Abortion Providers Share Inner Conflicts” American Medical News July 12, 1993

If abortion is really a benign medical procedure, similar to having a cyst removed or your tonsils out, why would clinic workers be bent out of shape over women having more than one or two? Could it be because abortion clinic workers and doctors see the remains of aborted babies and realize there is much more to abortion than the simple removal of some cells?

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Clinic Workers worry about “Reinforcing the Behavior” of Multiple Abortion Seeker

One clinic worker is quoted saying, of a repeat aborter:

“There was a feeling among some of the counselors that we should not continue to see this patient. A feeling that we were in fact reinforcing this behavior.”

“Abortion Providers Share Inner Conflicts” American Medical News July 12, 1993

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Providers Punish Women for Coming in For More Than One Abortion

“If someone came in for a second abortion, the nurse would give her a prostaglandin so that the woman “wouldn’t do it again.” The nurses felt it was up to them to “teach the woman a lesson.” That was a common practice. They would hold women back from having the abortion until they were twelve weeks pregnant and give them a prostaglandin. [a prostaglandin abortion is more difficult and painful because a woman must go through labor] This occurred up until as late as 1984. Their attitude was that the woman has been told about contraception, they’d had an abortion, so they should know better than to get pregnant again by mistake. There was this feeling that there was something wrong with a woman who got pregnant twice or more by mistake.”

Andrea Butcher, abortion counselor

This practice ended when prostaglandin and saline abortions (in which the woman had to go through labor) were replaced with Dilation and Evacuation (D & E)

Miriam Claire The Abortion Dilemma: Personal Views on a Public Issue. (New York: Insight Books) 1995 p 125

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