Lila Rose: My Church Never Talked About Abortion; Didn’t Want Us to do Presentation

In her book, pro-life leader Lila Rose wrote about the church she attended growing up:

“Like many churches, abortion was almost never talked about at our church even though, at the time, more than a million women were having an abortion each year. The abortion industry’s own surveys show that 70% of American women who had abortions considered themselves Protestant or Catholic…

Despite the prevalence of abortion, even among churchgoers, our pastors never addressed the topic at youth group and would very rarely address it with the larger congregation. Statistically, however, it was inevitable that many women – and men – at my church had been affected by abortion. I decided to call one of my pastors and point-blank ask for permission to give a presentation…

It took a full year of work to finally convince our pastors to allow our pro-life group to come and talk about abortion.

My friends and I had to meet with our pastors multiple times to explain exactly what we planned to do, show each presentation in detail, make some compromises on the material, and more.”

Lila Rose Fighting for Life: Becoming a Force for Change in a Wounded World (Nashville, Tennessee: Nelson Books, 2021) 47 – 48

Source for statistic:

Rachel K Jones, Jacqueline E Darroch, and Stanley K Henshaw “Patterns in the Socioeconomic Characteristics of Women Obtaining Abortions in 2000 – 2001” Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health 34 no. 5 (September/October 2002)

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Father of Aborted Baby Carries “Tremendous Guilt”

A man named Zach wrote:

“When my girlfriend told me she was pregnant, I knew the baby was mine. I knew I’d take care of it. I loved her. I wanted to marry her. I would have raised the child alone, if that’s what she wanted.

But it was her choice. I told her I’d help her with whatever she decided. She said she was having an abortion and that was it.

I didn’t feel good about it, but I was determined to support her decision… I wanted our relationship to last. I thought having the abortion like she wanted would help.

But we were both changed afterward. I tried to keep us together. I tried so hard. But things kept getting worse until we finally broke it off after two years.

My girlfriend and I were occasional users before the abortion but afterward things got so out of control. My ex-girlfriend is still messed up. She’s usually wasted. I’ve tried to help her and talk to her about how the abortion is affecting her, but it only makes things worse…

I carry tremendous guilt about this. I don’t know if I can forgive myself.”

After Abortion Stories: How Abortion Changes You (no author listed, no date)

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Black pro-life leader on abortionists and the poor

Dr. Mildred Jefferson, the first black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School and a three-term president of the National Right to Life Committee:

“Abortionists argue, ‘Let the poor have abortions like the rich can.’ Then abortionists should make a list of the other things rich women have that they’re going to give to poor women.”

Deborah Deasy, “MD Says Abortion Hurts Blacks Most.” The Pittsburgh Press, October 24, 1977

Abortionists aren’t really concerned about helping the poor. If they were, they would also help them have and provide for their children.

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Famous Atheist Christopher Hitchens Speaks Out on Abortion

The late Christopher Hitchens said the following in Nation magazine, in April 1989:

“[A]nyone who has ever seen a sonogram or has spent even an hour with a textbook on embryology knows that emotions are not the deciding factor [in abortions]…In order to terminate a pregnancy, you have to still a heartbeat, switch off a developing brain…break some bones, and rupture some organs.”

Quoted in:

Mehdi Hasan “Being Pro-Life Doesn’t Make Me Any Less of a Lefty” Huffington Post December 14, 2012

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Pro-abortion authors describe brain development of preborn baby

Pro-abortion authors Harold J Morowitz and James S Trefil wrote about an embryo’s brain:

“… All three regions of the brain develop together, and the cells that will give rise to all of them are clearly visible in the four-week embryo…

The development of the brain is a smooth continuum, with no place where sharp distinctions can be drawn.”

Harold J Morowitz and James S Trefil The Facts of Life: Science in the Abortion Controversy (New York: Oxford University Press, 1992) 100, 101

Nevertheless, these authors support abortion.


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Pro-lifer outside abortion clinic witnesses coerced abortion; pro-choice activists prevent him from helping

Pro-life activist John Cavanaugh–O’Keefe tells the following story:

“I was outside the Hillcrest abortion clinic in SE Washington, talking to women and couples approaching the place. There were a dozen or so pro-choice folks outside, blocking my way so I couldn’t converse…

A car pulled into the lot, and a man got out of the driver’s seat. He went around to the passenger side, and talked a bit, then shouted a bit, and then wrenched the door opened, grabbed the woman sitting there, and pulled her out. She screamed and cried, but he dragged her toward the door.

I tried to speak up a bit, although I can’t remember what I said. The pro-choice group blocked my way. If either the man or the woman tussling their way to the door noticed anything from the sidewalk, they probably heard just noise.

The man won: he dragged her inside. I don’t know anything more about their story; as far as I know they were in there for a few hours, long enough to complete her planned procedure…

[T]hey watched the man drag a woman inside – physically, no metaphor here – and they had nothing to say about it. They took the man’s side against the woman’s choice.”

John Cavanaugh–O’Keefe Pro-Life Democrat: 50 Brief Insights an Apologia (2020) 109 – 110

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Woman talks to her two babies before aborting them

A woman who had three abortions describes saying goodbye to two of her preborn children. She says of her first aborted baby:

“I was young and much more centered on myself and my life circumstances than on the baby. I was not really in contact with this baby.”

Later on, she had two more abortions, 18 months apart. She says:

“I was able to go inside myself and have an intimate relationship with these two babies. I was older, wiser, and able to focus on the meaning of these two close experiences…

Actually, I felt I was talking to the same being both times. I felt gratitude because he/they accompanied me during difficult times. I never felt I was doing them harm.

Just before the abortion for each of them, I asked the lady who showed me the ultrasound screen to give me five minutes alone with the baby, before the intervention. I spoke to each of them in a fluid, soft manner, more like saying, “Thank you, see you later…”

With the second, I said, “I guess I didn’t really get it the first time. You had to come back for me to realize fully that I had to leave this man. And I promise you I will do it.”

It was so clear for me that these two children had not come to me saying, “Let me be born.”…

These babies helped me, and I acted on what they helped me with. I honored them. And they had a tremendous healing effect on the guilt and angst which I carried a long time during and after my first abortion. I realized that I had not understood the meaning of this first baby’s presence in my life. I was incapable of going inside myself and relating to that baby.

I was able to recognize the last two babies as beings who were my equals, partners in learning. The ultrasound screen conversations were a way of recognizing the relationship, expressing my gratitude.”

Claudette Nantel “Conscious Abortion: Engaging the Fetus in a Compassionate Dialogue” Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health 35 (2) Summer 2021, pp. 14 – 15

This post-abortive woman believes that her babies existed to teach her life lessons and that they weren’t meant to be born. In reality, she chose to violently kill them through dismemberment. See what abortion does to a preborn baby here.

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Woman chooses life after seeing Live Action video of abortion

Live Action founder and president Lila Rose told the following story of a pregnant woman who was considering abortion and changed her mind after seeing the video produced by Live Action:

“Unexpectedly pregnant at 16, Veronica considered all her options and went to Planned Parenthood. They confirmed her pregnancy and then tried to sell her on an abortion. Unsure of what to do, Veronica went home and did a YouTube search for “What is an abortion?” It led her to one of Live Action’s Abortion Procedures videos.

In tears, Veronica decided right then that she could not allow what she’d seen on that video to be done to her baby. A fierce protectiveness rose up within her, and she decided to fight for the life of the child within her. She would eventually give birth to a little boy, whom she named Myles. Veronica would contact us and share her story, sending us a picture of her beautiful baby son.”

Lila Rose Fighting for Life: Becoming a Force for Change in a Wounded World (Nashville, Tennessee: Nelson Books, 2021) 200

You can see Live Action’s abortion procedure videos here.

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Woman abuses alcohol and drugs, becomes suicidal after abortion

Carol Jackson wrote a book about her trauma after an abortion. She writes:

“… I led a secret promiscuous lifestyle and numbed myself with food, alcohol, and sometimes drugs… My life looked good on the outside, but I hated myself.

Had I not feared the devastating effects on my three living children, I would have committed suicide. I spent hours planning how to do it and trying to work up the courage. I did make one halfhearted attempt…

At the same time as my life was unraveling behind the scenes, I was also active in my church, having grown up in the church. I taught Sunday school, went on a mission trip, and worked on the Billy Graham Crusade team when he came to Cleveland. I had a responsible job, moving up from an administration position into management. I got elected to the local school board…

Because I had been so successful in blocking memories of the abortion, I never made any connection with the mess my life was, until I turned on the car radio one day. I was driving and listening to Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family interview some woman about post-abortion syndrome… By the time she got done explaining it, I was crying so hard I had to pull off the road… I had all but one of the symptoms.”

Carol Jackson I’m Sorry: Recovering from the Right to Choose (2020) 28, 29, 30, 32 – 33

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Mother: If not for a sidewalk counselor, “my beautiful daughter would not be here today.”

A woman named Nancy was walking into an abortion clinic when a pro-life sidewalk counselor stopped her. She says:

“When I stepped out of the taxi, I was gently approached by an older lady who handed me a brochure. Her only words were, “Do you really want to do this?” I burst into tears and said “No!”

If not for the pro-life advocates outside that abortion clinic that day and the advice they offered about other options, I would also have ended that pregnancy – and my beautiful daughter would not be here today.”

Dr. Debbie Garratt, PhD Alarmist Gatekeeping: Abortion (2021) 123

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