Picture of Aborted Baby Helps Prosecutors Convict Abortionist

Another example of how effective these pictures are, when Kenneth Edelin killed a 23 week old baby who was born alive after an abortion he performed, the jury that convicted him said that the reason they found him guilty was the pictures the prosecution showed of the dead child:

From an article covering the trial:

“Several of the jurors who convicted Edlin of manslaughter said it was the photographic evidence that convinced them.

“It looked like a baby,” said juror Liberty Ann Conlin “I’m not speaking for the rest of the jurors, but it definitely had an effect on me.”

Another juror, Paul A. Hollan, “The picture helped people draw their own conclusions. Everybody in the room made up their minds but the fetus was a person.”

(St Lois Globe-Democrat feb 18 1975)


Pro-choice author Maureen Faux said of the case:

“The case was lost in part because, over the defense’s strenuous objections, the prosecution was able to display a larger-than-life-size photograph of the fetus, which had been preserved as evidence.”

Marian Faux Crusaders: Voices from the Abortion Front (New York: Carol Publishing Group) 1990 P 4

The verdict was later overturned.

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