Unborn Baby Recognizes His Father’s Voice

A pro-life woman tells the following story:

When I was 38 weeks pregnant with my first son, Zac, my doctor couldn’t feel if he was breach or not. Right after my appointment, my husband and I went down the hall to have an ultrasound, just to make sure he was head down. My husband’s aunt works at the radiology department in the hospital and asked to come in, when she saw we were there. It took about 30 seconds to find out that everything was fine, and the ultrasound technician asked if we wanted to see Zac’s face, just for fun. So as we were looking at his face, the technician and my husband’s aunt were ‘awwwwing’, at Zac sucking his thumb. The women were standing by the door and my husband was sitting on the other side of me. My husband didn’t say much, but every time he did (3 or 4 times), we could see Zac’s eyes look in Daddy’s direction and stop sucking! We were all blown away! He could hear muffled, unfamiliar, voices and carried on.

But so as he heard Daddy, he knew who that was, and actually looked for him.

I knew babies recognize their Mommy’s voice, they hear it all the time. But they know Daddy’s voice too! And probably anyone else, close in the family, like Brother or Sister.

These unborn people aren’t just fetuses, or even ‘just a baby’, they are Geniuses! Very Awesome!

seven months old – not a person, according to US law

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