Post-Roe Practice: Is There an Improvement?

Ask any women’s studies major the reason why abortion was made legal in this country and you will get one consistent answer. That legalization of abortion would make it safer.

What most people don’t realize is that abortion is the most unregulated type of outpatient surgery in America. Horror stories have arisen in the legal era that rival those before Roe Vs. Wade.

The deplorable, disgusting conditions in some US abortion mills defy belief.

For example:

1. Blue Coral Medical Center had what the state called “deplorable conditions,” including a suction machine with green mold growing on it, about 70 different kinds of medications with expired dates. An inspector commented, “When we got there, there wasn’t any soap in the place, so our inspectors had to go next door to wash their hands.”
(Miami Herald 9/28/89, 1/4/90; Panama City News Herald 9-28-89)

2. At East Tennessee Women’s Clinic inspectors found that the receptionist was assisting with procedures. Medical records were stored pell-mell in an upstairs closet. IV needles and packages of curette tips were in a box with dead bugs that was just sitting out on the floor. The waiting room and treatment room had dirty floors, there were cobwebs and dead bugs on the recovery room floor, and the floor in the instrument cleaning room was described as “blackened.” Inspectors found no soap or paper towels in the lavatories. The beds in the recovery room had soiled sheets and blankets except for two reddish-stained beds with no covers on them at all.
(Knoxville News-sentinel 2/17/85, 5/27/87)

3. El Norte Clinica Medico was inspected after the death of Magdalena Rodriguez. The medical board said that the only staff were the abortionist and his receptionist, Shirley. Shirley “greets patients, explains procedures, obtains the medical consent, and initial intake information… and has no medical training.” Shirley did the pregnancy tests and Rh tests and the post-abortion checks on the patients. She would then ask whoever had come with each patient to sit with her. The abortionist served as his own anesthesiologist.
(San Diego County, South Bay Judicial District, California Superior Court Case No. S6003494; San Diego Union-Tribune 12-13-94; Orange County Register 12-15-94; Santa Monica Outlook 12/94)

4. At Friendship Medical Clinic, abortionist Arnold Bickham, who had lost his license after the death of Sylvia Moore, was arrested for practicing without a license. Police also arrested Julian Banzon, who had never been licensed in Illinois; they found him hiding in a closet. The police also found three hand guns and an unspecified quantity of drugs which were confiscated because the facility had no physician to legally dispense them. The board of health tried to close Friendship, but the owner successfully appealed to the Supreme Court and had city regulation ruled unconstitutional.
(Chicago Tribune 3/3/73; Chicago Sun-Times 3/24/73 and Abortion Profiteers series)

5. At Hedd Surgi-Center, inspectors found poor sanitation and infection control, unlicensed and unqualified staff, out of date medications, mold on the breathing tubes, and mouse droppings in the operating room. A revocation agreement barred Hedd from performing any procedures but abortions.
(Chicago Tribune 2-8-91)

6. Her Medical Clinic faced a formal complaint filed by local emergency room doctors due to the large number of abortion-injured women who were arriving by ambulance from Her. After the deaths of Michele Thames, Liliana Cortez, and Maria Soto, and in the wake of the complaint, the state moved to shut the facility down. The owner, Leo Kenneally, instead legally closed the facility and re-opened it as his private office, which would not have to be licensed by the state.
(Los Angeles Times 1/31/93; Los Angeles Herald Examiner 2/22/88)

7. A woman described her legal abortion by Joseph Rucker. She arrived at 10:30 AM for her appointment, but Rucker didn’t arrive until 5 PM. His “eyes were swollen, with big circles around them. And he had these fingernails that were a half-inch long.” Rucker walked into the room, did not speak to the woman but just began to examine her then instructed an aide, “Knock ’em down.” The woman awoke in recovery. A woman, later identified as Rucker’s wife, “comes in. She’s wearing a halter top and shorts, and she starts sticking me in the arm, trying to get some blood.” The woman’s fiance reported that a dog was let into the operating room. The dog sniffed at the woman as she lay bleeding and lapped blood off the floor. When the fiancee complained, Rucker snarled at him, “That dog lives here. This is my house, and that is my dog. That dog can go anywhere in this clinic that he damned well pleases.”
(Detroit Free Press 11/14/82; Chicago Sun-Times Abortion Profiteers series)

Unlike many of the stories of illegal abortion atrocities that are found on pro-choice websites, these incidents have been documented and verified.

In this section, you will come across many stories that will shock and sicken you. One can only wonder at why the state of health care has sunk so low. One contributing factor is that abortion rights groups oppose any regulation of abortion clinics.

Currently, only 23 states have health and safety regulations for abortion clinics. In eight states, laws are on the books but are being blocked by court action from Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice organizations.

PP continually rallies pro-choicers to oppose clinic regulations. For example, an action alert from the organization discussing such legislation ( says that “an amendment would direct the Board of Health to impose medically unnecessary regulations on clinics…”

In an attempt by Planned Parenthood to manipulate pro-choice individuals into fighting a proposed set of legislation in Virginia (SB 1270) Planned Parenthood released a factsheet saying:

“The real impact of this bill would be to dramatically decrease access to safe abortion services in Virginia.” It called the restrictions “unnecessary and unreasonable” and said they would “make abortions prohibitory expensive” for women.

Here is what the bill actually states:

“….all abortion clinics, defined as any facility other than a hospital or an ambulatory surgery center in which 25 or more first trimester abortions are performed in any 12-month period, [are] to be licensed and to comply with the requirements currently in place for ambulatory surgery centers except the requirement for a certificate of public need. The Board of Health may also waive certain structural requirements.”

So this law would not impose a single regulation on clinics that was not already in place for all other forms of surgery. In fact, it would impose less- structural mandates and a requirement for a certificate would be omitted.

Planned Parenthood, however, fought to prevent their clinics from being made to adhere any standards at all.

The bill was defeated- Planned Parenthood won, and now there are no health guidelines for abortion clinics in Virginia.

Keep this in mind when you read about the deaths from legal abortion and the profiles of abortion providers.

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