Prochoicer: granting rights to fetus is “an utter perversion of individual rights”

Aborted baby at 13 weeks

“Banning any type of abortion to “protect the fetus” necessarily grants rights to the fetus–an utter perversion of individual rights. If a woman has no right to her own body, then by what logic does a fetus (which, by definition, is a biological parasite) have a right to the woman’s body? Properly, an infant’s rights begin after the fetus is removed from the mother’s body and its umbilical cord cut. …. Once “fetal rights” are granted to one stage of the pregnancy, nothing will prevent their extension to all stages. “Fetal rights” are a gimmick to destroy a woman’s individual rights.”

Glenn Woiceshyn Empire, Editorial-Ban on “Partial-Birth” Abortion Would Be a Blow to Women’s Rights: by Glenn Woiceshyn  (Glenn Woiceshyn also develops curriculum materials for schools and homeschoolers)


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Author: TA Smith

Sarah Terzo is a pro-life writer and blogger. She is on the board of The Consistent Life Network and PLAGAL +

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