Women Talked into Abortions by Their Abortion Clinic Counselors

One book documents two conversations between abortion clinic staff and reluctant abortion patients. Here is one:

“Peggy’s (the patient’s) mind is off on a different track. “Is it true that at six weeks it has a heartbeat?” Carye (the counselor) says nobody is sure exactly when the heart begins beating, and tries to deflect that concern. “This pregnancy and you are the same thing,” she adds, explaining to Peggy that prior to twenty-four weeks the fetus cannot survive outside her womb.”

In this second passage, a young woman in her fourteenth week of pregnancy named Tiffany does not want to abort.

This is the clinic counselor speaking:

“I’m not here to change your mind. I’m not here to force your opinion. But I’m sitting here seeing this beautiful young woman with her whole life ahead of her, and you have so many other things you can do right now. Why don’t you go ahead with your dreams and have kids later?” Tiffany had no answer so Anneke continued, “We’re always here for you.”….Before ending the session Anneke left Tiffany with some figures that she recently had learned from Carye: One in ten high school girls who become pregnant finish high school, and one in ten thousand girls who have babies during high school finish college. And a third statistic: Over 80 percent of the men in this country don’t pay their child support. “The statistics are stacked against you,” Anneke said.”

Tiffany did, reluctantly, agree to an abortion. Here is a picture of a 14 week old unborn baby, similar to the one Tiffany aborted.

14 weeks

Peter Korn. Lovejoy: A Year in the Life of an Abortion Clinic (New York: Atlantic Monthly Press) 1996 p 25

NARAL Pro-Choice America, a pro-abortion group, opposes crisis pregnancy centers, which are centers that help pregnant women. Their fact sheet says the following:

“Unfortunately, reports indicate that CPCs frequently misinform, mislead, and coerce women with unintended or crisis pregnancies. Staff and volunteers at CPCs often use anti‐abortion propaganda to dissuade women from exercising their right to choose….Women are entitled to accurate, comprehensive and unbiased medical information with which they can make their own decisions.”


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