Conceived in rape: “I guess I have no right to live”

“My mother was raped as a thirteen-year-old. She gave birth to me, then gave me up for adoption. Every time I’ve heard people say abortion is okay in cases of rape, I’ve thought, ‘Then I guess I have no right to live.’ “

From an interview in the book by

Randy Alcorn Why Pro-Life? Caring for the Unborn and Their Mothers (Hendrickson Publishers, 2011) 81

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Author: Sarah

Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

3 thoughts on “Conceived in rape: “I guess I have no right to live””

  1. My mother was raped by her totally drunken husband, my father. Then she conceived twins and hat an abortion by an arbotionist in another city. My aborted sister was put in a marmalade jar with spiritus inside and given to my mother, she gave the jar to my granny, and she put it night to a graveyard. (My grandmother told me at the age of 16 , because I complained both mother and father hate me. So my grandmother told my why) Then 5 month later my mother thought she is pregnant again and wanted to keep this child, but she was told by the doctor that she was some weeks before giving birth. The abortionist didnt abort me again. My mother tried to do with hot bathes in vinegar, red wine and starving by a diet with green beans and green tomatoes. Than she used a meat needle for the kitchen. She lossed a lot of blood and my granny brought her to hospital, where she was put to the death. But a chief midwife found out that I was still alive and I was born by a birth clamp. My birth stopped my mothers bleeding and she had been reanimated by that midwife. Than my father was informed, who came and throwed me at the wall. “I will not raise this!” Because I was very small and tiny. This was in 1963 , parents were the owners of their children and tell doctors what to do with a child: no incubator, let it die! …My father and my mother allways told me : You should not excist! You should not be alive! You beg for pardon that you are here !Every day, every year I was told THIS. I should have been given to adoption. My parents never wanted me. In my fathers` testament (signed by my mother too) I was put out. My mother is still alive but she still doesn´t want me.

  2. It’s not that you have no right to live.. It’s that you’re mother DID have the right to make “that choice”. What that comment means it’s NOT children conceived in rape shouldn’t be here. It means… Victims shouldn’t feel guilt when deciding to abort. OFCOURSE your mother lyrically would have so felt guilty.. Just that, according for THAT train IS different than.. Well… U get what I mean now <3

    1. Open,
      You don’t make sense; perhaps it’s the unfinished sentences that show you don’t really believe what you are saying. Yes, the pro death crowd believes abortion MUST be available so rape victims aren’t “burdened” with the child. When someone in her situation hears that, it makes the child think they are considered only a burden that should have been killed. How wonderful is that message??

      Pro lifers see each child as a wonderful gift– no matter how they started life. Which would you prefer to be thought of?

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