Pro-choice researcher admits Margaret Sanger was a eugenicist

Writer and researcher Edwin Black, who supports the work of Planned Parenthood, said the following about its founder, Margaret Sanger:

“[Margaret] Sanger was an ardent, self-confessed eugenicist, and she would turn her otherwise noble birth control organizations [which would be renamed Planned Parenthood] into a tool for eugenics, which advocated for mass sterilization of so-called defectives, mass incarceration of the unfit, and draconian immigration restrictions.

Like other staunch eugenicists, Sanger vigorously opposed charitable efforts to uplift the downtrodden and deprived, and argued extensively that it was better that the cold and hungry be left without help, so that the eugenicly superior strains could multiply without competition from “the unfit.”

She repeatedly referred to the lower classes and the unfit as “human waste” not worthy of assistance, and proudly quoted the extreme eugenic view that human “weeds” should be “exterminated.”

Moreover, for both political and genuine ideological reasons, Sanger associated closely with some of America’s most fanatical eugenic racists. Both through her publication, Birth Control Review, and her public oratory, Sanger helped legitimize and widen the appeal of eugenic pseudoscience. Indeed, to many, birth control was just another form of eugenics…

[Margaret] Sanger always considered birth control a function of general population control and embraced the Malthusian notion that a world running out of food supplies should halt charitable works and allow the weak to die off.”

Edwin Black War against the Weak: Eugenics and America’s Campaign to Create a Master Race (Washington DC: Dialog Press, 2003, 2012) 127, 128

Black cites the following sources to back up his claim:

Margaret Sanger The Pivot of Civilization (New York: Brentano’s, 1922) 101 – 102, 104, 108 – 109, 113 – 117, 120 – 121, 123

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African pro-lifer shows abortion minded women ultrasounds

African pro-life author Kiboko Francoise Machozi writes:

“Several times women come for an abortion [and] I just do a free ultrasound showing them how the fetus is and what he is able to [do] on that particular stage; I explain what abortion really means and that I can never help them doing what I believe it is murder because it is against my calling…

Many come to show me their children later, telling me that it is the product of what I told them. This makes me believe that many lives could be saved if a proper counseling could be done to women willing to abort children.”

Machozi is a registered nurse and midwife in South Africa.

Kiboko Francoise Machozi Abortion! Crime or Right? (Saarbrucken, Germany: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2014) 29 – 30

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Pro-choice activist gives instructions to sonographers

Pro-choice writer Carolyn McLeod says there should be “fairly radical changes in obstetrical practice” to dehumanize preborn babies. She says:

“… In some obstetrical contexts it may be appropriate to view fetuses as separate (e.g., in fetal surgery); however, overall, they should not be defined as separate or independent entities.

During ultrasound scanning, sonographers and physicians should try to avoid descriptions which suggests that they are self-sustaining beings.…

We need a model of pregnancy as a relation, but not one that is so exact that it cannot accommodate varying degrees to which women view their fetuses as part of them.”

Carolyn McLeod Self–Trust and Reproductive Autonomy (Cambridge, Massachusetts: The MIT Press, 2002) 159 – 160

Of course, scientifically, preborn babies are “separate and independent entities” and not a part of a woman’s body. McLeod seems to see a threat in the way sonographers and obstetricians regard preborn babies and communicate their existence to mothers. This seems to threaten the pro-choice talking point that preborn babies are not human beings.

3d ultrasound, 7 weeks after conception
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List of Abortion Clinics with Informed Consent Violations

Americans United for Life released a report called UNSAFE: America’s Abortion Industry Endangers Women. For this report, they examined 25,000 pages of health inspection reports from 39 states.

Here is a list of abortion facilities that had violations referring to informed consent. These were violations like the following:

  • Failure to obtain required informed consent at the required time, such as on the same day of procedures or within the state’s required window of time;
  • Failure to have the appropriate licensed staff member obtain the required informed consent;
  • Failure to post or provide patients with contact information for complaint hotlines;
  • Failure to post clinic’s license information in a place where patients could easily see it.

Here is the list.


Alabama Women’s Center for Reproductive Alternatives

Beacon Women’s Center, Montgomery

Planned Parenthood of Alabama, Birmingham

Planned Parenthood of Alabama, Mobile


Desert Star Family Planning, Phoenix


Hartford GYN Center

Planned Parenthood of Connecticut Inc., Norwich


A Gyn Diagnostic Center, Inc.

A Medical Office for Women, North Miami Beach

A Woman’s Center of Hollywood

A Women’s Choice, Inc.

A Woman’s World Medical Center

All Women’s Health Center

All Women’s Health Center of Orlando

All Women’s Health Center of Tampa, Inc.

Blue Coral Women’s Care

Bread and Roses Women’s Health Center

East Cypress Women’s Center

EPOC Clinic, Orlando

Fort Lauderdale Women’s Center

Gynecology and More, Inc.

Millennium Women Center

North Florida Women’s Services

Planned Parenthood of South Florida and the Treasure Coast

Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida


Atlanta Women’s Clinic


Advantage Health Care

Whole Woman’s Health of Peoria


Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky, Bloomington

Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky, Georgetown

Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky, Lafayette

Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky, Merrillville

Women’s Med Group Professional Corporation

Women’s Pavilion


Planned Parenthood of the Great Plains


Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge

Women’s Health Center


Whole Woman’s Health of Baltimore


Women’s Center of Southfield

Comprehensive Planned Parenthood

Reproductive Health Services of Planned Parenthood, St. Louis


Cherry Hill Women’s Center

Metropolitan Surgical Associates


A Preferred Women’s Health Center, Charlotte

A Woman’s Choice of Greensboro

A Woman’s Choice of Raleigh

Family Reproductive Health

Planned Parenthood South Atlantic of Central North, Chapel Hill


East Health Central Ohio (Planned Parenthood)

Founder’s Women’s Health Center

Planned Parenthood, Bedford Heights

Planned Parenthood East Health Center

Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio Regional

Preterm Abortion Clinic

Women’s Med Center of Dayton


Lovejoy Surgicenter


Allentown Health Center (Planned Parenthood)

Drexel OB/GYN Associates, Philadelphia

Hillcrest Women’s Medical Center

Planned Parenthood of Keystone, Allentown

Planned Parenthood of Keystone, York

Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Far Northeast Health Center

Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania


Greenville Women’s Clinic


Planned Parenthood Nashville


Hilltop Women’s Reproductive Clinic

Houston Women’s Clinic94

Planned Parenthood Center for Choice Stafford

Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas Austin

Reproductive Services El Paso

Suburban Women’s Clinic Houston

Whole Woman’s Health Austin

Whole Woman’s Health Beaumont

Women’s Health Center Houston


Alexandria Women’s Health Clinic

Amethyst Health Center for Women

Annandale Women and Family Center

Charlottesville Planned Parenthood

Hillcrest Clinic

NOVA Women’s Healthcare

Peninsula Medical Center for Women

Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, Falls Church

Virginia Health Group

Virginia League for Planned Parenthood

Virginia Women’s Wellness

Catherine Glenn Foster, Steven H. Aden, et al. eds. UNSAFE: America’s Abortion Industry Endangers Women (Americans United for Life, 2021) 183-186

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Pro-Choice author refers to “baby” in the womb

Pro-Choice author Lisa M Mitchell was unimpressed with the ultrasound she had while pregnant. Nevertheless, she refers to the entity in her womb as a baby:

“What I recall most vividly during my first ultrasound was the technician’s concern when I didn’t seem interested in the swirling grey mass on the screen. From my perspective, lying on my back with an enormous belly and a full bladder, I just wanted the scan to be over. I now understand the technician incorrectly read my reaction to the ultrasound as a sign that I was ambivalent about or possibly even rejecting the baby.”

Lisa M Mitchell Baby’s First Picture: Ultrasound and the Politics of Fetal Subjects (Toronto: University of Toronto Press Inc., 2001) 50-91

Mitchell spends the entire book defending abortion but seems to know that women are pregnant with babies and that her child was a baby in the womb.

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Preborn baby has hormonal response to pain

In the book Post-Abortion Syndrome: Its Wide Ramifications Peter Doherty writes:

“That the fetus exhibits a stress response to invasive stimuli is shown by a study from Queen Charlotte’s Hospital, London, in which Professor Fisk and his colleagues presented their findings of a hormonal response in the fetal plasma following intrauterine needling…

[I]t is highly suggestive in that a similar hormonal response is mounted by older children and adults to stimuli which they find painful.”

Peter Doherty “Introduction” Peter Doherty, ed. Post-Abortion Syndrome: Its Wide Ramifications (Dublin, Ireland: Four CourtsPress, 1995) 11

Doherty cites the following study:

Giannakoulopoulos, et al., “Fetal Plasma Cortisol and Endorphin Response to Antruteine Needling” Lancet, vol. 344, July 9, 1994

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Pro-Choice Writer: Hyde Amendment Causes One Fourth of Abortion-Minded Women to Give Birth

Pro-Abortion writer Carole Joffe wrote about the Hyde Amendment:

“Researchers estimate that in the thirty-two states where Medicaid funds are banned for abortions, approximately one-fourth of Medicaid recipients who would have had abortions if subsidized gave birth instead.”

CAROLE JOFFE “Roe v. Wade and Beyond: Forty Years of Legal Abortion in the United States” DISSENT WINTER 2013

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Christian Pastor pressures niece into abortion

From pro-life author and speaker Karen B Stevenson, MD, M.Div.:

“One pastor admitted that she pressured her niece to have an abortion in order to “save face” in her religious community.”

Karen B Stevenson, MD, M.Div. Heart Cries & Healing: The Black Church, the Black Woman, and Healing the Hidden Pain of Abortion (Meadville, Pennsylvania: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc., 2017) 37

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Pro-choice author admits abortion is “killing and dying process”

Pro-choice author Laurie Shrage, describing late-term abortion:

“dismemberment, craniotomy, or the injection of a chemical that causes cardiac arrest, whereas abortion in the first trimester involves a less physically violent killing and dying process.”

Lauri Shrage Abortion and Social Responsibility: Depolarizing the Debate (New York: Oxford University Press, 2003) 57

This pro-choice activist admits that abortion, even early abortion, causes a “killing and dying process.” She is under no illusions that abortion kills.

18 weeks.
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Pro-abortion author: “there is no such thing as a baby”

Pro-Choice author Robert D Goldstein, who believes that infants after birth aren’t people, says in his book:

“To repeat, there is no such thing as a baby, there is only a dyadic mother – infant unit.”

Robert D Goldstein Mother – Love and Abortion: A Legal Interpretation (Berkeley, California: University Of California Press, 1988) 47

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