Pictures of the Tools Used to Perform Abortions

The following tools were used to perform thousands of abortions. The abortion is to use them is now out of business.


To see with these tools actually do to babies, go here. Warning: graphic.

a collection of abortion instruments

Abortion instruments actual size:

forceps for abortions
cannula for abortions
syringe for abortions
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9 thoughts on “Pictures of the Tools Used to Perform Abortions”

  1. I am 13 and I just went on a march for life a year ago (no more abortions is what is was about). I hated the fact that more than 57 million babies have been killed by a simple “procedure”. 155 children die per hour. That’s 1 every 24 seconds. but I have been sexually abused by my step father. and i had to go to the doctor and they told me is was pregnant. They said it might be a fulse pregnancy test because of the medice they gave me. They then asked if I want to take birth control pills or have an abortion. and without thinking I said birth control pills and I told my mom and she said no you are killing your baby. A week after I took another test. I wasn’t pregnant at all. But now I know how it feels to be the almost mother of the aborted babies.

  2. how could a person use his creative mind to create this scarey tools for a smart baby who is definitely better than him.

  3. Women are much more prolife than women. Who benefits from abortion (at least on this earth?) – promiscuous men that do not want to pay child support, racists who do not want blacks, other minorities, or the poor around, and that that make money off of it. I have been in the prolife movement since 1984 and men should be ashamed at their LACK of involvement to save these little baby GIRLS and boys.

    1. I have been in the prolife movement since 1973 when Roe vs. Wade was enacted. I fought against it when I was a teenager. I am a father and now a grandfather. Your comment is extremely uninformed and biased.

  4. Sadly in 1973, I had an abortion. At the time, I felt that I had no other choice. I was 18 and had just months earlier given birth to twin girls, one was not expected, and both your born with medical problems. My sister-in-law suggested an abortion and took me to the area free clinic, the cost $200.00. I wasn’t informed of the consequences of the decision and signed the forms. IT WAS THE MOST PAINFUL experience i have never suffered and I went though it alone. Days later I was walking up my driveway, talking to my mother and started to feel faint. I was bleeding heavily. I was rushed to the area hospital were y parents were informed that I had an abortion. Well, I has given an emergency DNC and released a few days later, ashamed. The cost of that abortion was way more than $200.00, it cost the life of a child, I have always wondered about and it cost me my soul. Abortion kills.

    1. The tools show the ugliness of what is happening. A pill may make it look better, but the same result – a dead baby. Shameful and barbaric. Future generations will judge us on what we have allowed.

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