Planned Parenthood horribly botches abortion

Pro-lifer George Grant interviewed a woman who had complications after her abortion at Planned Parenthood:

“Caroline was 22 when she had her first abortion. 8 months later, she had another. “The first one seemed to go just fine,” she told me. “There was a little bleeding, and some pain for the next few weeks. Nothing serious, though.”

But it was serious. That became readily apparent when she went in for the 2nd abortion. “There was quite a bit of scar tissue in my cervix. The physician seemed hesitant at first, but decided to go ahead with the procedure.”

That was not the last mistake that the doctor would make that day. His sharp, blindly wielded curette inadvertently perforated Carolyn’s already scarred cervix. When he inserted the suction apparatus, it passed through to the body cavity. The shearing force of the suction than seriously lacerated the bladder and tore loose the right ureter – the tube that carries urine from the kidneys to the bladder. The delicate parametrium and parametrium membranes were ruptured and a pooling hematoma surrounded the entire right renal system.

Completely unaware of the damage he had caused, the doctor finished the procedure, sent Caroline to the recovery room, and turned his attention to other matters. After a 45 minute rest, he released her.

“I collapsed on the subway on my way home. I think I was in shock,” she said. She was suffering from a lot more than shock. An emergency room examination revealed heavy hemorrhaging and leakage of urine per vaginam. Attendants rushed her into the operating room where surgeons reluctantly performed an emergency right nephrectomy and oophorectomy – the removal of the right kidney and ovary. They also evacuated the hematoma and resection the torn endometrium.

“I spent about 10 days in the hospital after that,” she told me as we walked past the Juilliard toward the Hudson River. Those 10 days had cost her a place in the school’s renowned drama department. “But the worst was still yet to come.”

Over the next several weeks, Caroline suffered from recurring abdominal pain, high fever, vaginal discharge, and abnormal bleeding. She was scheduled for both a cystoscopy and a laparoscopy and was once again admitted to the hospital. The exploratory surgeries revealed that a portion of the fetal skull had been embedded into the resected intra-abdominal tissue. They also revealed a severe pelvic inflammation caused by bacteria from the mangled renal system.

“The doctor said that I had no choice but to undergo a complete hysterectomy.” Tears began to well up in her eyes. “I was only 22. My whole life was ahead of me. I was happy. Carefree. And then this… Well, I just couldn’t believe that this was actually happening to me.”

The next day, the doctors removed Caroline’s remaining ovary, along with her uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes, and lymph glands. She would never again be able to bear children.

“The counselors at Planned Parenthood told me that abortion was the only responsible choice in my situation,” she said. “Now look at me. My health is broken. My career is ruined. My emotions are shot. And the only 2 children I will ever bear are dead and gone.”

George Grant Grand Illusions: the Legacy of Planned Parenthood (Franklin, Tennessee: Adroit Press, 1988, 1992

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