Mother threatens to kick pregnant teen out of the house unless she has abortion

Lauren, a teen who had an abortion, was interviewed. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

“Q: And had you decided straightaway what you were going to do?

L: No, I were going to keep it, but, em, going to get rid of it.

Q: What persuaded you?

L: Well, ‘cos I’m too young and I want a job, and basically I would have nowhere to live, if I did keep it, you [to mother] said you wouldn’t have me would you not with a baby.”

Sharon Tabberer, Christine Hall, Shirley Prendergast, and Andrew Webster Teenage Pregnancy and Choice: Abortion or Motherhood: Influences on the Decision (York, UK: Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2000) 35 – 36

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Post-abortive woman describes her traumatic abortion

Jeannie Smith, a postabortion woman who is now pro-life, describes her abortion:

“Internally I was screaming STOP! But I knew it was too late.
As I listened to the sound of the procedure, I slowly rolled my head to the left only to feel a tear of pain trickle down my face…

Little did I know that one tear would remain with me the rest of my life. It would cause years of pain, an unhappy life filled with shame, and guilt that eventually caused a heart of stone.”

Jeannie Smith Shattered into Beautiful: Delivering the Brokenhearted from Abortion (Enumclaw, Washington: WinePress Publishing, 2011) 15

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Pro-Choice Activist: Sometimes a woman has to kill her baby

Judith Arcana, Pro-Choice Author and Educator:

“Sometimes a woman has to decide to kill her baby. That is what abortion is.”

Rosalind Cummings, “In Print: rights of the accused,” Chicago Weekly Reader, Friday, February 17, 1995

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Abortion clinic refuses to help pregnant woman who didn’t want abortion

From a yelp review of Annapolis Health Center by Lisa W:

“When I found out I was pregnant, I realized their support system was more for women who will decide to have an abortion. I was keeping my baby, and so I had to get counseling elsewhere…

when I called to “discuss my options”, the operator was a little snide with me and asked, “Discuss your options or schedule an abortion?”

Can be found here.

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Post-Abortive teen whose boyfriend commanded “get rid of it!” wishes someone had given her advice

From Lisa, a teen who had an abortion and was interviewed:

“Q: So did anyone give you any advice, did anyone say, “You should do this” or…?

L: Well, no, I wish they had done! I wish they’d said! The only person that was giving me advice was [the boyfriend] “Get rid of it!” “Get rid of it!”

Sharon Tabberer, Christine Hall, Shirley Prendergast, and Andrew Webster Teenage Pregnancy and Choice: Abortion or Motherhood: Influences on the Decision (York, UK: Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2000) 25 – 26

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Survey of post-abortive women shows their emotional trauma

The pro-life group Heartbeats conducted a survey of post-abortive women. They asked the women what they experienced after their abortion(s).

  • 92% experience an emotional deadening, either feeling less in touch with their emotions or feeling a “need to stifle their emotions.”
  • 86% have an increased tendency toward anger or rage (48% reported they became more violent when angered).
  • 86% fear others learning of the abortion, and have a greater sense of fear in general.
  • 82% feel intense feelings of loneliness or isolation.
  • 75% said they are less self-confident.
  • 73% indicate some sexual dysfunction (increased pain during intercourse, promiscuity, rigidity, or loss of pleasure).
  • 63% experience denial, the average period of denial that they reported was 5.25 years.
  • 58% have insomnia or nightmares.
  • 57% have difficulty in maintaining or developing relationships.
  • 56% experience suicidal feelings.
  • 53% increased or began using drugs and/or alcohol to deaden the pain.
  • 39% reported eating disorders that began after the abortion.
  • 28% attempted suicide.

Wayne Mcghie The Right to Choose (2022) 40 – 41

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Post-abortive father writes letter to aborted child

Post-abortive father G Spencer Schirs, Jr. wrote a book about his experience with abortion. In the book, he presents a letter he wrote to his aborted baby, who he calls Grace:

“We bought the lies that you were simply a choice, nothing more than a cluster of cells to be sacrificed at the altar of convenience. I apologize to you for not being the man I thought I was. Because of my selfishness at that moment, I sacrificed what was likely one of the greatest gifts I might ever receive – you.

I have imagined you as a little girl, for some reason, with big eyes and an even bigger smile. Because of that image, there has been an emptiness within me. A day has not passed that I do not think of you and what my life would have been like with you in it…

Every time I hear a child laugh, I cannot help but wonder what your laugh would have been like or what your favorite flower or color might have been…

Your mom and I were young… Your mother was scared… I believe that had I simply asked her to keep you, she would have.”

G Spencer Schirs, Jr. The Anvil of Guilt and Shame: A Man’s Perspective on Abortion, Forgiveness, and Calling (Murrells Inlet, South Carolina: Covenant Books, 2020) 8

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Pro-abortion woman upset over death of chicken embryo

Pro-life author Janet Morana told the following story. At the time she recalls, she was working as a teacher in a public school in New York City:

“My good friend and team teacher Denise would adamantly proclaim herself to be pro-choice, while I was the token pro-lifer in our school.

One spring semester, we decided to hatch chickens in our classroom. We ordered all the appropriate equipment, including our precious fertilized chick eggs…

One morning, when we entered the classroom, Denise and I noticed a problem with one of the eggs. The shell was cracked open and we could see a yellow yolk sac and a bloody mass pulsing like a beating heart. In fact, it was the beating heart of a chick that was not going to develop further.

Denise and I were both upset, not knowing what to do. Denise gasped, “It’s still alive!”

I knew that but also knew there was nothing we could do to save it. Within moments, the chick’s heart stopped beating. Denise was very upset at the loss of this chick in the very early stages of development.

So how can Denise be pro-choice on abortion? She was obviously a very sensitive person, but when it came to abortion, logic seemed to vanish.”

Janet Morana Everything You Need to Know about Abortion – For Teens (Gastonia, North Carolina: TAN Books, 2021) 1 – 2

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Abortionist “won’t debate” when life begins

A pro-choice author who works in an abortion clinic quotes South African abortionist Dr. Janet Cole saying:

“I am quite a practical person and [abortions] need to be done. There is no doubt about it. I won’t even debate the ethics of abortion; I won’t even debate when does life begin and all the rest of it…

For me, it’s a completely pragmatic thing. As a healthcare professional with a particular interest in women’s health, it is essential.”

The pro-abortion author responds:

“Access to sensitive services like abortion could be drastically improved if more health providers felt the obligation Dr. Cole expresses to contribute to women’s health in that particular way, either directly providing services or being an advocate for the liberalization of abortion laws.”

Lara M Knudson Reproductive Rights in a Global Context (Nashville, Tennessee: Vanderbilt University Press, 2006) 203

Are patients really served when doctors refuse to consider the morality of their actions? This doctor seems to have no moral compass and no concern with what’s right or wrong.

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Post-abortive woman describes being lied to at Planned Parenthood

Mary Kominsky had an abortion after the father of her baby abandoned her. It was before Roe vs. Wade, but abortion was legal in New York.

She says:

“Fear had led me to the belief in the lies surrounding abortion. No one would ever find out. After all, the doctor at Planned Parenthood told me it was just a clump of cells and tissue even though I was 11 weeks pregnant.

She promised I would be able to go on with my life as if nothing had happened. But just the opposite came true.”

She describes what happened afterward:

“Following the procedure, I was deeply traumatized as fear turned into guilt and shame. It was not a simple surgical procedure as I had been promised…

I had to detach my mind, my heart, and my emotions. In shutting these off, my heart hardened and turned cold. Initially, there is a relief of not having to face uncertainty, but that often turns to great sadness. I became angry and resentful to all those around me. I had a deep shame and a profound sense of loss.”

Mary Kominsky “Foreword” in Janet Morana Everything You Need to Know about Abortion – For Teens (Gastonia, North Carolina: TAN Books, 2021) xii, xiii

To see how Planned Parenthood lied, below is a picture of a baby at just over 10 weeks in the womb. Mary’s baby was even older than this:

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