Woman Has Late Term Abortion Because her Twins are Girls

Pro-Choice people like to say that abortions are never done because the baby is the wrong gender. Legislation that sought to protect unborn baby girls from being aborted just because they were girls failed in Congress. Pro-choicers adamantly opposed this law. Despite  their professed concern about women, they are not worried about unborn women– to these champions of “women’s rights” is perfectly acceptable for an abortion to be done solely because the parents want a boy when their unborn baby is a girl.

Kelly Clinger is a sidewalk counselor (a person who intervenes in the clinic and tries to convince women to have their babies instead of aborting them) who witnessed a woman five months pregnant with twins who went to get an abortion at Orlando Women’s Center.

Orlando Women’s Center performs abortions up to 28 weeks – see this ad in the local paper

this is what an unborn baby looks like at 20 weeks (five months)

The woman, whose name has been withheld, was aborting her babies solely because they were girls and she wanted boys. The reason for her abortion came out as she talked to the sidewalk counselors.

Offers of financial help, free housing, and offers to adopt the babies poured in as soon as this picture when viral. Unfortunately, despite so many people’s prayers and offers of help, this woman aborted her baby girls. See a picture of what babies look like at 20 weeks after they are aborted

Unfortunately, there are no significant legal barriers preventing women from getting abortions all the way up to birth anywhere in the United States. Many states have no laws on the books at all. Other states have laws with health exceptions, but health has been defined so broadly by the Supreme Court (in Doe versus Bolton) that any emotional distress can qualify as a health risk. Often, all the woman has to do is convince the abortionist, who clearly has a vested interest in her choice, that her emotional health would be compromised by giving birth and she can have the abortion legally. Minor physical conditions like heart burn can also be used to justify late-term abortion. Sometimes a little bit of paperwork is needed – other times not.

Many pro-choicers are uncomfortable with late-term abortions and have no idea that they are even legal. Other pro-choice activists maintain that they are only done for the direst of medical reasons – but this is a myth. While some late-term abortions are done because the baby has a defect (often down syndrome or similar condition) the majority are done for elective reasons. According to a survey in the Journal of Perspectives of Sexual and Reproductive Health, these are the reasons why women have late-term abortions:

45% had trouble finding abortion provider

37% unsure of date of last menstrual period

68% had no pregnancy symptoms

58% Didn’t comfirm pregnancy until in second trimester

30% had difficulty deciding on abortion

31% had previous second trimester abortion

Did not cite a single case of fetal abnormality

“Second Trimester Abortion: Logistics and Lack of Symptoms are Factors” Perspectives of Sexual and Reproductive Health Volume 38 No 2, June 2006

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Author: Sarah

Sarah Terzo is a pro-life writer and blogger. She is on the board of The Consistent Life Network and PLAGAL +

9 thoughts on “Woman Has Late Term Abortion Because her Twins are Girls”

  1. That is not even close to what a 20 week old fetus would look like if it was born at that week of gestation. That is a 5 month old ACTUAL born infant. Stop with the BS. It is very unlikely that a baby could survive at that stage on its own. I don’t think one should get an abortion that late in the game unless it is medically necessary, but if you people had your way, you would let the woman die rather than let her terminate a pregnancy that would kill her.

    1. No. It is not. This is a picture of a five month old fetus. See this site on fetal development, the Endowment for Human Development, which is not a pro-life site. It is remarkable how developed they are at such a young age. http://www.ehd.org/

    1. maybe someone could abort anyone at any age. even after birth. if the child is old enough to live on its own, have a heart.

    2. No they shouldn’t! Late term should only ever be for medical reasons. If you don’t want to be a mother use protection if that fails terminate as soon as you know you’re pregnant don’t wait until your 5 month to term there’s no excuse in waiting that long if you know you don’t want the child. And termination because of gender is a very poor excuse, if you never get the gender you want you’d be aborting babies all your life then one day it’ll be too late to have s child. If you want to be a mother you should just want a healthy baby and be happy with that. I really hope this story is not real.

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