Abortion worker tells how they broke waiting period laws

One former abortion worker said in a webcast:

“Often times what would happen was patients would come in and say, “Oh, yeah, I did speak with someone. I don’t have my paperwork and we wouldn’t have their paperwork, but my regional director would say something to the effect of, “Well, can you show me in your cell phone where you had a phone call from a private number? Or show me in your cell phone where you have a phone call from an unlisted number or a 1-800 number, and we’ll just say that that was the phone call, and we just forgot to put it in the system.

So often times, we really didn’t have 72-hour informed consent, but we would still go ahead and see the patient.

There were even other times where the patient was truly adamant that she really wanted to have her abortion, if she came from far away, traveled a far distance and had a hotel room, there were many instances where we knew – we were not directly told to do this, but what we were told was, the number of abortion patients that we say that day is the number of 72 hour consents you should have at the end of the business day.

So basically, without saying it we were being told to forge, that we saw 35 patients, but we only had 30 consents, you need to make up those other five so you would have the correct number at the end of the day.”

Sarah Terzo “Former abortion worker: We ‘often’ skirted the law on waiting periodsLive Action News November 27, 2018

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Memory of abortion is “too painful to bear”

Michelle Borquez wrote a book about grief after abortion. She says of her own abortion:

“There has been nothing in my life quite as painful as the memory of my own abortion. It was too painful to bear. I couldn’t even imagine myself having done such a thing. I had buried the memory of it.”

Michelle Borquez Abortion to Mercy, (2013) Kindle edition

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Abortion workers sometimes use the term “baby”

In an article about abortionists and clinic workers:

“Providers also reflected on differences between language used inside the clinic and accepted pro-choice rhetoric. Some noted that during clinical encounters, they attempt to “meet their patients where they are” by using the words the patients use, such as baby instead of the more clinical term fetus.”

Lisa A. Martin, PhD, Jane A. Hassinger, MSW, Michelle Debbink, MD, PhD, Lisa H. Harris, MD, PhD “Dangertalk: Voices of abortion providers” Social Science & Medicine 184 (2017) 75e83

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Elderly woman mourns her abortions on her death bed

An article by a pro-choice author contains the following story:

“In the small Idaho ranching community where I grew up there was an old woman, the matriarch of one of the wealthier ranching families, who had had a number of illegal abortions in addition to several children. When she was dying in the hospital, her last words, whispered to one of the nurses were, “Oh, all those little babies! I’m so sorry. What can I tell them? Will they forgive me?”

Helen Susan Edelman “Safe to Talk: Abortion Narratives As a Rite of Return” Journal of American Culture Winter 1996; 19, 4, P 29

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Pro-Abortion reverend “put women at ease” about their abortions

Rev. Jesse Lyons of Riverside Church was part of the Clergy Consultation Service, which referred women to illegal abortions before Roe v. Wade. All of those in the service were pastors or rabbis who were pro-abortion.

He describes the “counseling” he gave abortion minded women:

“I tried to put a woman at ease, to make her recognize abortion was not a matter of eternal damnation,” Lyons explained.”

Lawrence Lader Abortion II: Making the Revolution (Beacon Press, 1974) 46

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Study shows many women seeking sex-selection abortions are abused

A survey was done of  South Asian immigrant women recruited from a clinic that provides sex determination tests. This clinic was located in the US but catered to Asian women who wanted to find out the sex of their babies to have an abortion if the child was a girl.

It found that one third of the women cited past physical abuse and neglect related specifically to their failing to produce a male child.

Sunita Puri et al., “There Is Such a Thing As Too Many Daughters, but Not Too Many Sons: A Qualitative Study of Son Preference for Fetal Sex Selection among Indian Immigrants in the United States” Social Science and Medicine 72, 1169 – 1170 (2011)

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Rape victim who aborted describes depression and nightmares

Rape victim Jackie Bakker, who aborted her child conceived in rape:

“I soon discovered that the aftermath of my abortion continued a long time after the memory of my rape had faded. I felt empty and horrible. Nobody told me about the pain I would feel deep within, causing nightmares and deep depressions. They had all told me that after the abortion I could continue my life as if nothing had happened.”

David C Reardon Aborted Women: Silent No More (Chicago, Illinois: Loyola University Press, 1987) 206

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“I felt the most pain I have felt in my life”

Anastasia Wansbrough describes her abortion by pills in an article in Vice. The article said:

“Anastasia Wansbrough lived through a veritable horror show when she had a medical abortion in 2013.”

She did not bleed for two months, then went in for an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed that the baby was dead, but still inside her. Then she began to bleed.

Vice says:

“Painful cramps coursed through her; she took an extra strength Tylenol as the doctor recommended.”

Wansbrough describes her ordeal:

“I was wearing a tampon at the time when all of sudden the power of a contraction pushed the tampon out and blood splattered all over the floor. There was constant pain but at every 60 second mark I felt the most pain I have felt in my life. I couldn’t cry, I could barely moan. It left me breathless.”

Kate McKenna “Harrowing Experiences of Medical Abortions on Canada’s Prince Edward Island Renews Criticism” Vice News May 26, 2015

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The nurse made insensitive jokes

Marcie Schneider writes about her abortion:

“I continued to have sex and became pregnant for the second time, less than six months after my first abortion. This time I had a friend who was also pregnant, so we went to the abortion clinic together. … I remember everything about that day. I remember looking at the doctor’s face, and I remember that he never spoke a word. I remember how it felt looking around the cold, impersonal recovery room and seeing the rows of beds occupied by girls and women like me. I remember the nurse who went from bed to bed, making insensitive comments and jokes.”

Michelle Borquez Abortion to Mercy, (2013) Kindle edition

She had a third abortion a year later, and now deeply regrets her abortions .

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Abortion worker tells teen abortion is “no big deal”

One teenager who had an abortion said the abortion worker told her this when she was crying before her abortion:

“What’s wrong with you? Who told you about the procedure for terminating a pregnancy? Has someone been telling you this is wrong? It’s no big deal. It only takes about three minutes and that’s it. Three minutes and it’s over. Why are you crying?”

Julia C Loren The Note on the Mirror: Pregnant Teenagers Tell Their Stories (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan Publishing House, 1990) 63

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