Pictures of an Abortion Procedure

These pictures are so graphic, that I debated on whether to post them. I finally decided that women who are seeking an abortion should know exactly what they’re getting into.

The anatomy of the woman in these pictures is blurred.

If you are considering abortion, call this number 1 888 713 3735.

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122 thoughts on “Pictures of an Abortion Procedure”

  1. Linda
    you have said it all abortion is wrong and has no justified reason so if anyone does not want to make such decision should abstain from sex and stop justifying silly claims

  2. my name is ritah and am 21yrs old this year i got pregnant because my mum never took me back to school its now 3yrs no education i became pregnant and i was so happy my boyfriend never wanted the baby,everybody hated me they wanted me to abort but i wanted to see my baby even in my womb i loved him so much but the preasure became to much that i used to cry everyday i wasnt eatin good food no drinks at four month i aborted the baby but i feel the pain upto now i still cry for him he was all i got but out of wickedness he is gone i feel like killing myself everything is useless to me i still want achild and i will get very soon and never to abort again

  3. Hi,
    I’m Yasmin and I just had an abortion yesterday to tell you the truth I don’t know how to feel about it I’m having mixed emotions because one part or me saying please don’t bring this child into this world with the predicament I’m in now and plus I have an 1yr.old daughter already the other side of me saying I’ll Love to have another new born that powder and throw up I just adore it. I was 9-10wks (2mth in half) going on 3 the whole time I thought I was 1mth until the doctor checked during the procedure of getting ready to abduct the fetus with me now reading more and more about abortions I would’ve never got one if I knew the fetus had an heart beat because me and my spouse both agreed on not doing so late where the fetus is developing features. I mean it’s not a bad thing only time when it is when you’re pretty far into your 2-3 trimester or further of course. God died for all of our sins he’s the only one to judge the only one that can call us murders. I’m just happy and hoping everything turns out well with me genital area no problems when I get pregnant in the future and just happy because my spouse is by my side asking and making I’m okay.

    1. Please, don’t include or mention God to ease your conscience. I am no one to judge… but ending a life, an innocent baby whom did not ask for it, is and always will be murder. You want more kids in the future? Beg God for forgiveness & hope that He will allow you to get pregnant again…

  4. I’m sorry but it is somebody’s choice to choose whether or not to have an abortion it’s their body and their life why bring a child into this world if you cannot take care of it, if you can’t feed it if you can’t puta close on it’s back, you’re ruining a persons life that you are responsible for why would you do that there’s so many homeless kids out there that need help why bring a child into this world if you know you’re not gonna be able to take care of it if you can barely take care of yourself that is a stupid decision it’s worse than anything else I look down on women that give birth to children they can’t even take care of or they have other people take care of them want to do that knowing that it’s impossible for you to take care of this child. you have one when you’re ready so stop judging these women and talking down to them it’s the right choice to do it’s a smart smart choice. A child does not deserve to have a good life food clothes and if you can’t do those things you’re not in the right position to have one , then an abortion is a choice it’s OK it doesn’t make it wrong and it’s not murder

    1. would you say the same thing about infanticide? I know people who lost their jobs after giving birth and had their boyfriends leave when the kid was 2 or so. Should it be legal for them to kill their infants and toddlers in such cases, since they can no longer afford to give the child a good life?

    2. Before I start I want you to know this is a real story that I’m going thru right now. Today is Tuesday Jan. 24 2017 I had an abortion on Jan.20th. I was 11.6 weeks pregnant. I did it because I was scared, I have a one year old daughter now and her dad just deserted me I was homeless, I was hungry and broke. I end up bouncing couch to couch floor to floor to the shelter. It was really depressing but I couldn’t bring myself to an abortion. Now that I found out I was pregnant again and the father moved to Arizona without a word, I found out a week after g was already gone so I didn’t know what to do and kept the baby 7 more weeks hoping something would change but he just didn’t respond correctly. So at 11.6 weeks I had an abortion and now 4 days later I feel so fuvking sad so ducking depressed and damn there worthless because I knew it was wrong I’m really ashamed to talk to god about it, I’m typing this crying as silently as I can because I don’t want to wake my daughter or mom who is here visiting now, I’m not saying don’t do it , I’m not encouraging nobody to do it but I feel like shit for killing my baby , do I even deserve a life ? Smh no , I don’t deserve love or sympathy but I just want to tell my story maybe you’ll choose different then me. It hurts! It hurts so fucking bad I promise you especially now looking at pictures of an abortion at 12 weeks. I’m so sorry I’m hoping that the part about the baby can feel being pulled apart is false, I swear I didn’t remember how developed a baby is at 11 weeks, but now I do man if you can choose to keep it , keep it because I think I just made the worst mistake on earth. Please keep mean comments to yourself because I’m really depressed just want to try to help someone else

      1. Veronica, while what you did breaks my heart as well, you are really brave for coming forward and telling your story. You have a perspective that a lot of people do not and it offers an important voice in the abortion debate. Thank you for openly discussing it. And I’m so very sorry for the pain you’re going through…to a very minor extent I can relate.

        I’m 10 weeks pregnant right now, with my first. I’m 34 years old and was told it would be difficult for me to ever conceive due to polycystic ovary syndrome. I had just come out of a relationship of 5 years, having found out my ex had lied to me about, well, everything. Everything he ever told me about himself, his past, his family, where he came from (including lying about having cancer). It was a huge shock and really messed me up. But in the rubble of that disaster I found someone amazing, an old friend. We reconnected and quickly fell for each other and moved fast into a new relationship.

        And then I found out I was pregnant. I didn’t know if it was my ex’s or the new guy, and I was terrified. I didn’t want to be forever connected to my ex and I didn’t want to lose the new guy. I’m unemployed and broke and struggling. My mother and her family are devout, traditional Catholics. I was scared and desperate and insecure. I decided I had to abort it, after always having been pretty solidly pro life. I called Planned Parenthood, the only place in my area that offers abortions. I made the legally required appointment to sit and meet with them, they told me that’d be about an hour, to discuss the abortion. And before even having that appointment they went ahead and scheduled me for the actual abortion 2 days later. I wrestled for a week or two before making that appointment and it hurt every time I thought about it. But the day I actually made the appointment, actually had to say the “a” word to the receptionist on the phone…I fell apart. I went to take a shower after that and just stood there leaning against the wall sobbing. I cried so hard I threw up right there in the shower. But still I went to that first appointment. After that, that same day, I went to a clinic for an ultrasound.

        They were wonderful and kind and helpful. They counseled me and gave me much more thorough info than PP. PP was rushed, and that supposed hour long appointment took maybe 20 min tops. It was not very helpful or informative. But this clinic, a nurse sat and spoke with me for, goodness, an hour or more, and it was so incredibly helpful to unload everything I was feeling when I felt I had no one else I could talk to. Then they performed the ultrasound…and I saw my baby’s heart. I found out I wasn’t as far along as I thought I was, only 6 weeks, which meant it was the new guy’s. But I saw that little heartbeat, I looked at information about fetal development…and I knew my baby was alive, it was a little person, and my slip up wasn’t my baby’s fault.

        That night I worked up the nerve to tell my boyfriend, and once we get on the same page…we were both very happy. We both wanted it, we were both prepared to be together and raise this baby. So, in the end, after weeks of pain and torment and inner turmoil I decided to keep my baby. But for that time I considered it, and was 2 days away from going through with it, I understood at least part of the pain of abortion. And it almost broke me.

        Sadly you will have to carry on living with your decision. But you can choose HOW to live with it, what to learn from it, and how to use that knowledge. I have never been as pro life as I am now. I’m ashamed I even considered it, but I want to openly discuss that so I can try to help other women in tough situations understand it all. And now you can do the same, just as you did here. You can advocate for those little voiceless babies. It will never be easy, the pain may never truly go away, but it doesn’t have to be in vain. Share your story and help other women and babies find their way and you might just find your way in the process <3.

        Just a final note to clarify, I'm not a very religious person, being pro life isn't about God or faith for me. To me it's basic science and compassion. Just wanted to through that out there before anyone starts trying to through anti-religious arguments at me, lol.

      2. Dear Veronica,

        I strongly recommend that you contact Rachel’s Vineyard. You will get great help from others who have gone through your pain.

      3. Oh Veronica, that is so very sad. Good news though. God does not hold grudges like the world! He absolutely loves you and he has your baby in his arms! He thinks you are the most amazing thing he has ever created! Don’t ever be scared to talk to him because he is right there, as close to you as your breathe. Get in contact with a group that can help you to realise just how amazing you are.

  5. Hi, abortion is a murder please don’t confuse yourself, you that say its not, Becouse you taking a life out of what is lively, and its also a sin, against GOD, please what we can see is white don’t paint it black. AMEN

    1. I was trying to find things in the Bible about “abortion” / if the fetus is considered a life. I couldn’t find anything except something about a man killing a pregnant women. He was charged one under and then had to pay the husband a fee for the fetus as it was considered destroyed property. If you could find something that says abortion is murder, please share that with me. I need to know.
      I’m currently pregnant, my husband is a cheater and treats me terrible. I told him I want to give them for adoption but he will not sign over his rights!! I’m in the process of divorcing him soon so I just can’t have any kind of connection with him !! He just wants these babies to keep me tied to him. So obviously I would have to see him to “drop off for weekends” and what not… then be tasing a baby that I’ve never wanted.. I’ve never wanted kids.. I was on the depo shoot then my insurance got taken away and I couldn’t afford it then this happened right away.. I want so so bad to give them to a family who truly wants them.. but he won’t allow it and there’s no legal way around it.. I feel like abortion is my only choice unless I want to live in misery with him. I can’t afford babies on my own either..

  6. Not sure how I managed to get myself here. But I am. I’ve read some of the crap you put and to be fair. I’m pretty sick of reading it. As a human, we have a choice. To take life or keep life regardless of the law, age etc etc. You call it murder because it is a life. It feels ur it doesn’t nderstand. Yet you I’ve in a county that asthe ivjt to bare with arms to defend yourself and condone the death penalty in which you have voted for. Oh and then you agree with the war on terror. Having said all this. Put still have a choice. Each person does. Let them have that right to do as they please. Don’t judge them for doing what they think is the right thing as they might not agree that your voting is the right choice.

    1. Response to: Terence says:
      February 11, 2016 at 7:54 pm

      An innocent baby, life, unborn person has every right to live not be killed just because it pleased someone to do so. You complain we judge; but, we do not. We state the facts, but you feel judged because the truth is the truth no matter how much you deny it or try to change it. Abortion is murder by choice! People in battlefields at least have the chance to defend themselves, but an unborn child, baby, person, fetus (whatever you call it, in the end it is alive) cannot defend him/herself from such cruel torture and murder. And you have the audacity to point the finger? How can you deny it? You can see hands, feet, head, torso…obvious a human! Ending that life through abortion is murder!

      1. Life is life…I was grossed out by a teacher in my young years…by an abortion picture. How dare he (in a public school) pass judgement on something that was not his right to inflict on me. Unborn babies get killed on a regular basis. Women were taking coat hangers to themselves, and still are to this day, because they can’t afford to feed them. In some cultures and you know who they are..Men force sex on their wives because it’s their RIGHT AS A MAN. and Rape is another reason…or seriously deformed babies which will be dead before they are born anyways…does that give you the right to judge a person’s choice. I had a friend who had to live with a full term dead baby …and had to be put into labour and deliver it. weeks till the system could arrange it. were is the fairness in that. MY HEART ACHED SEEING THE LIMBS, EYES, NECK, RIBS! YES IT’S A LIFE…BUT..IT’S BETWEEN ME AND MY GOD…MY GOD WILL JUDGE ME AND NOT YOU! GET IT…that’s what PRO CHOICE IS ALL ABOUT. I don’t believe abortion should be used as a form of birth control….but, walk a mile in each woman’s shoes that has decided to have an abortion…you are NOT IN THEIR HEADS… hence that’s what PRO CHOICE IS ALL ABOUT…NOT A BUNCH OF HOLY ROLLERS DECIDING WHAT IS MORALLY RIGHT AND ISN’T… IF YOU FEEL THIS WAY..THEN I PRAY YOU NEVER EAT ANY ANIMAL EVER…BECAUSE THAT STEAK, OR CHICKEN, OR FISH..IS A LIFE FORM…AND YOU MURDER EVERY DAY THEN!

        1. That is ignorant, and mentally ill. God forbid you have the baby, and adopt the baby out.(Less that a half of 1% of abortions are due to the woman’s health risk, that’s about 600 of the 1,200,000 abortions each year in the US) You actually just protested being educated by the truth of fetal development in regards to abortion! Do you know how “unevolved” you sound!? In your Godless stupor. Oh no, but then I’ll want to keep it. That my friend is the epitome of human self centeredness, and selfishness. I would rather this LIFE DIE than for someone else to have it. Yeah you have free choice to kill yourself genius, but assisted suicide is ILLEGAL! The law should not encourage the destruction of human life Period!

    1. Girls who keep their pants on never have to make this choice. So, girls, it’s so simple. If you can’t keep your legs together, then use dependable birth control.

    2. ….you wouldn’t understand anything unless you’ve been in those shoes. That’s how I see it. Before I was personally rape by 5 guys I was always pro-life but when I was raped that changed everything, I was raped by 5 guys, not just 1 but 5 please tell me how, how could you live with being pregnant by one of those monsters who did that. Yes, everyone says there are other options but the option I made was abortion, my boyfriend was unable to live with the thought of me being pregnant by 1 of the 5 rapists and try to raise the child as our own. It can mess people up. I know that you all say that God has his ways and that God will never let anyone get pregnant and wish bad luck on those who had an abortion. I believe that yall are a bunch of ignorant people. You will never know until you are actually in the situation yourself.

  7. My middle son was conceived of rape, but that’s not his fault. I love him just as much as my other children , I never once regretted not having an abortion with him. Even the rape aside he is severely mentally disabled ( he is almost 8 years old but mentally 3 months old) I have to tend to every basic need from feeding clothing to changing his diapers until I die . Even if I knew that this was gonna happen I would have never aborted. I’m so glad he is here . If other woman realized how much love you have once you see your child, they wouldn’t do it.

    1. I am sorry but this is selfishness. How about the child? His quality of life? I m sure if he had been able to speak, he would have told you that he d be better off dead

      1. How do you know he’d be better off dead if you have nothing nice to say then keep ur comments to urself!

    2. Mary, That is fine for you…you CHOSE TO KEEP YOUR BABY… it does NOT give YOU the right to tell ANOTHER WOMAN what her RIGHTS ARE! THERE ARE PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD…WHO HAVE CHILDREN….who abuse them and say they never wanted them in the first place…after killing them. Is that fair…give me a break…LIFE IS NOT FAIR…AND IT’S NOT YOUR RIGHT TO GUILT ANY WOMAN…WHAT IS BETWEEN HER AND GOD, AND JESUS. I do realize it’s a life form.. but, as gross as it is. I would rather see a baby aborted at a stage of 8 to 10 weeks… THAN have them murdered anyways by child molesters…starvation…and the list goes on. TWO SIDES TO EVERY STOREY. THE BOTTOM LINE IS YOU HAD A CHOICE…WHAT IF YOU WERE PUT ON THE SPOT..AND FORCED INTO AN ABORTION BY YOUR PARENTS… THAT STILL HAPPENS….SO WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES. I don’t know what I would do if I got pregnant…but I DEFINITELY WANT THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE…

  8. I’m 18 and catholic I recently found out I’m pregnant as of now 13 weeks. For the last two months I throw up everyday averaging every 10-15 mins to every half hour some periods every few mins and this goes on from 4-7 am when I wake to all day if I’m lucky I can some what lay / sit in bed my stomach feeling as if torn apart over and over im shaking an crying begging for death. If I’m lucky I fall asleep from exhaustion only to half the time wake up around 2 or 3 am vomit for another hour plus and make fall back asleep for a few hours but rarely does this happen I’ve been in n out of the hospital but even then medicine they prescribe doesn’t help. My throat burns from the straight stomach acid I dry heave, also blood there’s always blood mixed along and even after I sit still spitting out blood. I don’t rember then last thing I ate it’s been too long. I spend all day sitting on the bathroom floor because I’m to dehydrated to walk. My parents after a week got annoyed that stop going out, eatting, having to ask someone to bring me water cause I’m to weak to walk, annoyed with me at some point taking multiple sleeping pills just to get a break from the vomiting if I was lucky. They talked shit and bitched calling me useless and lazy cause I was forced to quit my job and no longer can fork over my entire paycheck. Tell me I “Better get better fucking fast and get my shit together fast cause I was no longer allowed to live there” my days are limited I have no money no friends no family to turn to. I wish to tell them the burden I carry but i fear they’ll only kick me out sooner. I have no money no job no home very soon no support I have a family ring worth enough to pawn for an abortion so tell me I wrong to have an abortion when I have no means to take care of my self til the child comes (if they don’t die due to the fact I consume no food and also no water) let alone once they are here I’m very conflicted and use honestly help and no judgement I understand it’s murder but is it worth keeping if I risk my own life as well ?

    1. ive also spent year fighting depredation bipolar disorder anxiety and such rage I snap and break things all around me when pushed to far. I’m not a bad person and I love kids but mentally I’m not ready or prepared to handle having a kid when I have trouble taking care of my self I go days with out leaving bed or days sleeping. I’m very unstable and afraid to risk having that kind of responsibility of taking care of a kid alone.

      1. Anonymous, I am hopeful that someone responded to you, as I stumbled upon this page tonight I realize you posted about your situation June 15th… is now July 11th. Praying you found help and we’re able to get into a residential maternity home. If you still need help with accessing resources, I am willing to do all I can. Feel free to email me at Jody

      2. Omg this is exactly me. I beat my now ex up today… I’m 9 weeks. I can’t believe I’m this way but I know the pain.

    2. I am so sorry you are going through this! I can honestly say that I understand. There are pregnancy crises centers that will help you, and there are ways to help the sickness. I pray that all worked out, and you were blessed with seeing that sweet little face of love that will always and forever call you mom, and love you no matter what. Hugs!

    3. I would confirm your life is at risk from a doctor, and if it’s not, adopt the child out, since you can’t afford it.

  9. Abortion. Adoption. Pro-life. Pro-choice. Murder. Selfish. Ignorant. For the first time in my 35 years I am faced with this horror called termination. Have your OPINIONS, that’s what they are, but PLEASE edit and re-edit before sharing. I was told today that the sweet tiny 19 week little girl inside me has Trisomy 18. She has a 1% chance to live to 1 years old or LESS. I’d say that rules out the EASY Answer… !! ADOPTION !! answer that’s given so effortlessly. Nothing is EASY about this. I’m hysterical. I have 3 options they say. 1. D&E 2. Inducting labor in all it’s pain minus reward (which means medically they will have to kill her before she can be delivered because of laws state and federal and malpractice.) But unlike option 1 she’ll be in one piece 3. Carry her until she aborts naturally, more than 50% of trisomy 18 babies don’t make it to 40 weeks. 95 % die the first week. Carrying her comes with a long list of physical and emotional dilemmas. NO MATTER WHAT the emotional pain will be excruciating. WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME WHAT I SHOULD DO! !!??? I want this baby so badly. No amount of wanting will change her fate. I KNOW I will not condone anything that will remove her from me limb by limb. I will suffer first. My point in sharing this is that I read so many heartless responses. It made me angry. Why do we feel so entitled to but in on an incredibly personal and more times than not PAINFUL decision that we’re not DIRECTLY facing and to do so with so little thought and consideration. And for those whom are continuing judging if you’d like to set up a trust with AT LEAST $100,000 in it for my Lily Elizabeth then I won’t blink an eye carrying her full term. Then the NICU bills, hospice nurses, special care equipment and care and the 100 other expenses I have yet to think of won’t be so scary. What an impossible, horrible decision to feel so light and free to judge on! I have DAYS to decide to! (Because I’m nearly 20 weeks)

    1. Keli my heart goes out to you…This is why I am pro choice…not to encourage abortion…but to give another option…and in your case you and your baby are hurting big time! I will pray for you and your family. What ever happens in the end…God loves you and always will (if you believe in god). You OBVIOUSLY ARE A BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING…AND I AM SO SORRY YOU MUST GO THROUGH THIS PAIN. Hang in there (((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))

    2. These are the hard cases and are less than half of 1% of the 1,200,000 abortions each year in the US. Please keep your convictions in this very hard situation, moving forward. I honor your humanity, and good heart. And respect whatever decision you make, and how hard this must be for you. And the millions who go through it off convince rather than necessity should be ashamed at the reading of your story… As if my opinion matters.

  10. i was just talking about this with my sister last night. she has had 2 and claims she feels no remorse what so ever and that its her body and she has the choice to do what she wants with it. her first was at 16 and the second at 20 something. she had someone willing to pay her dr. bills and pay for the birth if she would keep the baby and let them have it after she had it. she agreed. then she was talked into aborting. she claims no remorse but i remember hearing her crying at night. the people that wanted the baby stopped talking to her and i dont blame them. i knew them and i know from experience that one had been a terrible parent in the past but the new wife had changed him dramatically. that being said i have been pregnant 6 times. i alwasys told myself the man that got me pregnant was the man i was meant to be with for the rest of my life. march 28th 2007 i lost my first baby. i never got to hear a heart beat, see an ultra sound. the dr told me at 6 weeks the baby had died. i held my baby in me for a month hoping he was wrong. a month and a day later my baby came out dead. my sister told me its because i dont believe in god and that is why my baby died. the dad wanted me to abort or he would leave me. i told him if he wanted to leave me he can go but im keeping my child. i showed him aborted babies and told him a real man would want their child. over time i changed his mind. then to lose it when he was getting excited about being a dad. i was 19 he was 24. the second one i was 22. i didnt even know i was pregnant when i lost it. i went in for bc and the dr said no you’re pregnant! talk about freaking happy! finally i would be a mom. we went in to see how far along i was and the baby was dead. again. i was 6weeks. i let them take my baby because i couldnt go through with holding a dead baby in me again. it made me super sick the first time and i knew if i ever wanted a chance to have a healthy baby that would live then my baby house had to be healthy too. march of 2010 i found out i was pregnant again. we didnt tell anyone. 2 pregnancies and the babies both died. he (the same man from 2007) ended up telling his mom. she was horrible. saying she wasnt going to get excited for my body to just kill another of her grandkids and she didnt want to hear anything else about it till i had given birth. i refused to let her in the room when i was in labor. at 13 weeks the dr told me i was going to lose her if i couldnt stay hydrated and my job was the cause. i worked for AT&T and they wouldnt let you use the bath room when you needed to, you werent allowed to get anything to drink when you needed. i kept uti,kidney and bladder infections from it and had to go to the hospital numerous times for being dehydrated and having pains. i left my job. i told my boss no job was worth the price of my childs life. she is 3 years old today and man she gets on my nerves but i love her so much <3 i know i did the right thing for my baby in leaving my job. so thats no excuse to those of you that have an abortion because of work! in 2012 i had lost another baby. we were trying to figure out why i was still producing milk when my daughter was almost 1 1/2 and i only got to breast feed for a month. i was stressed from finding her dad with another woman when i was pregnant and having bipolar disorder and manic depression it took a toll on my pregnancy. i lost my baby. in december i left her dad. his mom (who ended up thinking the sun and moon set on her granddaughters shoulders) had planned to take her to the beach for christmas and asked me to come with her because she knew i wouldnt let her out of my sight no matter who she was with. i agreed. her dad showed up. we had 2 different areas with bed room kitchen living room bathroom and the room i shared with my daughter had 2 beds. i shared one with her and her dad slept in the other one. he waited for us to go to sleep and took her to her granny and he raped me. i got pregnant from it. the dr.s told me at 12 weeks my hcg level was 5o when it should be in the thousands for my stage. they let me go a week after blood test thinking i had lost yet another baby. i wouldnt do the D-N-C for them take my supposed dead baby out until they ran another blood test to confirm she was dead. the test came back with my hcg levels being nearly 70,000. i fought for my baby. a product of rape or not she was still mine. in september 2013 i had my second child. never would i let someone kill her because i knew he was in the room and i knew what could happen. that was my fault as much as his for putting myself in that position. so no unless its a child getting raped i dont agree with that as an opening for talk of abortion. my friend was kidnapped and raped at 16 and has a 7 year old from it. she loves her more and more every day and never compares her to her rapist father. last year when i was getting my stuff checked to get on depo the dr told me i had lost yet ANOTHER baby. she opened me up to check my cervix and there was baby number 6. dead. so before you think about killing your child. think about people like me who dont care what caused you to get pregnant or who it was or what you think about having a baby, just know we want one and we will do anything to make that baby happy and healthy and love life. if you cant give us the chance we deserve to be a parent then atleast give your child a chance to be a child. you owe them that much.

    1. I call straight bullshit. You are ridiculous. If I want or need to have an abortion, it is MY decision and mine ALONE. How dare you berate and judge me for the choices I make concerning my own body. No matter what gibberish you squawk, the law is still the law, and unfortunately for you and your high horse, I am STILL AND WILL ALWAYS BE free to choose. Thank the good lord for that. Otherwise, we would be severely overpopulated and miserable as a society. Ughhh. So glad I don’t know anyone like you. I guess in the case that I did, I’d “abort” you from my life in a heartbeat.

      1. Your comment above in reply to the distressed writer clearly demonstrates that there are monsters in this world and you, my dear are one.

  11. I am a Christian and I believe that you shouldn’t be judged by past mistakes. With that said, and abortion is not a mistake it is a choice to end a life. If you can look at these pictures or watch those videos and still think it’s not murder, you are just as bad as the people having the abortion or the ones doing the procedure. Someone posted well if your raped or incest or whatever. Okay yes, I understand you wouldn’t want to keep a child that would remind you every day of that horrible thing that happened to you but, that doesn’t mean you should kill this innocent child. That’s why there is adoption. If you cannot take care of a child or don’t want children then either use protection or don’t have sex or get fixed, plain and simple.

    1. i agree but the one thing about getting fixed is that most dr.s will NOT do it if you have no kids or only one. that way if you change your mind about having babies in the future you can or if something happens to your one child you can have another. unless its a health concern like cervical cancer they wont even take everything out any more. that being said its still wrong to use abortion as a method of birthcontrol. in my PERSONAL opinion (because we all have one) if a woman has repeated abortions then the dr SHOULD take everything out. obviously if she is ok with killing and infant she would be ok with harming a baby out side of the womb and obviously doesnt want kids. so instead of repeatedly killing her children take her stuff out so she cant get pregnant again.


  12. So many people judging and the only one that can judge us is the almighty. There are many reasons why women obtain abortions. Rape, incest, etc. that are VALID reasons, in my opinion, to end a pregnancy. As I type this, I am sitting in an office waiting on my 15 year old daughter to have her pregnancy ended. My child is bipolar, was released from a juvenile detention center in December, and is in an abusive relationship. How can she be a mother when she can’t even take care of herself? I went through hell and back trying to save my daughter before she chose a path of drugs and promiscuous sex. She spent an entire year in the juvenile center and it did nothing to change her. I tried to be a responsible mother and get her on birth control but she refuses to take it. She is mentally ill and I cannot force her to take anymore medication than she already takes. Plus, the bipolar medication counteracts with any birth control. I can’t be present EVERYTIME she decides to have sex and not use a condom. It took a lot of convincing to get her here but I think it is the right thing to do for her. She will have a second chance to be a kid again. If you think this is a stupid statement, remember that you have sinned too and cannot cast the first stone.

    1. So punish the unborn baby and kill him/her because your daughter doesn’t have boundries. Maybe the right choice would be to let her experience the consequence for her actions and give the baby up for adoption to a family that would more than love him/her. Killing is not the answer.

    2. No matter how you look at this, having an abortion is still murdering a human being and this is a fact.

      1. Incorrect. I would never go to the extent to say that it is a fact. it is 100% a matter of opinion. And in my opinion, it is a fact that abortion is not murder.

    3. “That’s OK that you and your family have an abortion. With attitudes like that about human life, we rather just get rid of your lineage to prevent waste later on in the generations. Win, win. Any regrets will be yours :)” -**** *****

    4. you do realize thats your gand child your waiting for the dr to suck out of your child dont you? she wasnt raped. she knew what she was doing. and she also knew what could come from it. sounds like to me you need to get a restraining order on the boyfriend. there is not such thing as loving your child too much. keep her grounded. youre her mother. imagine thats you in there pregnant with her. yes i have sinned and no i dont believe in god but do you think your savior will think good things of you for letting his child die because you didnt want your daughter to be a mom. as far as her mental issues, i have my fair share. so thats no excuse for killing your grand child. please dont talk all christian like when you’re going against your own “though shalt not kill” commandment.

      1. Rachel
        You and I share this in common. My daughter was 16 dating a not so nice boy . She got pregnant and I too talked her into an abortion and she is now 20 yrs old and if just fine. She does not resent me one bit. Oh by the way after she left him a year later her committed murder and is looking at life in prison. I hope your daughters comes to realize her self worth as loses loser boy friend. Good luck

    5. Rachel, you said that you are waiting for your 15 year old daughter who you talked into having an abortion so that she can be a kid again and not be a mother because she is unprepared/incompetent. I strongly disagree with you here. Do you honestly think your daughter will EVER be a kid again after killing her baby after being talked into it by her own mother? You are sadly mistaken. YOU may go back to YOUR life with no additional responsibility but she will never be the same ever again. In time, she will resent you for pushing this issue. I personally feel you were only thinking of yourself here. There is always adoption.

      1. Connie
        Every parent does what they think is best for their 15 yr old. Rachel is her parent and you don’t have live a day in her life and you should not judge her . You don’t know her don’t will resent sounds like you’re talking from Experiance mostly likely.

    6. I feel so bad for your daughter but i dont think in any way shape or form that abortion is the answer that child was your grandbaby i am not nor will i ever judge you or think you are a bad person i feel that you will be judge in the end and you have to answer but i will never ever see a reason for them hope all is well with you and your daughter

    7. Sounds like she already went down that path you praise yourself for having avoided for her. Im baffled how you can take yout girl in there and have her truely know how little her mother will do for her. Most parents would raise the grandchild themselves..But not you. You spend your time pointing fingers at people who have a conscience. So is everything fixed now that you killed him or her?? No. You know its not. Bet you kept the card of the clinic for future mother/daughter adventures. You taught your daughter a horrible way to deal with life. When in trouble..abort, give up, you cant do it, you are damaged,…just gross!

  13. I don’t think it’s anyone’s business to judgeanybody else’s decision I myself have had two abortions and not a day goes by that I don’t think of my two little miracles that God sent me and I had send right back to him but I have a health condition and my mental state has to be healthy enough that I can take care of my child so until I’m balanced out, and off my anxiety meds. Who are any of you to judge me? I’m certain none of you could walk in my shoes for a day. I’m traumatized from it and I did not have them back to back I had one when I was 16 and one when I was 25. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of them, they were half my fiance and half me, I can’t wait to be a mother and when I am one, I will be the best!!

    1. diamond, I understand exactly… and agree… Don’t judge me… but i wanted to let you know that my little ones helped with the balancing out for me. I have Complex PTSD and finally got the correct diagnosis 6 months ago. I have abuse and trauma starting at the age of 4. I spent many years self medicating and didn’t have myself together. For years my family would treat the I’m prego announcement as a burden and i guess for a family suffering from incest and physical abuse, this could be true but i now have three. I actually reached my dream goal after the third, 35 years old, unwed… and I’m so in love. I’m 8 weeks now and really didn’t want another baby but my family grew up treating abortion like birth control. Now that things are together; i’m mad at myself for even considering termination but i’m still coming to grips with what’s about to go down. From my experience I will be able to deal with these pregnancy announcements from others with compassion and that’s what woman need. Although i understand the choice; at some point you’ve got to realize that you CAN be a good parent now.. tomorrow is not promised… I am mentally ill but my children helped me prioritize what’s most important and eventually things came together. As disgusting as this site is, I’m thinking… how can I do this at this stage of my life… yes, it’s going to slow things down but really my three kids are the best thing to happen to me… I’m unwed with problems, past trauma, mental illness, no degree and I’m very successful with my hands in a few good careers… go figure… I told my bff that this wasn’t a part of the plan and she reminded me that God laughs at us when we think we have our own plans.. My mom just posted pics of her granddaughters (my girls) online and wrote Pride & Joy… well that wasn’t the case during my pregnancies… she was rude as hell..some ppl and familes are just ignorant.. I’m all for your choice but still think everyone should reconsider cause any excuse to do this is kinda lame… no wait… unless you’re a white supremacist or any kind of racist for that matter…. by all means abort… no just kidding…sorry, couldn’t resist : ) As far as Walk in My Shoes… really? My past is pretty gory… my kids re-wrote my Gory Story…

      1. Congratulations on your baby. Children are a miracle. You will grow to love this little one as much as you love the others. Please stay strong and don’t abort, let the baby live to grow and come to love you too.

        1. Thank you Sarah; my appointment was this past Tuesday but myself and my friends pretty much knew it was not going to happen. I missed my first appointment and took it as a sign.

        2. Children are not a miracle…they are a biological necessity for the continuation of the species. Learn about what you are. You are not a creature made in the image of a mythical entity. You are nothing more than an animal. Do you feel a newborn roach is a miracle? Or just the byproduct of dirt and filth? Don’t fool yourself into believing you are higher in biological importance than you are.

    2. If you are logical enough to come to this conclusion, and kill your children as a result, then you should be able to understand that you should not fore go the act of procreating, i.e. having sex. God did not make sex for you to taunt Him and mock Him with, and if you think you know better than Him to send His child back as if He made a mistake, then you have some serious soul searching to do and you don’t understand the omnipotence of the Most High. There are plenty of parents out there looking to adopt. You just killed their kid. You killed God’s child.

    3. DIAMOND, you had two abortion both of which you say were little miracles??? I have a hard time with that oxymoron. You call them miracles but in the same sentence decide to KILL them both. What sense does that make? Have you ever thought about what would happen if you could never conceive another child, and the opportunities you had to be a mother, you threw away. Also since you mention your health problems as to why you can not be a mother right now…..those same health problems are not preventing you from having unprotected sex…is it? hmmm…something to ponder…..

    4. To you and Donna who replied: Why do you feel judged by people who say abortion is wrong? They aren’t talking about you. They are talking about the act of abortion and the abuses of the abortion industry – upon women and their “little miracles”. It is you who feel bad, you who judge yourself. Get that? The words you are saying are not true of anyone here. The people who are pro life feel abortion is wrong. It is totally okay for them in their consciences to come to a conclusion that it is wrong. If you feel what you did was right, your words, which you apply to phantoms here, do not bear that out. Maybe in your heart of hearts you wish you had chosen differently. And that too, is totally okay for you to believe. But as far as people judging you here…methink she doth protest to much. You are talking about yourself. We have to forgive…everyone, others and ourselves.

    5. IT cannot be said enough! All any girl or woman has to do is birth control, abstinence or adoption! There is NEVER any reason to commit murder by killing a helpless baby!

    6. o my i would never judge you but damn how can one kill there baby i see no reason ever to get one and why did you not use birth control it breaks my heart to think of what you go thro because of it i am so sorry for you i am not sure how one gets past that my heart breaks for you

      1. People judge you anyway. If you had abortion, they will call you a killer. If you didn’t have an obortion but you cannot afford to raise the child,they will point at you saying “ok so it was good having sex, you didn’t think much back then about how you gonna support your child financially”. When the child grows up and you tell him/her you don’t have money for the latest gadgets, or univeristy, he will tell you “why did you make children if you’re not even able to provide?!?!”
        And they are right.

    1. exactly HOW IS IT that this moronic statement ALWAYS pops up regarding the prolife/antiabortion population ?
      Now why is it that the morons posting this scatology NEVER EVER heard of welfare etc ?
      so exactly what is ALLEGED by the diMs to happen when an individual turns 18 ?

      and don’t change the debate TO the foster care system etc.

  14. Pretty graphic images, Whilst I can see why people disagree with the procedure, and there are may women out there unable to conceive, Why bring a life into the world if it cannot be loved? How do you know if it gets adopted, that it’s life would be as fulfilled if brought up in the correct manner?
    What are the correct circumstances to bring up a child? Mistakes are made, decisions are never easy.
    My option was to ruin both my life and the unborn child’s life (unwanted and un supported- I’m at the brink of a serious career opportunity) or Struggle coming to terms with carrying a child for someone else. Neither sound appealing to me.

    1. Liz,
      I’m glad you can see how people would disagree with this “procedure”, but you’re missing the mark on every aspect of your argument for your “choice” to end your child’s life and supporting the rights of women to legally have their children killed as well.
      Do you not understand that when you are pregnant you are already a mother? Do you honestly believe that anyone’s life is perfect in every way and that any of us are never touched by hurt? It’s part of life! Your argument that it is better to murder a child than to miss a career opportunity is so selfish it’s beyond comprehension. Maybe you are an inconvenience to others at times (as we all can be), but does that then make it “ok” for those we’ve inconvenienced to hire a hitman to kill us?!?
      Now think about this: How quickly does one year pass? Pretty fast, right? Well, you would’ve only been “inconvenienced” for a fraction of that year to protect the life of your child – your son or daughter – whether you chose to raise that child or adopt them out to a loving family just yearning to have children of their own, but unable to…
      It is nothing short of monstrous to murder innocents as these helpless and precious children as we do “legally” every day! God help us to have hearts of love and think more selflessly.
      I pray your heart changes and you not only find forgiveness, but that you speak out against this atrocity!!!

      1. Wow how many children do you have and how hard are you struggling to feed them? No one is there to support you. Your only option to get you and your children out of thus hole is a career opp that will put food on the table. How excatly can you do that with another baby? How many times have you fallen pregnant on contraception? You have not one one thousandth of an understanding of how someone else chooses until you walk in their shoes. Yes it’s monstrous so is suicide. So is anemia due to long term malnutrition. Along with future illnesses waiting as you get older.Also another outcome from low income families. Having more children will not make more money. “Inconvenience?” Just try for a second to look at the whole picture. Honestly walk my shoes your feet would burn.

        1. Walk in my shoes and your feet will burn? I have walked in your shoes. My experience was selfish in a different way from yours. I didn’t want to lose my boyfriend.
          Also, years later I was raped & used the RU486 pill.
          I mean, how could I have that baby? It would only remind me of the rape every day of my life. But when the RU486 induced miscarriage I saw my baby still in its protective sac. Eyes, arms, the beginning of fingers, & even a spine.
          I held my little baby in the palm of my hand for hours. I cried. I screamed. And even though this baby was conceived by rape, I knew I would be dammed for this. So, walk in your shoes & feel the burn of your feet. Darling, have a change of heart, please. It’s not your feet you have to worry about burning. Quite simply,
          It’s your SOUL.
          I pray that God changes your heart just as he did with me. Btw my baby I murdered from the rape means more to me than my living 22yr old son I love.

          1. “Btw my baby I murdered from the rape means more to me than my living 22yr old son I love.”

            Yeah because it happened to be a baby (or a semblance of one). You wouldn’t be saying the same if it was say 30 and looked like its rapist dad.

            Just pure human emotion, nothing from God.

  15. May i be cursed of God if i ever think of carryx out a “criminal abortion” in my practise as a nurse/midhusband.abortion out of de norms is DETESTABLE,HORIBLE I SAY.WATCHH OUT!!

  16. I don’t know what human being could even bring themselves to make such a disgusting choice as this. Now, if the child was considered not to be living why in the big blue and green planet do we call it a double homicide when a pregnant woman is killed? Now, you mean to tell me that because a foolish mother doesn’t want her child to have a “ruff childhood” you kill it? if your lil fast self would’ve never opened your legs you wouldn’t be pregnant! Abortion is STUPID AND FOOLISH! God Bless You & May Jesus touch your ignorant minds. If any questions hit you please contact Jesus at “hit yo knees and call him”.com #dobetter #getittogether

    1. But it’s okay when a doctor does it. Remember that Hippocratic Oath?? Apparently modern medicine has thrown that out as well. Blame the elites and their desire for depopulation.

  17. Awesome pics great for a Halloween party. I wonder what they taste like….maybe chicken. I hate kids really doesn’t matter to me

    1. Well isn’t nice that someone loved you enough to let you live to make such a horrible statement? I hope you repent before its too late.

  18. so sad, I could never imagine doing this to my baby. their are more choices than this. babys don’t need to die because of some of the choices we make.

    1. Wow what great Christian advice. Have you heard of rape. Small minded people on here. Yes it is monstrous but humans are monstrous. In one way or another we all have that flaw. Not everyone has a choice.

      1. and what’s the percentage of abortions done in the case of incest and rape ?
        vast majority are done via this choice propaganda.

      2. Wow, have you heard of adoption? What great self serving advice you give. It’s not the child’s fault. As the woman pregnant by rape do you not have the choice not to perpetuate the monstrosity? Yes. I think you do.

      3. YES! EVERYONE does have a choice! GOD gave each of us free will and what we do with it is whether or not we make the RIGHT decision or the WRONG! ADOPTION IS the way to go IF you do not want your baby. I being female DO NOT understand how ANY female would not use birth control to keep from getting pregnant IF there is ANY chance of not wanting a baby! How could ANYONE BLAME a helpless child for their irresponsibility is beyond me. Rape is not right BUT killing a baby does not make that act right no matter what. There are homes for pregnant mothers to live and get healthcare so that when their baby is born the HOME can adopt that baby out to people who want it and love it. Murder is never the answer!

      4. you got raped your baby did not i am so sorry this happend to you i hope one day you can get over it i have a baby of a rape and i have never looked at her one time and thought of him not one time she is my everything and i cant image a day without her you either are for abortion or aginst it the end

  19. wow I cant believe how this takes place, my heart aches for the babies that have bee aborted. I could have not done this to my beautiful 5 month old daughter. there are more options than abortion.

  20. Truly heartbreaking pictures….feel sorry for whoever has or had to go through this horrible procedure. I am 5 weeks and 6 days pregnent. Just got to know yesterday that one of cousins has recently aborted her she is not yet married and she din’t want the child. I was horrified by just thinking of this procedure…and how she made that decision so easily…din’t value her childs’ life whatsoever..! Its very disturbing how people take their bodies for granted and take them in a playfull manner…and take chances of getting pregnent at unappropriate times of their lives. After looking at these pictures I can’t thank enough to my family and especially my mum who always reminded me of side effects of abortion (plus the inhuman thing which happens to the aborted baby) and birth control pills…she always encouraged me for self control and not taking chance until we (me and my husband) were ready to have a child. Here i am, 5 weeks pregnant, happy, enjoying my pregnancy at the right time of my life…where i can cherish every moment of my to be motherhood…Please respect yourself and your body…nothing is important than your health and GOD let’s you conceive for a purpose..please do not make this precious law of nature a GAME!

      1. It’s called “quit being irresponsible.” You want to make a big grandstand about how abortion is the right thing to do, yet you don’t know the right thing to do to begin with. Murder is murder. Plenty of people are waiting and looking to adopt those perfect little children. No circumstance should allow a person to take an innocent life. Any other criminal would be sentenced in court for such a crime.

  21. These pictures make me cry again.I just had an abortion on 6th week of my pregnancy and I am in a lot of pain..not physical only.its more mental.I didnt wanted to do this but i am help less because not only i am unmarried because i live with my parents.they will commit suicide if they came to know about this.and i cant let my parents die for saving my that i did this..and from that bloody moment when i took decision to abort him/her..i am crying in every heartbeat of mine..i am sorry my little baby..i am really a very bad mother.pls forgive me and come back soon when i could accept you..

    1. i had an abortion today i know i did wrong i wanted my baby but neither my partner or i were ready we decided to go with this abortion im hurt not just pyshically but mentally and emotional this is really hard im trying to be strong i know now that god has my baby with him taking care of him/her as i write this i cry i dont know when i will ever recover from this pain i just hope that one day i can forgive myself.

      1. If you really have remorse about this, and love for God, make a vow of chastity until you are married -from now on. That is how you start to heal, otherwise it may happen again, you can’t (birth) control that.
        If your boyfriend leaves because you won’t have sex with him, then guess what sweetheart? He is not the one who loves you. The one who truly loves you will wait.

      2. YOU need to ask GOD to forgive you because he loves you enough to die on a cross for you and that baby. IF you accept him as your Lord and Savior and ask him to forgive you for all YOUR SINS he will. GO to a Bible believing church and learn about the word of God. IF you know he loves you ,died for your sins, and are truly repentant HE WILL FORGIVE you. IF you do this and ask him into your heart then know he will and then you can forgive yourself. GOD LOVES ALL OF US including people who have not accepted him. Just know we are soon going to be in vey perilous times and all of us better accept him. Hell is not going to be a fun place. If anyone thinks its bad here now wait until one dies and goes to hell!

    2. You seem to have let the most negative outcome bring fear to you. There are always other options. I doubt both of your parents would actually kill themselves because you had a baby. There are places to help you find a home for the child and will even take care of you until you give birth if you are worried about being at home. Seriously, if you are not ready to have kids, stop having sex. A moment of pleasure with someone who is just using your body is not worth a life of regret and pain.

      Wait until you are married and you know the man seriously loves you (because he is willing to marry you) and is not just looking for another conquest.

  22. I have had two abortions and I regret them everyday
    Of my life. It has been well over 10 years since them and
    I still cry each day and remember the way everytthing
    Felt and smelled and the sound of the doctors
    Voice telling me he couldn’t stop he had already
    Started.. I screamed and cried out to my child
    I am so sorry I am so sorry over and over again.
    I can barely type these words for the blurred vision
    Of my tears now. I trulely believe they were
    Babies alive and safe in MY womb growing and
    Living.. I destroyed that I did that I har to live with
    That everyday. It is impossible not to remember
    To put it in the back of your mind. I did something
    Horrible that I CANNOT take back! Please if you
    Are considering abortion don’t or at least really
    Think about what you are doing WHO you are
    Killing! And what it is going to do to YOU for the rest
    Of your life! If I could take it all back I would
    But I can’t all I can do is share my story .. Please
    Reconsider they are babies from
    Conception God put them there for a reason and
    He chose you to be the parent don’t kill you precious
    Unborn baby…

  23. In my mind, a child is just that from the moment of conception. To abort is to destroy a life that had been intended to join us on earth; maybe be a writer, a businessman, a model, a mother…. These graphic pictures should grab the heart of everyone who sees them. Abortion is too easy, risky, but most of all it kills. During war, everyone hates to hear about the death of children. We kill children daily, most of these babies don’t receive a second thought. How sad.

    1. I do believe that some women really do want their babies and are sometimes, due to circumstances, feel they have no choice. Some women have other children to care for and are ill during their pregnancy and they cannot cope. The man dosnt want the child and does not offer support and family members are wrapped up in their own lives which just add to the woman’s distress. Some women have been in abusive relationships and are left bringing up children alone and are stuggling financially. Of course, this is not a reason to end a pregnancy, which is why I believe more help should be available to support these women, because some are crying out for help and they never get it and in despair have an abortion, only regretting it each and every day, causing them pain and sadness, not just for themselves but for their baby boy or girl, who will always be loved and never forgotten. Lets not forget, that the mother is also a victim together with her baby of this cruel world that we live in.

  24. Abortion is horrible!!!! Why would you want to kill, murder, or whatever you want to call it to your own child?!!?? If you have had an abortion I know you regret it.

    1. Yes I agree, this stage of an abortion is horrifying. But to have it done earlier, with no heartbeat, nothing, just a gathering of cells I feel is not so bad – depending on the circumstances of the woman. For example, if she was too young and it had been a mistake, precautions taken but failed. Surely you must see that it would be even worse to bring a child into the world if you can’t support it? If the woman uses abortion as a form of contraception, which I know happens – that is disgusting.

      1. Olivia, the heart starts beating 21 days after conception, and while most abortions take place in the 1st trimester, no abortions take place before the heart starts to beat.

      2. it is not JUST A GATHERING OF CELLS, it HAS a heartbeat.
        it is a perfectly made human being in the making.
        you don’t get scrambled eggs when you crack it open, it takes time.

  25. I was think about abortion for the first time & when i saw this pictures i cryed.iam thankful that i saw this picture before i did it.i can belive we as women can destroy alive growing inside of iam 100% that abortions wrong are children have no fault for are mistakes.we shouldent take their life away instead love your baby

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