Woman describes abortion “counseling”

One woman went to Planned Parenthood and was told she was pregnant. This is the “counseling” she received:

At her initial appointment with Planned Parenthood, she and her boyfriend were told they couldn’t have a baby because “you’re too young, you have no money, you aren’t married.

They said we couldn’t tell our parents because it would disappoint them. I said I would consider placing the baby for adoption. The counselor’s response was, ‘Oh, my God, you could never do that. That’s the cruelest thing you could ever do to a baby.’ I started crying and said, ‘I’m adopted.’ Her response was, ‘I don’t care; that’s still the cruelest thing to do to a child.’

Dunn said she and her boyfriend were given no information about fetal development, alternatives to abortion or the physical and emotional risks of abortion.

“There were no connotations of anything bad about the abortion, only about having the baby. I was crying and pacing around the room, and the counselor was yelling at me — she raised her voice — ‘You can’t have a baby.’ … There was not a drop of compassion; she was very cold.”

“Woman Silenced at New Jersey Senate Hearing Shares Her Story” Found here.   Visited August 16, 2018

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