The Story of Baby David

It was a Friday evening, and Chad Traywick and his wife, Darda, had just returned to their Houston, Texas, home only to find themselves surrounded by swarms of police –

This page contains an excerpt from the article “Ending the 30-Year War Over Abortion.” The author is David Kupelian:

It was a Friday evening, and Chad Traywick and his wife, Darda, had just returned to their Houston, Texas, home only to find themselves surrounded by swarms of police – including the SWAT team and a van from the coroner’s office.

After police pulled the shocked couple from their truck and patted them down, Det. John Hill informed Traywick that the police wanted to search his house.

As the detective explained, a local photo-finishing store had called police to report that Traywick had apparently beheaded and mutilated newborn baby and had taken pictures of the infant. The SWAT team came in in force, prepared to arrest satanic cult members – baby killers who had carried out a ritualistic mutilation connected with some Satan-worship ceremony, and who had the further audacity to photograph their victims.

But when officers entered the house, instead of finding occult paraphernalia associated with child sacrifices, they discovered pro-life and religious posters and books.

Traywick explained to police what had really happened. Newly active in the pro-life movement, Traywick had gone to a local abortion clinic – the Women’s Pavilion – at 3 o’clock Saturday afternoon to scope out the best location for conducting a picket of the facility. Finding the building oddly deserted and the door open, he took a quick tour. After wandering through stylish, relaxing waiting areas and immaculate operating rooms, he entered a small back room filled with 15 plastic buckets with lids on. Realizing what they must contain, he snatched one of the buckets and made a fast retreat.

Enlisting the aid of his wife and a friend to videotape and photograph his opening of the container, Traywick slowly lifted out the contents from the bucket. What he found shocked him to the core. Rather than a tiny fetus as he had expected, what he pulled out appeared to be a full-grown baby, whose head and right arm had been ripped from his body and his brain removed. In his agony, the baby had bitten through his own tongue, no doubt while his head, grasped by forceps, was being literally ripped off his body. The little boy had an incision where other organs had apparently been removed – evidence that someone had sought more profit from the baby’s death than the $1,800 the abortion had cost.

Traywick drove the film to the nearest one-hour photo developer. “I explained to them that the pictures were of an aborted baby and asked if they would have any problem or felt uncomfortable developing them,” recalls Traywick.
Over the blare of the Christmas rush, the clerk hastily took the negatives and assured Traywick there would be no problem. When he returned for the developed photos, however, the clerk was obviously uncomfortable and nervous. The 35 mm photographs were so horrific that they strained the credibility of Traywick’s story, and the store’s staffer had called the police to investigate a grisly crime for which he held the evidence. Indeed, when the police saw the photos, they too were convinced a horrific crime had been committed.

After convincing police he was not a baby-killer on that 15th day of December, 1989, Traywick agreed to make a statement at police headquarters the following morning. On Jan. 20, 1990, Chad Traywick buried the aborted baby, whom he named David, after a memorial service attended by over 100 people.

Here are some pictures of David.

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6 thoughts on “The Story of Baby David”

  1. I’ve had an abortion after rape. But this is out of control. Dead wrong. That was a full grown baby. Both parties should be punished!!!!

    1. There are women who will go and have themselves impregnated by some strangers sperm, and will love that child not knowing the father at all. There are couples who as part of their marriage contract will conceive and just be happy with that blessing. Even if you are raped, that is still YOUR child. It is a human being that is alive and beautiful. There are plenty of loving couples who are not as lucky to be so fertile. All this about the kid going from home to home so just abort it instead, is just an excuse. You don’t know the future, pessimists. Those are babies. Killing babies is what Satan wants. He wants to kill us too. Kill your own grown child and say it was your choice, and see how fast your butts in jail…

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