Survey showed that 72% of men felt abortion was disturbing, further funding for research denied because of pro-choice bias

Dr. Arthur Shostak of Drexel University in Philadelphia found that 72% of the men he interviewed in a four-year study disagreed with the statement that “males generally have an easy time of [abortion] and have few, if any, lingering disturbing doubts.”

He requested funding for further research from the National Institutes of Health:

“They told me off the record that this type of work could be construed as antiabortion. It could indicate that the absence of counseling is leaving behind a destructive residual in many men. It would be seized upon by antiabortionists.”

They denied his request for funding.

James McBride, “Men and the Pain of Abortion: a Close-Up,” National Right to Life News, February 22, 1982, 5

There has always been bias in the medical community against research showing the physical and psychological hazards of abortion.

Read more about the impact of abortion on men here.

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Author: TA Smith

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