British study gives reasons why pregnancies end in abortion

A study on abortion from England said:

“Having surveyed vast numbers of reports on unplanned pregnancy, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists concluded that a pregnancy was particularly likely to end in abortion “if it would force the woman to abandon her plans for herself, or if she lacks the income, housing and personal support that she needs to cope with the child.”

Royal College of Obstetricians Gynecologists “Report of the RCOG Working Party on Unplanned Pregnancy” (London: RCOG, 1991) 10

Quoted in Ann Furedi Unplanned Pregnancy: Your Choices (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1996) 67

Furedi is the director of a chain of abortion clinics in England.

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Abortionist admits he kills “babies”

Late term abortionist Dr. Leroy Carhart, who does abortions through the third trimester, told reporter Hilary Andersson of the BBC that he believes he is killing babies. Here is the transcript:

Carhart: To the fetus is makes no difference whether it’s born or not born. The baby has no input in this, as far as I’m concerned.

Hilary Andersson: But it’s interesting that you use the word baby because a lot of abortionists won’t use that. They’ll use the term fetus because they don’t want to acknowledge that there’s a life.

Carhart: I- I think that it is a baby and I tell our- I use it with the patients.

Hilary Andersson: And you don’t have a problem with killing a baby?

Carhart: (Pause) I have no problem if it’s in the mother’s uterus.”

BBC July 22, 2019 program:

America’s Abortion War”

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Nursing journal says handling aborted babies is a “challenging clinical event” for nurses

An article in the Journal of Clinical Nursing says:

“… the New Zealand situation would be common in that nurses are frequently required to clean and dress the fetus, ensure transfer to an appropriate receptacle if the mother wants to see it, all the while supporting the woman as she goes through this process. This often occurs after a lengthy period when the women and nurses have been intimately connected, working through a range of decisions such as whether the mother wants to see, and perhaps name or photograph the fetus. Consequently, although women undergoing mid-trimester termination are `well’, this is a challenging clinical event that requires much from nurses in terms of physiological and psychological skill and expertise.”

ANNETTE D. HUNTINGTON RGON, BN, PhD “Working with women experiencing mid-trimester termination of pregnancy: the integration of nursing and feminist knowledge in the gynaecological setting” Journal of Clinical Nursing, 2002, 11 273-279

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Chinese one child policy is compassionate, says pro-choicer

Sarah G. Epstein, a member of the advisory board of the Population Institute, a pro-abortion organization, wrote that:

“The Chinese system is both compassionate and fair. For example, if an oldest child is handicapped, the family can have a second child with all the privileges of an only child. If both parents are only children, the same thing. If the parents belong to minority groups (5 percent of the population), they can have more than one child, with all the benefits of an only child. … Let us work out a rational population policy for our own country and respect policies of other countries that are dealing humanely with the critical need to slow population growth”

Published letter to The New York Times entitled “China Has Humane and Fair Birth Policy.” September 15, 1988, page A34

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Sex Selection abortions are a woman’s right says feminist

Taslima Nasreen, pro-abortion feminist, tweeted:

“Abortion including sex selective is women’s rights. Why should women want female babies knowing girls are hated,abused,raped, killed by men?”

Cassy Fiano-Chesser “Pro-abortion feminist echoes Planned Parenthood founder: People with ‘bad genes’ shouldn’t reproduceLive Action News June 20, 2019

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Abortionist talks about “uteri with holes” from abortion

Abortionist William J. Sweeney III wrote:

“Now, as long as we stay inside the uterus, everything’s okay. But if we put that suction apparatus outside – if we happen to perforate that soft uterus – then the machine can suck out lots of things, like a lady’s intestines. The liberal press doesn’t tell you about all the uteri that have holes in them and those that have been removed. So I don’t think it ought to be said that abortions are the benign little procedures people would like them to be.”

William J. Sweeney III, MD, Barbara Lang Stern Woman’s Doctor: A Year in the Life of an Obstetrician-Gynecologist (New York: Morrow & Company, 1973) 206

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Pro-Choice man: Abortion is a handy “escape hatch” for men

A man who identified  himself only as CH wrote about the reasons he loves abortion:

“Abortion is a handy dandy escape hatch for men.

Sure, men aren’t the ultimate judge, jury and executioner of the fetus; that is a special privilege afforded only women — for now. (I’d like to see men have the legal right to abort their financial responsibility for any unwanted pregnancies. In the interest of fairness, you see.) But men have the next best thing — an open invitation and legal sanction for women to do the dirty work and absolve them of 18 years of imprisonment. It’s a bit of a crapshoot to rely on a woman’s whim, but it’s leagues better than accidentally impregnating a woman and having zero recourse to rectify the situation…. Pro-choice means pro-player….

Abortion keeps a woman’s body looking hot. Nuff said.”

CH “Why I Love Abortion” Château Heartiste June 4, 2008, visited February 19, 2018

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Pro-choice author: Scientific advances helped pro-life movement

A  pro-abortion writer wrote the following in Time magazine:

“The antiabortion cause has been aided by scientific advances that have complicated American attitudes about abortion. Prenatal ultrasound, which has allowed the general public to see fetuses inside the womb and understand that they have a human shape beginning around eight weeks into pregnancy, became widespread in the 1980s, and some babies born as early as 24 weeks can now survive.”

Kate Pickert “What Choice? Abortion-rights activists won an epic victory in Roe v. Wade. They’ve been losing ever since” Time Jan. 14, 2013

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Pro-choice woman on seeing her baby’s heart beating via ultrasound

Dr. Harriette E Wimms used IVF to get pregnant with her lesbian partner. They were turned away from many IVF practices for being lesbians. In a pro-choice book, Wimms writes about seeing her baby’s heart beating on the ultrasound screen- a sight that has converted many people to the pro-life cause:

“… On the black and white ultrasound screen, we saw the tiny beating heart of our baby. 10 years in the making, our son’s heart had begun its lifelong rhythm.

I have been, and always will be, pro-choice. Since that moment when my partner and I watched our son’s flickering heartbeat, I’ve struggled with my pro-choice stance. I maintain that I am pro-choice, but antiabortion and opposed to abortion as a method of birth control… But I apply these beliefs to myself only. After the experience my partner and I have had, when outside forces dictated if and how we would conceive our child, we know the necessity of providing access to choices.”

Dr. Harriette E Wimms “Harrison: Battling for the Chance to Make a Choice” in Kate Cockrill, Lucia Leandro Gimeno, and Steph Herold, eds. Untold Stories: Life, Love and Reproduction (North Charleston, South Carolina: The Tides Center/The Sea Change Program, 2014) 48

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Post-abortion woman says she feels “connection” to baby

From one woman who had an abortion:

“My abortion was not painful, but I am wistful about losing the physical sensation of being pregnant. I never realized how a baby could get into a woman’s blood—I still feel a connection to that little lima bean. My husband and I want to have a baby one day—but it will be planned.”

Liz WelchThe Serious Health Decision These Women Are Ready to Talk About: Eight Women Share Their Abortion StoriesGlamour February 10, 2009

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