Doctor tells interns to strangle baby if born alive after abortion

A doctor identified as Mrs. D.F recounts the following incident, that took place when she was an intern:

“At the guard in the delivery room, a woman was in labor as part of an abortion on medical grounds at 5 months pregnant. The birth was imminent, and the gynecology interns were prepared. The senior gynecologist of the guard who is about to return to her bed, approaches the interns and said in a low voice, but loud enough for me to hear: “If the child is breathing on arrival, you press hard here on the trachea until it completely stops breathing,” and turning to me: “And you, you did not hear anything.”

Grégor Puppinck PhD (Dir.), Claire de La Hougue PhD, Andreea Popescu, Christophe Foltzenlogel “Late Term Abortion & Neonatal Infanticide in Europe” Petition for the Rights of Newborns Surviving Their Abortion ECLJ (European Centre for Law and Justice) June 2015

5 months
5 months
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Medical Journal documents babies aborted alive

An article in the prestigious American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology revealed:

“In a single locale, scrupulous records kept over a 5 month period revealed 27 births by abortion – not a single month went by without at least one; and as many as 3 babies a day weighing up to 3 lbs. 6 oz. were delivered alive from legal abortions.”

G Stroh and A Hinman “Reported Live Births Following Induced Abortion: 2 ½ Years’ Experience in Update New York” American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 126(1)83-90, Sept 1, 1976, no 126


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Baby born alive at Florida clinic, no charges filed

An anonymous call tipped off investigators that a baby was born alive after an abortion at a Florida abortion clinic. When authorities went to the clinic, they could not find a body. It was later revealed that workers had hidden the body by throwing it on the roof of the clinic. It was determined that the baby was born alive.

When asked if the clinic would be prosecuted, Assistant State Attorney Kathleen Hoague said:

“There are lots of questions that medically I don’t have the answer to yet. You’re talking about a fetus that could be aborted legally.”

Even though the baby was born alive, charges were never pressed. Authorities said the baby was too young to have had a good chance at living a normal life should the child have been given medical treatment.

Pro-Life activist Jill Staneck said:

“In no other homicide investigation do you wonder how long would this person have lived had she not been murdered.”

Susannah A. Nesmith, David Ovalle and Jacob Goldstein “Fetus’ age key to possible charges against Hialeah abortion clinic: Prosecutors looking into the case of a Hialeah abortion clinic where a baby was born alive are weighing whether to file criminal charges”  Miami Herald Sep 17, 2006

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Pro-choice reporters exposed to reality of abortion during abortionist’s testimony

An article in The Irish Times tells how pro-choice reporters were made uncomfortable by testimony from an abortionist at the Kermit Gosnell trial. Gosnell was convicted of murder for killing babies born alive after abortions as well as a woman who died at his clinic.

The article is about pro-choice reporters’ reaction to the testimony of abortionist Dr Karen Feisullin:

“The jury and many in the courtroom shifted uncomfortably as they heard about “tools going up into the uterus and basically pulling parts out . . . an arm or a leg or some portion of that”.

And those were the easy, early abortions. For later procedures, Dr Feisullin explained the foetus was so well-formed that it couldn’t be ripped apart in the uterus. It was normally removed – through the birth canal – completely intact. But, as Feisullin explained, a baby born at 23 weeks has a 40-50 per cent chance of surviving. To avoid a live baby coming out during an abortion, the doctor demonstrated how, before the abortion, a poison – potassium chloride – was injected through the woman’s stomach directly into the baby’s heart. This would stop the heartbeat, allowing the foetus to be pulled out intact.

Dr Feisullin was asked what would happen if she missed the heart and the baby was born alive.

She explained that the live baby would be covered with a blanket and given “comfort care”.

You could see the genuine puzzlement of people in the court about what “comfort care” was until Dr Feisullin cleared up any confusion.

“You . . . really just keep it warm, you know. It will eventually pass,” she said.

Steve Volk, a Philadelphia-based journalist for an alternative newspaper who described himself as comfortably pro-choice before the trial, said that, as Dr Feisullin spoke, his fellow reporters all checked if they had heard correctly.”

Ann McElhinney, Phelim McAleer “Ann McElhinney: Abortion campaigners should be careful about what they wish forThe Irish Times Nov 10, 2015

22 to 24 week preborn baby
22 to 24 week preborn baby
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Former US Surgeon General: 45 of 607 babies were born alive

Former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, M.D., tells of live births after abortions:

“Although technically the result of legal abortion, each foetus expelled alive because of prostaglandin lives for several hours…One series of 607 second trimester abortions from Mt. Sinai Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut, resulted in 45 live births including one set of twins. None of the babies survived more than 13 hours.”

C. Everett Koop The Right to Live, The Right to Die (Life Cycle Books, Toronto, 1980) 34

Quoted in “ABORTION A Briefing Book For Canadian Legislators” Campaign Life Coalition NATIONAL PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICE July 2002

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Textbook describes abortion method where child is born alive

A textbook documents a type of abortion where babies are removed alive. This type of abortion, performed like doing a C-section, is rarely done today, but has been done in the past.

“After the first trimester, the traditional abortion technique consists of injecting a hormone-like substance (prostaglandin) or a saline solution into the amniotic fluid surrounding the fetus. When all other methods have failed, a hysterectomy is performed. This procedure is essentially a caesarean section and may result in the fetus being born alive.”

Lewis R. Aiken Dying, Death, and Bereavement, 4th ed. (Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2001), 195

Second trimester baby – 16 weeks
Second trimester baby – 16 weeks
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Midwife: a baby was born alive after abortion every three weeks’

In one hospital:

“In 1985, one midwife is reported to have confirmed that her unit had ‘one [live] baby born under 28 weeks every three weeks’ (Nursing Times, 24 July 1985, p. 5). Another midwife confirmed that viable births resulting from abortions were posing serious problems, not least that of forcing midwives and medical staff to ‘decide how to dispose of live babies’

Megan-Jane Johnstone, Bioethics: A Nursing Perspective, 3rd ed. (Sydney, N.S.W.: Harcourt Saunders, 1999), 283

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Baby girl born alive after failed abortion

Pro-life author Troy Clark documented the following story in his book:

“Taranda,” age 17, went to a Family Planning Clinic for Reproductive Health for an abortion on December 22, 1989. Dr. Karen J Smiley misdiagnosed the pregnancy at 6 weeks and performed an abortion.

Four days later, Taranda gave birth to a one pound, critically ill infant girl in a hospital corridor. Taranda’s lawyer said, “She’s devastated, obviously. She would never have dreamed of having an abortion had she known it was 26 weeks old.” Taranda needed psychiatric care after her ordeal. The following news agencies reported her story:

The Tennessean 3/15/90: Today’s Tennessean 2/2/90, Associated Press 1/1/90, 1/26/90, and 1/29/90

From Troy Clark, Ph.D. Abortion Every 90 Seconds: The Whole Story (Kindle, 2015)

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WSYX -TV tells of baby born alive after abortion

WSYX -TV  discussed a baby born alive during a partial birth abortion. It was a segment on the news. This is the transcript:

 “A woman 5 months pregnant came to Women’s Med Center in Dayton, Ohio, to get a partial birth abortion. During the 3 days it takes to have the procedure she began to have stomach pains and was rushed to a nearby hospital. Within minutes she was giving birth.

Nurse Shelly Lowe in the emergency room at the hospital was shocked when the baby took a gasp of air. [Lowe] “I just held her and it really got to me that anybody could do that to a baby. I rocked her and talked to her because I felt that no one should die alone.” The little girl survived 3 hours.

20 weeks
5 months- age of baby in story

Mark Lally, Director of Ohio Right to Life believes this is why partial birth abortions should be banned. [Lally] ”

This shows what we’ve been trying to make clear to people. Abortion isn’t something that happens just early in pregnancy, it happens at all stages of pregnancy. It’s legal in this state any time.”

Transcript from WSYX -TV in Columbus, Ohio, 20 April 1999

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Abortionist on what doctors do when baby is born alive

Dr. Warren Pearse, then executive director of American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, was asked what abortionists do when a baby is born alive during an abortion.

”What you would do next [after expulsion] is nothing. You assume the infant is dead unless it shows signs of life. You’re dealing with a dead fetus unless there is sustained respiration- its not enough if there’s a single heartbeat or an occasional gasp.”

“Abortion: The Dreaded Complication” by Liz Jeffries and Rick Edmonds, Philadelphia Inquirer Aug 2, 1982

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